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The UK property market is one of the strongest and most profitable assets in both the UK and the world. From high rates of overseas investment to some of the world’s most impressive rental yields, property investment in UK cities is not to be missed. Here’s everything you need to know about UK property investment, including information on the best buy to let UK cities and why you should look up North for your next UK investment property venture.


Why choose UK property?


So why should you choose property investment in the UK? There are a lot of factors that make the property market more appealing in the UK compared to other countries. Rental yields are one area that UK property excels in compared to other major European cities. Manchester, for instance, boasts an impressive average yield of 5.5%, with properties at RW Invest offering yields as high as 8 and 9%.  Look at thriving cities such as Paris, however, and you’ll find yields of 4.25% on average, with Madrid standing at just 4.72%.

Property Investment UK Infographic

For buy to let investors, a high level of demand for property is one of the most crucial elements to ensure a successful venture. In terms of supply and demand, high levels of demand in the UK are surpassing the number of properties actually available. With an average of 43 properties per estate agency, demand is increasing and house prices are growing as a result. Property prices around the country are continuing to grow, and a large proportion of first-time buyers and young people no longer consider buying a home of their own a realistic option. This has led to an increase in the number of people seeking rental properties, many of which are looking for a high-quality property that they can rent on a long-term basis.


The UK government is paying attention to this demand for property, with plans to build 300,000 new homes a year. The North, in particular, is an area of the UK that’s expected to see a boost in new housing developments, with the Northern Powerhouse initiative receiving an £8.9 million investment to build new properties around the key cities of the North.


Regeneration plans in place under the Northern Powerhouse initiative are boosting the appeal of UK property investment massively. This initiative was established back in 2016, with plans to invest in the transport and economy of the North’s key cities, ensure the North is a sound place to work, learn, and grow a business, and bring the North of England the recognition it deserves for investment opportunities.

New developments and regeneration is nothing new in the UK, with major cities like Liverpool coming a long way since the days of economic turmoil, and flourishing into one of the world’s most inspiring cities. Today, Liverpool is constantly evolving and improving, with new regeneration plans for the city such as the £5.5 billion redevelopment of the Liverpool waterfront, Liverpool Waters. This project is set to completely transform and reshape the coastline of the city and bring new properties, leisure facilities and attractions to Liverpool city centre.


Other regeneration projects in place under the Northern Powerhouse include the £1 billion Trafford Waters development which will modernise the banks of Manchester’s ship canal and create 5,000 new jobs, 3,000 new apartments, a new hotel, commercial and office units, a care home and even a primary school in the process. The Northern Powerhouse Rail is another planned development that will improve connectivity within the North’s key cities like Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, making travel a lot more comfortable and effective for the residents of each city.

Liverpool and Manchester economy quote blue background

Where to invest in the UK?


If there’s one rule on how to invest in property in the UK, it’s to be selective in the area that you choose for your investment. Certain cities in the UK are more promising than others when it comes to buy to let investment, and perhaps surprisingly to some, London doesn’t make the cut.


Liverpool and Manchester have rightly gained a name as the UK investment property hotspots of 2018, being praised for their high rental yields, affordable property prices, high demand, and fantastic capital growth potential. Liverpool and Manchester properties available with RW Invest are some of the most affordable of all UK property investment companies, priced from as low as £45,450 and based in convenient city centre locations. House prices have grown more quickly and consistently in Northern cities than they have elsewhere in the country, with the region seeing a growth of 5.6% in the 12-month period ending July 2018, whilst London saw negative growth of just 0.7% in the same period.


In Manchester, it isn’t just high yields that are causing a buzz around the buy to let market. Ranked the most liveable city in the UK, the population of Manchester has grown by 20% in the last ten years, with a predicted 600,000 people expected to live in the city by 2030. In the past, many would consider London as the place to be, with young people flocking to the capital to meet their career goals. Today, however, findings suggest that there’s a shift in people’s attitudes towards London, with record numbers of Londoners leaving London and heading up North. Manchester has seen the biggest influx of Londoners, with around 10,200 people moving to the city in 2017 compared to 8,870 people heading to the capital from Manchester. Some of these Londoners are even selling their properties to make room to invest in the more lucrative opportunities up North.

Graph showing rental yields in large european cities

This drive-in Londoners heading to Northern cities like Manchester is partly thanks to the appeal of the city not just for property, but for its thriving business scene. Many of the people making up Manchester’s population are young professionals in the age bracket most likely to become private buy to let tenants, keen to make their mark on the city and take advantage of exciting opportunities such as those in the newly developed MediaCity.


Liverpool is one of the best places to invest in property for UK investors, with some of the lowest property prices in the country with an average of £130,677 — worlds apart from London’s huge £484,173 average. Liverpool is one of the best property investment areas the UK has to offer when it comes to the purpose-built student accommodation market. With a number of world-class universities, Liverpool has a population of over 70,000 students, resulting in a spike in demand for high-end, quality student property. Those who would rather invest in residential properties will also find success in Liverpool, however, with the city having the UK’s fastest growing city centre population. Young professionals in Liverpool are constantly looking for accommodation that’s right within the buzz and atmosphere of the city centre, and with properties like our One Baltic Square apartments, they can find just that.


Other Northern cities are also making their mark on the property map as of late, with Leeds steadily becoming a new hotspot for UK property investment. Leeds has an estimated population of 780,000, a  figure expected to rise as high as 930,000 to 1 million by 2033. Part of the Northern Powerhouse, Leeds has plenty of regeneration plans in store to boost the economy and housing market of the city. The region recently signed its largest growth deal, wherein over £1 billion was invested in order to bring around 1,000 new homes, 8,000 new jobs, and at least £340 million worth of investment to the cities economy by 2021. Much like Liverpool and Manchester, Leeds has plenty to offer in terms of business opportunities, being a reputable area for knowledge-based industries — the second largest outside of London.


Overseas investment in the UK property market


After the result of the EU Referendum back in 2016, there was a large degree of uncertainty surrounding the UK property investment market, with people questioning whether buy to let UK investment was still a good idea. Interestingly enough, the Brexit vote hasn’t affected overseas investment into UK property, with Chinese investments into the UK property market, in particular, having doubled from 2015 to 2017.  Chinese investors spent around £8.4 billion back in 2016, and then following the EU Referendum result, this figure rose to a massive £20.8 billion the following year.

The property market within Northern Powerhouse cities is one area that’s seen a particularly big surge in interest from Chinese investors. During the 12 months leading up to January in 2018, Chinese enquiries regarding property in the North had risen, whilst enquiries into London property dropped by 48.5% in comparison.


Signs point towards Northern Powerhouse cities like Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds being great hotspots for property investment for beginners UK. Liverpool was considered one of the best places to invest in UK property in 2017, having attracted more direct foreign investment than major cities like Barcelona and Toronto. Not only does foreign investment have a positive impact on the economy of the North, but it also facilitated the creation of 7,000 new jobs in the area in 2017 thanks to overseas investment into residential and commercial properties.


Overall, when investing in UK property, RW Invest is a UK property investment company that has everything property investors in the UK need to make a solid, worthwhile investment. We offer opportunities in the best property investment areas the UK has seen in recent years, with some perfect options when it comes to property investment for beginners UK. Want to find out more about our fantastic property investment opportunities? Get in touch and our property consultants will be happy to help you choose the ideal venture for you.

Infographic about UK Regeneration in Liverpool and Manchester

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