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Eco Investing: How You Can Make Money and Combat Climate Change in 2024

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    The Ultimate Guide to Eco Investing

    It’s no secret that climate change is threatening our planet.

    With temperatures rising across the globe, ice caps melting, and sea levels rising, the pressure is building for each of us to do more.

    And while we have plenty of options to have a positive impact on the planet, including reducing our meat consumption and recycling, one way you may not have thought about is investing.

    In 2024, there are plenty of ways investors can both make money and tackle climate change, and they can do so by making a sustainable investment, otherwise known as eco investing.

    But what exactly is eco investing, how does it work, and what are the options out there?

    This blog post will tackle all this and more. So, keep reading to learn how to make money and combat climate change in 2024.

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      What Is Eco Investing, and Why Is It Important? 

      Eco investing, otherwise known as green investing or ethical investing, is when a buyer invests in a company that supports or provides environmentally friendly products.

      Often grouped with socially responsible investing (SRI) and environmental, social, and governance criteria (ESG), eco investments are investments made in companies that aim to protect habitats, minimise the usage of natural resources, or reduce pollution.

      Through a sustainable investment, an investor will contribute towards a company that champions renewable energy over fossil fuels and ideally promotes the continued positive impact on the environment.

      Companies are one of the biggest culprits behind climate change, with a report in 2017 finding that 100 companies accounted for more than 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions since 1988.

      How Does Green Investment Work?

      So, how exactly does a green investment/eco investment work?

      Well, eco-investing is simply when an investor invests in an environmentally responsible company.

      As such, there are plenty of opportunities for an investor to expand their investment portfolio with environmentally-friendly companies.

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      Types of Eco Investing

      Eco Real Estate

      Eco real estate is incredibly unique on this list as you aren’t specifically investing in a company. Instead, you’re directly investing in an eco-focused product.

      Eco real estate is a property that has been built with sustainability in mind and is often manufactured with environmentally friendly materials and low carbon technologies like solar panels.

      This is what we specialise in here at RWinvest, with many of our latest property releases kitted out with the latest low carbon technologies to help save residents thousands on energy bills and tonnes of wasted energy (more on this later).

      The average carbon footprint per person in the UK, according to PawPrint, is 12.7 tonnes, the equivalent of driving once around the world. More needs to be done to bring this down, which is why fundamentally changing the way we live and the way we build our homes is a fantastic method of doing this.

      Ethical Banking

      One of the most fundamental parts of modern life is having a savings account and bank account.

      And while banks are often criticised for not being the most ethical, there are ethical banks out there that help fund environmentally friendly start-ups.

      Of course, not every ethical bank will place an emphasis on the environment, so be sure to research thoroughly and make your own investment decisions.

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        Environmental, Social, and Governance Criteria 

        Many companies purport to be environmentally conscious but can sometimes lack transparency of how they operate.

        To get around this and screen potential companies for investment, a good idea could be to follow the environmental, social, and governance criteria, which is particularly useful when investing in stocks, bonds, or fund investments.

        Simply put, environmental, social, and governance criteria, otherwise known as ESG, are a set of criteria used by investors to evaluate a company’s operations.

        Environmental criteria can include a company’s energy usage, pollution, waste, and treatment of animals.

        Examples include:

        • Companies that release carbon reports
        • Reduces levels of harmful pollution
        • Uses renewable energy sources

        ESG criteria are beginning to crawl into all walks of investing, with the World Economic Forum reporting that ESG is starting to impact venture capitalism.

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        Are Green Investments Profitable? 

        While sustainable investing places a focus on social good, likely the biggest convincing factor for investors is the cash returns on offer.

        So, are green investments profitable?

        Well, the good news is that there’s actually strong evidence to suggest green investments are even more profitable than normal investments.

        A 2019 study from Forbes found that 54% of Gen Z and 50% of millennials were willing to spend 10% more on products that were environmentally friendly (you can learn more in our blog).

        These findings were mirrored by a 2020 report from Morningstar, Inc, which found that “a majority of sustainable funds have outperformed their traditional peers over multiple time horizons.”

        At worst, the report said that there was “no performance trade-off” between investing in environmental funds and the more traditional market.

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          Who Is RWinvest, and How Are We Helping Tackle the Climate Crisis? 

          Here at RWinvest, we know that the first step in tackling climate change starts at our own feet, and as a company, we have an extra responsibility to safeguard our planet.

          This is why we have worked hard to ensure our latest properties on offer are equipped with the technology and building materials necessary to help bring about a positive change and create a better world.

          So, who is RWinvest, and how are we trying to help the planet?

          RWinvest is a property investment company with 18 years of experience in residential and student property. Simply put, we act as an investment platform to help investors from across the globe purchase exciting residential developments and student properties in the UK.

          Ever since 2020, we set our sights on lowering carbon emissions and supporting clean energy, and we have begun to implement the latest green tech to help simultaneously save residents money and save the planet.

          This is how…

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          Element the Quarter

          ELEMENT - The Quarter 

          Our first major step towards ethical investing and green investing was with ELEMENT – The Quarter, the first eco-property of its kind ever released in the North West of England.

          Designed to house both young professionals and student tenants, ELEMENT – The Quarter was kitted out with best-in-class facilities including a games room, cinema room, onsite gym, and a stunning rooftop terrace providing views of the iconic Liverpool skyline.

          But what truly sets The Quarter apart is its unbelievable low carbon technologies.

          At the heart of these technologies is an incredible Central Business Management Server, a system that can monitor and regulate energy consumption in the entire development.

          In practical terms, this means if a window was left open while central heating was on, the server would be intelligent enough to reduce the heating and prevent energy wastage.

          Other technologies in the property include:

          • A rainwater recycling system that harvests rainwater for use in toilets and irrigation.
          • Solar panels for renewable energy.
          • The Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery system, which is used to redistribute heat from hotter parts of the building to cooler parts. It also removes stale air and pumps clean air into the building.
          • A Shower Save System in each apartment that recycles the heat generated from waste shower water, and then uses this heat to transfer back into clean water.
          • An Air Source Heat Pump that is designed to absorb heat from the air.
            Motion-activated energy-efficient lighting in communal areas to reduce wasted electricity.

          Despite all these technologies, apartments in ELEMENT – The Quarter started at just £74,950 and gave those eco-investing annual returns of 8% NET.

          We see ELEMENT as the next top brand in eco real estate and have exciting plans for further revolutionary properties under this name in the near future.

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            One Tree Planted 

            Our commitment to the planet didn’t just end with the eco-technology in ELEMENT.

            In partnership with One Tree Planted, we have tried to help save vital ecosystems across the Earth one tree at a time.

            As such, for every apartment sold in ELEMENT – The Quarter, we agreed to plant 100 trees in the Amazon Rainforest, one of the most vital ecosystems on the planet.

            We can proudly confirm that by January 2022, we planted 49,900 trees, soaring past our previous target of 45,000.

            RWinvest is incredibly proud of this milestone, and we hope to continue supporting the great work One Tree Planted does in the future.

            More Coming Soon in 2024 and Beyond

            Our work hasn’t stopped with ELEMENT – The Quarter, and we will continue delivering exciting eco-focused properties into the future.

            The latest release in our portfolio, Embankment Exchange, was kitted out with low-carbon technologies like solar panels, an intelligent leak detection system, and heat recycling.

            We plan on many of our future properties to come with specifications like this, and can’t wait to unveil the exciting eco concepts we have planned in 2024 and beyond.

            Begin your eco investing journey today and discover how you can help save the planet with the latest investment opportunities from RWinvest. Contact us today to learn more about our green investing opportunities in 2024.

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