Property Investment Hull (A Complete Guide)

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After being awarded the status of UK City of Culture 2017, Hull property investment skyrocketed.

Kingston upon Hull is one of the UK’s leading property investment hotspots, with over £1.5 billion of investment being poured into the city over the past eight years.

The property market in Hull is now built up of new-build residential and commercial properties for the 288,462 people of Hull to work and live in.

But is Hull a good place to invest in property?

And why invest in Hull?

This guide will look at the benefits of investing in Hull buy-to-let property and the best postcodes in Hull for investors.

Let’s take a look then, shall we?

Is Hull a Good Place to Invest in Property?

  • Average house price: £128,107.
  • Average rental yield: 5.41%.
  • Rental income: £575.11 PCM.
  • £1.5 billion investment in eight years.
  • Leading green city aiming to be carbon neutral by 2030.

Why Invest in Hull?

When it comes to investment property, Hull may be one of the last locations that come to mind.

But many things make Hull investment a worthwhile venture in 2022, especially following the tidal wave of investment the port city has experienced since 2013.

To help you make your decision, we’ve listed four essential points exploring why Hull is a great place to invest in 2022.

Let’s start with the numbers:

1. Impressive Rental Yields

Property prices in Hull average at £151,506, which makes their high average rental yield of 5.80% even more impressive.

Average UK Property Price

Not only are properties in Hull more affordable than those in Leeds and Sheffield, but they provide much stronger rental yields, according to Houses for Sale & to Rent.

The UK’s average rental yield is 5.11% – slightly less than in Hull.

Average Rental Yield UK

House price data from the Land Registry, June 2022.

Rent Prices data from, June 2022.

2. £1.5 Billion of Investment

After being crowned the 2017 UK City of Culture, Hull has received a mammoth £1.5 billion investment spread over eight years.

Hull’s City Plan aims to evolve the city from its historical past into a modern northern powerhouse through a series of regeneration projects, including:

  • £27 million transforming fishing ports into a world-class waterfront destination for businesses and tourists.
  • £83.6 million regeneration of the Fruit Market – a hotspot for independent restaurants, shops, art galleries, businesses, and property investment.
  • £96 million Albion Square redevelopment creating commerce, residential property and green space.

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The Mill

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3. Employment

From start-up tech companies and major businesses to independent coffee shops and restaurants, Hull has a booming economy that only seems to be growing:

  • More than £5.1bn GVA in 2015.
  • 20,000 jobs were created from Hull’s 10-year City Plan.
  • £7m KS2 office building provides state-of-the-art facilities for commerce.
  • Hull Port remains the UK’s leading softwood timber port, handling approximately 10 million tonnes of cargo each year, amounting to £12 billion in trade each year.
  • Set for the future with Hull’s Economic Strategy 2021-2026 aiming to build on its booming economic growth.

4. World Leader in Renewable Energy

Yorkshire and Humber’s fourth-largest city is paving the way as a prime example of an environmental and sustainable city.

In 2021, Hull was awarded the Environment Green Certificate for the seventh year in a row for its use of electric cars and green driver training across the city.

Hull aims to be carbon neutral by 2030, and they have already reduced its carbon emissions by 7% in 40 locations.

Much like property investors, the East Yorkshire city has a clear-cut vision for the future, making Hull a good location to invest in property in 2023.

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Hull Property Price Predictions

The wealth of investment brought to Hull has helped bring more businesses into the city and increased the property’s value.

  • Hull property prices have increased by £46,641 (55.2%) since 2012.
  • It’s been predicted properties in Yorkshire and Humber will have increased by 11.7% by 2027.
  • Compared to the UK’s average increase of 6.2% over the same period, Hull is on track to maintain its reputation as a property investment hotspot.
Hull Property Value By Year

Best Postcodes in Hull: What is the Best Area of Hull?

Hull buy-to-let investors want to ensure they’re putting their money in the right places and getting the best yields possible.

So, if you’re a property investor wondering ‘where should I invest in Hull property?’, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve broken down the five postcodes with the best rental yields in Hull, so you know exactly where the best areas are for Hull property investment.

1. HU2

Average House Price: £102,153

Average Rental Yields: 10.80%

Average income: £919 PCM

  • North of the city centre.
  • An industrial area where the Grade II listed High Flags Mill is being converted into one and two-bedroom apartments.
  • Includes Wincolmlee.

2. HU1

Average House Price: £118,034

Average Rental Yields: 8.37%

Average income: £823 PCM

  • City centre postcode.
  • Area of commerce, culture and opportunity.
  • Includes Hull City Centre, Old Town and Albert Dock.

3. HU9

Average House Price: £121,473

Average Rental Yields: 5.83%

Average income: £590 PCM

  • East of the city centre.
  • Predominantly affordable council housing.
  • Includes Drypool, Victoria Dock, Marfleet and Greatfield.

4. HU3

Average House Price: £105,315

Average Rental Yields: 6.10%

Average income: £535 PCM

  • West of the city centre.
  • Diverse communities and home to Hull City Football Club’s MKM Stadium.
  • Includes Spring Bank.

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5. HU6

Average House Price: £147,287

Average Rental Yields: 6.88%

Average income: £844 PCM

  • Northern Hull postcode.
  • Ideal for student accommodation investment.
  • Includes University of Hull, Dunswell and Orchard Park.

How to Make the Perfect Hull Property Investment?

Like anywhere, the property market in Hull can be hard to navigate, and investors need to make sure they invest in the right places.

Planning out the process can help you receive massive capital growth and a reliable income when you finally decide to invest.

Budget Smart

Research what areas you can afford to invest in for rental property, but keep in mind additional costs like stamp duty and legal fees.

Unless you have the cash, you’ll need a buy-to-let mortgage to fund the purchase.

Target Tenants

Different tenants have different requirements for a property, so it’s essential to consider who you want living in your property.

The student and young professional market can be very profitable, but they have short leases, creating void periods.

Families often want an unfurnished property and will likely stay over the long term, providing stability.

Location is Vital

Make sure you pick an area people want to live in.

Families might want to live near a school.

While young professionals might want a central location close to reliable transport links.

If the location isn’t suitable for your target tenants, then they won’t choose to let the property.

New or Old Build?

New build properties will likely come with fewer maintenance issues and could be more attractive for potential tenants.

Older properties can allow you to add value through an extension or renovation.

Invest Away from Home?

Don’t fear expanding your property portfolio and investing away from home.

Unless you plan on being very hands-on, it is possible to invest in Hull buy-to-let property with a property management company.

For more investment tips, check out our essential guide.

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