Sheffield is a city with a friendly, independent and alternative spirit and a thriving cultural scene famed for its industrial roots dating back to its heyday in the 1900s as the Steel City.

The city of steel, backed by its rich heritage firmly secured in the industrial revolution, is now considered one of the northern economic powerhouses.

In a blossoming hub with a population of 560,000, population is expected to grow to over 633,000 by 2037. As a result, the government are already devised initiatives to transform infrastructure in anticipation of its accelerated growth, by pouring £328 million into the city.

Why Invest In Sheffield

Home to two of the country’s largest universities ensures a relentless stream of young graduates flooding into the city. This leads to a huge demand for private and residential rental property, both in the main city centre and towns sitting upon the outskirts.

Whilst students and graduates only scratch the surface of investment opportunities, the transport links spanning across the city present a major attraction in terms of travel and accessibility. Four airports perfectly located within half an hour’s drive of the centre makes it in easy transport hub for overseas investors too.

Why Invest In Sheffield
Sheffield Property Investment Stats

Regeneration initiatives and a resilient job market amalgamate to ensure Sheffield is a very popular place for people to live, work and invest in property. The paralleled demands for homes, buy-to-let property and commercial units is increasing faster than it can be provided – an admired opportunity to secure a best investment.

The buoyant private rental market in Sheffield is attributed to the restricted number of high quality housing schemes available in pivotal locations.

Sheffield’s unstoppable economy is now worth £7bn a year, a recognised improvement by an average of 5% every year, nearly double the performance recorded in 1997 at around £3billion.

In one of England’s leading areas for manufacturing and engineering, there has also been signs of accelerated growth in the service industry, as well as other top performing sectors such as finance, digital and new media, environmental technology and energy. Consequently, Sheffield’s international reputation is outshining as a beacon for excellence and ingenious delivery is being heightened all the time.

Why Invest In Sheffield

Offering an exceptional quality of life through the city’s vibrant assets, Sheffield is home to the largest theatre complex outside of London, high quality sports and leisure facilities, museums and galleries attracting over 200,000 visitors annually, bringing approximately £100 million to the local economy.

Sheffield City Region has a powerful vision for the future, one it is executing with determination and conviction, reasserting itself as a city embracing its global significance.

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