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The UK property market has long been considered a fantastic investment opportunity. Whether it’s the high rates of overseas investment or booming house price growth, there’s plenty of reasons to invest in UK property.


Boasting the fifth largest economy in the world, the UK is known for its strong economic, cultural, and political influence. Britain was hailed one of the most prosperous economic regions in Europe between the years of 1600 to 1700, going on to dominate both the European and world economy throughout the 19th century.


Today, the UK remains the economic powerhouse it was all those centuries ago, growing at its fastest rate in two years during the end of 2018. However, recent economic uncertainty surrounding Brexit negotiations has led many to question — are investment properties in UK cities a good route to take? And is it worth it to invest in UK property?

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UK Buy To Let News
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Don’t miss investment in UK property


If you’re a property investor, UK property investment opportunities should not be missed. Investors from around the globe continue to invest in off-plan property in the UK. When it comes to making a lucrative property investment, the UK market has a lot to offer as an investment platform. Many major cities have investment properties in the UK that are known for their high rental yields and capital growth potential, with the north-west region presenting the best prospects and paving the way for continued success.

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UK investment properties have a consistent track record for high levels of capital growth, with a thriving buy-to-let investment market. Renting has become a lot more popular in the UK, with more people living in rental accommodation than buying their own home. This is partly down to the difficulty many young people now face in purchasing their own property. The majority of UK millennials are struggling to get onto the property ladder, increasing the demand for high-quality rental properties in prime UK areas.


For buy to let investors, a high level of demand for property is one of the most crucial elements to ensure a successful venture. The type of investment property that a UK property investor is involved with certainly comes with plenty of demand, with high levels of demand in the UK surpassing the number of properties actually available. With an average of 43 properties per estate agency, demand is increasing and house prices are growing as a result. Property prices around the country are continuing to grow, particularly in the north-west region which has surpassed any other region over recent years and is expected to continue doing so, well into 2022. This is part of the reason why for many looking for a property to invest in, UK cities are top of the list.


The UK government is paying attention to this demand for property, with plans to build 300,000 new homes a year. The North, in particular, is an area of the UK that’s expected to see a boost in new housing developments and will receive an £8.9 million investment to build new properties.


Home to some major businesses and cities famous for their leisure attractions, nightlife, and culture, the UK is forever expanding. Each year, the United Kingdom welcomes more people to live and work in its thriving cities. If you’re interested in property investment in the UK in 2019, read on to find out more about the best property investment areas in the UK and why we’re one of the best property investment companies in the UK for lucrative and rewarding opportunities.

Why Choose UK Buy To Let

Why Choose Investment Property UK?


There are many reasons to choose property investment in the UK. With above average rental yields in many cities, an ever flourishing economy, and impressive house price growth predictions, the UK property market stands out against other European investments.


When it comes to investment in UK property and comparing this countries property hot spots to those of other European cities, it’s clear that buying an investment property in the UK is a step in the right direction. Manchester, for example, is one of the best options for property investing in the UK and boasts average rental yields of 5.5 per cent. This means that UK property investment opportunities in Manchester outrank major European cities like Paris, which have lower yields of 4.25 per cent. At RW Invest, we’re one of the best property investment companies in the UK when it comes to rental yields. We seek out property investment opportunities in UK cities with the highest yields and focus on developing the most sought-after property types. Since the UK is experiencing such a soaring demand for rental properties, buy to let investors can also rest assured that their property will generate consistent rental income, with fewer void periods.


There are a number of huge regeneration projects ongoing throughout the UK, particularly in the North. Regeneration schemes like Liverpool Waters, a £5.5 billion development which will totally transform and renovate the Liverpool waterfront, are set to create numerous new jobs and homes for UK residents. These regeneration schemes will not only attract new interest to the UK and improve the quality of life for residents, but they’ll also strengthen the economy and improve capital appreciation for investors purchasing a UK off-plan property.


What are the best postcodes for investment in the UK?


The UK is home to many postcodes which are considered a prime location for investments. The majority of the UK’s highly ranking postcodes are based in Liverpool and Manchester, with L8, M5, L7, M19, L5, M3, L3, M16, L1, M14 and L6 coming out on top.


Liverpool and Manchester offer high rental yields for investment properties in UK


In Liverpool, a number of postcodes rank highly and generate some excellent yields.  The L8 postcode, for instance, home to Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle brings average yields of 5.8 per cent. Manchester also boasts postcodes with similar yields, such as M5 which spans Salford’s MediaCity and has yields of 5.1 per cent.


Rental yields reach even higher in some other Northern postcodes, with the M14 area producing yields of 10.1 per cent, while L7, L6 and L1 boast yields from 9.36 to 11.79 per cent. A lot of these postcodes are the locations for many of our current and past developments. Our Bridgewater Wharf development, for instance, is based within Manchester’s M5 postcode, while our Kings Dock Mill and Parliament Square apartments are situated within the popular L1 area. The strength of these postcodes is the reason why these areas offer the best property investment opportunities in the UK.

Where To Buy Investment Property

Where To buy Investment Property UK


If you’re looking for an investment property for sale in the UK, look up North. Cities like Liverpool and Manchester are considered the best locations. These cities boast affordable prices, above-average rental yields, high levels of rental demand, and strong house price growth making them ideal for property investment in the UK.


Why is Liverpool a good city to invest in UK property?


For the last couple of years, Liverpool has been considered a key city to consider if you want to find out where to invest in property in the UK. Liverpool was ranked as one of the best places to invest in property in the UK in 2017 and 2018. By 2019, many investors are now aware of the power of Liverpool investments, choosing this Northern city for their next property venture. Not only does Liverpool have one of the largest city centre populations in the UK with an ever-growing demand for student and residential properties, but it also boasts some of the highest rental yields. Thanks to affordable properties and rising rental costs, Liverpool investors can expect yields of up to 7 or 8 per cent with opportunities at RW Invest, making this the go-to area for the best property investments UK cities have to offer.


Why consider Manchester for investment in UK property?


Just a short journey away from Liverpool, Manchester is another city with some excellent property investment opportunities. Much like Liverpool, Manchester is considered one of the best property investment areas in the UK thanks to the booming demand, high population of students and young professionals, and potential for capital growth. Since 2017, record numbers of people have been choosing to leave London and move to Manchester. With so many brilliant business opportunities in Manchester, along with better affordability than London, Londoners are recognising the appeal of the North and driving this rental demand even further. If you’re keen to invest for an income boost and steady financial growth, its time to invest in these north-west cities.

What Should I Look For When Investing In Property?

What Should I Look For When Investing In Property?


Before investing in property, look for opportunities that offer the best rental yields and that are based in areas with a lot of potential growth. You should also make sure that the property and area you’re investing in is likely to receive a lot of demand.


When seeking a property for investment in UK cities or elsewhere, you always need to do your research and be as prepared as possible. Unlike other investment types like stocks and shares, bricks and mortar property investment offers more ways to make returns – through both rental income and capital appreciation. As mentioned above, Northern cities Liverpool and Manchester have been deemed the best locations to make a property investment in the UK. Looking for investment opportunities within these key property hotspots is a good way to ensure you make a lucrative investment. The high yields present in these two cities ensure that your investment will bring you high rental returns, while the thriving economy and potential for capital appreciation mean you can also generate attractive returns if you decide to sell the property in the future. Compared to all other UK regions, the north-west has the best rates of house price growth. Between 2017 and 2018, the north-west rose faster than anywhere else, with a 5.6% increase. By 2022, the north-west is predicted to see house prices grow by 18.1 per cent, which is why Liverpool and Manchester make the perfect UK property hotspots for 2019.


Once you’ve researched locations for the best property investment opportunities in the UK, seek out the right one for you. Consider whether you want to purchase a new-build or off-plan property, or if you’re more interested in buying a refurbishment property. The majority of investors tend to opt for new-builds, which are a lot more straightforward and often more successful than refurbished properties. Not only do you not need to worry about costly repairs and maintenance, but newer properties also tend to be popular with a lot of tenants. While some tenants favour the charm of a period property, many tenants will seek out more modern properties with high-quality features and fittings.


One of the most popular types of investment properties in UK areas are off-plan properties, which we specialise in here at RW Invest. Off-plan property is a common investment option due to offering below market prices and the potential for even further capital growth. For instance, because off-plan properties haven’t yet been completed, they could rise in value by the time the development is finished and ready for tenancy. This is an important element to consider when selecting your UK investment property, as the higher the capital growth, the better returns you can expect when you decide to sell the property.

Find Your Ideal Tenant

One of the final things you should think about before selecting an investment property for sale in the UK is whether the property will appeal to your ideal tenant. Establish your ideal target tenant before making your first investment as this is likely to dictate the type of property you buy. If you want to rent your buy to let property to a student, for example, look for areas with high student populations. Some of the biggest student cities include Liverpool and Manchester, which is part of the reason why these Northern cities were considered the best places to invest in property in the UK for 2018. These cities are also amongst some of the best locations for investment properties in the UK if you want to buy residential property and attract young professional tenants.

Consider whether the property you’re investing in will appeal to your target tenant and meet their requirements. If student property investment is an avenue you hope to pursue, spend some time getting into the mindset of student tenants. Today’s UK students now value certain qualities in their accommodation. Instead of settling in the first property they find, whether that be a shared house or cramped university halls, students are now seeking out accommodation that better suits their tastes and lifestyles.


Student accommodation with a luxury edge is now a lot more common, with properties including features like high-speed internet, communal gardens, on-site maintenance and stylish designs. These properties also tend to be in a good location, close to university campuses and the city centre. Properties like our current City Point development are sure to be popular with Liverpool students. Priced from just £39,995 and with an 8 per cent NET rental return assured for two years, these Liverpool student properties are just a ten-minute walk from John Moores University and feature full on-site management.

How To Buy Your First Investment Property

How To Buy Your First Investment Property UK


If you’re interested in buying your first investment property in the UK, make sure you research the market well and look for an opportunity that suits you. You should also think about whether you need to use a property management company to assist you, or if you want a more hands-on investment.


Carrying out market research is crucial if you want to know how to invest in property in the UK as it can help you recognise the signs of a good investment. Rental yields are usually the main area that people focus on when looking to invest in rental property in the UK. While high rental yields are always beneficial, however, they aren’t the be all and end all of a good investment. You could invest in a property which generates good rental returns through high yields. However, without the potential for capital growth, you’re limiting the returns you could make. Always think about whether the property you’re buying is likely to appreciate in value over time. Seek out properties in high growth areas, and think about plans that are in place for the location. For instance, if regeneration plans mean that the property will be surrounded by attractive new developments like shopping malls or workplaces, this is a great sign. Remember that property is the only asset class that can bring you two types of returns other than just one, so make sure you take advantage of this.


Consider the north-west for property investment UK 2019


The north-west remains the best region to invest in and is filled with UK property hotspots for 2019. Liverpool and Manchester tick all the boxes in regards to rental yields and capital appreciation. Demand from desirable tenants like students and young professionals is ever-increasing, while the constant regeneration schemes are helping the economy flourish and ensure high capital growth.


Our Liverpool and Manchester developments are always based in thriving regeneration areas. A prime example is our Kings Dock Mill apartments, located minutes away from Liverpool ONE Shopping Centre and the Baltic Triangle. Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle was recently hailed the UK’s coolest neighbourhood, filled with quirky bars and eateries which attract high numbers of tourists each year. This investment also offers yields of 7 per cent, making it the perfect option if you want to utilise returns both through rental income and appreciation.


Seek out the best property investment companies


After choosing which area of the UK you want to invest in and the type of property that’s right for you, it’s important to make sure you’re happy with the company you’re working with. Investing in property is a big commitment, so before spending your hard-earned money, you want to be sure about both the property itself and the company that created it.


Choose RW Invest for the best property investments UK


With a proven track record for success and thorough due diligence, high client satisfaction, and the ability to offer the best properties on the market, we’re proud to be one of the best property investment companies for UK investment properties. Along with the ability to offer each property investor a high-quality off-plan property in a desirable location, we’re also capable of securing assured rental yields for our clients. If you choose to enlist the help of a property management company for any of our investments, you can benefit from guaranteed yields over a certain period. Our Liverpool based One Baltic Square development, for example, can offer investors rental yields of 7 per cent assured for one year.


If you decide you want a more hands-on approach to your investment, there are some more things to consider before buying your first property. If you choose this approach, you’ll need to find and source tenants, and hold responsibility for legal aspects of the investment. If you think you have enough free time to do this, you can still benefit from high yields and can keep the percentage of your rental income that would otherwise be spent on outside management.

UK Investment Opportunites with RW Invest

Once you’ve browsed our site and found a property to invest in in the UK, simply contact us and we can provide you with information packs for a number of our opportunities, offering you advice and guidance to make the perfect investment. We help guide our clients through every step of their investment, inviting them to take a tour of the property site and get familiar with the area. We also have on-site showrooms, and use state of the art virtual reality to let investors see the planned outcome of our off-plan developments. Since we offer a range of investments at different prices, we can assist you even if you’re looking to make a property investment for beginners in the UK.

Of course, as with any new venture, it’s crucial to think about the financial aspect of the investment. Work out whether you have the budget needed for the property price of the investment you’re interested in. If not, we’re more than happy to advise you on an opportunity that’s better suited to you. You should also take some time to calculate things like possible capital gains tax and stamp duty tax. Stamp duty tax varies depending on the cost of the property, and can easily be worked out with the help of our stamp duty calculator.


At RW Invest, we consider ourselves market leaders when it comes to UK property investments. We’re one of the best property investment companies in the UK, offering opportunities in leading UK property hotspots for 2019 investments and beyond. If you’re interested in making an investment with RW Invest, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our dedicated team of property professionals will offer you advice and guidance with your UK property investment. Over the years, we’ve worked hard to find opportunities in the best places to invest in property in the UK for 2018 and years before.


Still wondering whether you should invest in UK property? Whether you’re seeking options for property investment for beginners in the UK, or you’re an experienced investor looking to enter the UK market, we’re sure to have the right opportunity for you.

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