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Bristol Property Investment

When it comes to UK property investment, Bristol is one of the hottest property markets in the country that continues to grow year on year. As of 2018, the Bristol property investment market was ranked 5th for buy to let properties – after London, Manchester, Liverpool, and Nottingham. With a modern economy built on creative arts, aerospace, and electronics industries; Bristol is often considered one of the best investment areas in the UK. It’s no wonder that investors are putting their money into this vibrant city as it has such a high demand for new residents. To invest in Bristol at this time is undoubtedly a wise move.

Along with a booming property market and being one of the best investment areas, Bristol has a lot to offer residents and comes replete with impressive statistics. It was the first UK city to undertake a local currency project, the Bristol Pound, carving the way for other towns to add some momentum into their local economies and businesses. Also, the number of private businesses in Bristol is remarkable, from independent shops to coffee houses and much more.

Over the last decade, Bristol has become an attractive and prosperous area since the population has increased by 11.6% over the previous decade. As more people flock to this southern beauty, the reasons to choose Bristol property as an investment continue to grow and thrive.

There is a wide range of Bristol investment property types available, from waterfront studio apartments to Victorian terraced houses. As one of the UK’s most popular places to live and visit. Bristol has a thriving buy to let market. Houses and flats are the most popular investments, but the possibilities are endless. This could be because of how liveable the city is on the whole. In 2014 and 2017, Bristol was named the best city to live in Britain by the Sunday Times. This then meant the demand for more properties increased as people realised it’s potential.

Bristol buy to let hotspots such as Clifton and Redland show that the property investment Bristol offers is not only popular in the city centre, but outside of the city centre too. One of the most significant factors relating to the Bristol buy to let market is the strong economic growth during 2017 and 2018. The city is driven by an office-based employment sector which is only thought to strengthen over the coming years. For Bristol property investment dreamers and those looking to invest in Bristol buy to let, the demand means you’ll have a steady stream of potential tenants. Tenants will primarily be young professionals who filter into the city to live and work in the strong business sector.

Bristol Property Investment

Why Invest in Bristol?

The South West of England, primarily led by Bristol, continues to thrive every year. Despite issues surrounding Brexit and the property market, Bristol buy to let investment couldn’t be any better. There are so many reasons why you should buy property in Bristol since it has recently put itself on the map as a highly sought-after place to work and live.

This city has the highest proportion of workforce cycling and walking to work than anywhere else in the UK. Young professionals want a comfortable commute into their workplace, which is why so many choose to live in Bristol city centre. With more accommodation and properties available in the centre, it allows professionals to commute without the hassle of driving or using public transport. If you’re still asking yourself “why invest in Bristol?”, it may be that you need some more information and facts. As an investor, you’ll understand one of the key rules of how to invest in UK property is to know the best areas to make returns and increase your capital growth too.

Property Investment Bristol
Buy To Let Bristol

Increasing Property Prices

The city possesses one of the top 25 highest yielding postcodes in the country. The BS2 postcode covering St Agnes and Kingsdown grants investors with rental yields of 7.87% with an average property price of £201,000. Due to increasing property prices, investors will find they gain capital appreciation when they choose property as an investment, especially if they invest in Bristol.

The majority of houses in Bristol sell for an average price of £302,000 with flats and apartments selling at just under £243,000. Out of the overall sold properties in Bristol, the prices are up by around 11% from 2016, which are impressive figures. A key reason why investors choose to buy property in Bristol is the gains of revenue and profit they achieve over their investment period.

Bristol Buy To Let

A Growing Population

The population of Bristol is estimated to be over 459,000 people, meaning it is one of the largest cities in the South West. The local authorities predict that by 2027, the population will reach half a million. Since Bristol boasts the 10th largest population in England, it’s no wonder investors find that property investment in Bristol works great for them. Having a larger population means that properties will have a higher demand as more tenants want rental accommodation. A growing population has led to high rental demand and continued capital appreciation on properties you invest in.

Expanding Economy

Since 2006, around 20,000 new homes have been built in Bristol which takes the total number of homes in the city to just under 200,000. Going into the future, the city authorities plan on building 33,000 new homes over 20 years ending in 2036. Due to a growing population, Bristol is now one of the biggest employers in the UK. The biggest strength in this regard lies in its science and tech sectors that have enjoyed a large growth over the last decade. It’s predicted that this growth will continue to rank above the national average. That means there will be significantly more jobs in these sectors of Bristol’s workforce.

Leading Universities

Bristol is a major university student city; this means it’s popular for shared student houses and student buy to lets too. The four universities are home to around 50,000 students altogether. Popular locations and the best investment areas for students are Clifton, Redland, Filton and Fishponds. There is multiple purpose-built university student accommodation (PBSA) as well as numerous house occupancy available within these areas and the city centre.

With around 35,600 students over 18 and living full-time in Bristol during term time, student property investment in Bristol is a perfect investment for anyone wanting a stream of available tenants. In recent years, there have been few new university student developments in the centre of Bristol. However, there is strong demand at present. This bodes well for investors looking at student accommodation investments in Bristol in the near future.

Bristol Buy To Let


As well as the plans by The University of Bristol to build a new £300m campus in the Temple Quarter, there have been multiple ongoing regeneration schemes throughout Bristol over the last half a decade. Local authorities continue to improve the city’s built environment, reduce social exclusion and strengthen the economy. The Filwood Green Business Park regeneration provides superb accommodation and development for small and medium-sized businesses. It is located in South Bristol and the opening of the park, in 2015, created hundreds of new jobs and opportunities for Bristol locals.

The city centre regeneration is also something bringing in new potential tenants for investors to target with their properties. Bristol tops the table for investor returns, and with regeneration projects increasing, this number is only set to soar. Investors wondering “why invest in Bristol?” may want to find out more about the newest developments and regeneration schemes happening throughout the city

High Rental Demand

Around 29% of the city’s population live in privately rented accommodation. This number has increased from 12% since the turn of the century. The Bristol buy to let market is one of the best in the UK and is sure to provide investors with capital appreciation they could only wish for. Key factors influencing the high rental demand, include new transport and commuter links to London. This means the capital is now merely an 80-minute journey from Bristol. Birmingham can also be reached within less than 2 hours and Cardiff is reachable in just 50 minutes. The international airport located in Bristol also means locals, visitors, and tourists can access many continents within a matter of hours. Bristol property investment will continue to thrive as more destinations are added to the airport, and as more people realise the beauty of this Southern town.

Bristol Property Investment

The Best Areas to Invest in Property in Bristol and Buy to Let Hotspots

Apart from London, Bristol is the city at the top of the list for areas most searched by would-be tenants looking for a living space. The demand for luxury accommodation and housing means that tenants are willing to pay higher prices for properties that meet their expectations. The best areas to invest in property are still in need of new developments and investors who want to gain capital appreciation and earn considerable returns. Any investor wishing to invest in Bristol must know the top hotspots to be successful and expand their property portfolio.

City Centre and Clifton

Population: 32,400

Average property price: £475,000 (based on a BS8 postcode)

Bristol city centre is the perfect location for anyone wanting the city lifestyle. Packed full of small townhouses and modern city centre apartments, there is something for everyone. The rental yields of the BS1 postcode are around 3%. Despite this, there is an increasing demand for property investment. Bristol locals and even those from further away enjoy living in the vibrant centre.

The student hotspot of Bristol has to be Clifton, famous for its Suspension bridge and being one of Bristol’s most prestigious areas. It has easy access to the city centre but still has plenty of bars and restaurants to explore. It’s one of the best areas to invest in property as there is high demand. Many residents love the community vibe of Clifton and all it has to offer. Investors often find that owning a rental property in Clifton reaps the substantial financial reward. The rental yields are similar to that of the city centre, around 3%.

Leigh Woods

Population: 4,800

Average property price: £550,000 (based on a B8 postcode)

Just across the Suspension Bridge, you’ll find Leigh Woods, suburbia set among woodland with botanical gardens and a court estate. Various mansions reside there, but also many buy to let opportunities. However, bear in mind that you’re most likely not going to find any modern apartments here. Despite being expensive, it is still one of the best Bristol buy to let hotspots around.

Redland and Cotham

Population: 24,800

Average property price: £600,000 (based on a BS6 postcode)

With price growth outperforming the wider market by 8.5% in 2018, Redland and Cotham are seen as a worthwhile investment. Bristol has lots of beautiful green space along with parks and scenic views, which is why tenants enjoy living and working there. The price of properties within the Redland area is continually gaining capital growth as more people flock to Bristol.


Population: 12,400

Average property price: £350,000 (based on a BS3 postcode)

Often described as “Bristol’s Notting Hill”, what was once an unnoticed and under-appreciated area is now booming. The Bristol property investment market seems to have significantly increased over the last few years, and properties sell virtually overnight here with 5 to 10% above their asking prices. If you’re an investor wanting to make a profit from your property investment, Southville is the place to do it.

Totterdown and Temple Meads

Population: 13,400

Average property price: £293,500 (based on a BS1 postcode)

Totterdown is sometimes seen as the city’s budget option, but it’s an arty, hippy and hilly part of town. Vale Street, located in the centre of Totterdown, is thought to be the steepest residential street in England. You may know of the area from seeing pictures of the beautiful multi-coloured houses online. It’s right by the developing Creative Quarter too, which is all a part of the Bristol regeneration scheme. Due to the regeneration and money being spent on Totterdown and Temple Meads, they are some of the best Bristol buy to let hotspots.

Property Investment Bristol

About Our Data

Please note, average property prices are gathered from Zoopla and Rightmove. These prices are based on certain postcodes in which the areas are located, and property types vary in price among these areas. Rental yield percentages and best areas to invest are taken from Totally Money Buy to Let Rental Yield Map. Population statistics found through Bristol City Council.

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