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Investment Property For Sale Liverpool

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    Liverpool property investment is popular with property investors for many reasons. High rental yields, affordable prices and a growing young population mean it is one of the most popular cities for investors in the UK. If you’re seeking an investment property for sale, Liverpool is a great city to research.


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    Central park's exterior

    Central Park

    • Invest from £164,950
    • 6% ASSURED NET rental yields
    • Located in Liverpool’s coolest neighbourhood

    Bringing New York living to North-West England, Central Park is a property development located in the Baltic Triangle and one that is sure to be a hit with young professionals.

    With a range of 174 Manhattan-style apartments available as either 1-bed or 2-bed properties, this development will feature an outdoor gym as part of the construction, as well as having access to an adjacent park so residents can get uninterrupted views and immediate access to nature.

    A rooftop terrace will only add to the outdoor space available to tenants, ensuring they can get fresh air and exercise whenever they want. It also gives them a space to relax and enjoy the views of the Baltic Triangle.

    Central Park is in the perfect location for young professionals. With it being developed in the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool’s trendiest neighbourhood, there is plenty to see and do close to the building such as Ghetto Golf and Camp & Furnace so tenants can make the most of the best of Liverpool.

    There are also plenty of transportation links close by if tenants have to commute. The new Liverpool Baltic train station will be close to the property, and Liverpool has great bus links as well.

    Thanks to the £128 million worth of regeneration schemes, the Baltic Triangle has been transformed from an urban wasteland into a thriving digital hub for young professionals. Home to over 500 businesses, it’s been compared to MediaCityUK in Manchester thanks to the fantastic office space available and high-speed internet.

    To make the property more sustainable, there will also be several eco-friendly features included as part of the development. Legacie’s Smart Home Pumps help bring in fresh air while extracting stale air, and solar panels, electric car charging stations and a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system will help keep energy bills low.

    On-site parking and cycle storage will mean tenants have plenty of space to park or store their transportation, while a concierge and 24-hour security will mean tenants can feel safe and secure in their homes.

    Central Park combines luxury Manhattan-style 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments with being situated in one of the best locations for young professionals in the UK, making it one of the most exciting investment opportunities in the North-West. You don’t want to miss this investment property for sale in Liverpool.

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    Heap's Mill The Mill

    The Mill

    • Invest from £154,950
    • 6% ASSURED NET rental yields
    • Grade 2 listed building

    Part of the larger Heaps Mill development, the Mill is a Liverpool investment property for sale that is set to renovate a historic 18th-century rice mill into a brand-new modern development, combining Liverpool’s industrial past and its professional future.

    This ambitious development will feature a range of 1-bed and 2-bed apartments designed to fit modern standards to create a dynamic residential core central to a larger development that will include a range of apartment buildings and a 4-star hotel.

    The Mill will also be home to a range of mind-blowing on-site facilities, so tenants will have everything they could need right on their doorstep. A rooftop terrace and bar will allow for plenty of space for relaxation and fresh air, while a luxurious spa, lounge and treatment rooms will keep them fresh and relaxed.

    For those into their fitness, a fully-equipped gym will give them everything they need to stay in shape, while a museum dedicated to the history of the building and a cafe will provide space to get away from work and socialise.

    On top of this, there’s the landscaped square connecting the developments of Heaps Mill, the 24-hour concierge, and an exclusive app. For those who will work remotely, there will be breakout rooms available for meetings and important events.

    Eco-features will be installed in the Mill to help make the development a sustainable one, such as generating its own electricity thanks to solar panels and a smart boiler system which will reduce energy bills and save service charges.

    Legacie’s Smart Home Heat Pump system will also be included as standard, which will future-proof the property by providing hot water at a much lower energy rate than standard methods.

    The Mill will be located in the Baltic Triangle, one of Liverpool’s most popular neighbourhoods for young people and professionals. This helps connect it with Liverpool city centre and the waterfront while having plenty for tenants to see and do in the local area.

    With £710 million being pumped into Merseyside’s train service over the next few years, transportation around the county and further afield will be better than ever. The Mill will be located close to the brand-new Liverpool Baltic Station and within walking distance of both Lime Street and Liverpool Central stations.

    Thanks to all these amazing features and additional benefits, the Mill has already proven a hit with investors, and is one of the most popular Liverpool investment properties for sale on the market right now.


    Why Buy Investment Property in Liverpool?

    As one of the best places to invest in property in the UK, Liverpool investment properties for sale are some of the highest valued in the UK property market. There are numerous reasons why Liverpool is such a popular location for investors:

    • Liverpool property is far more affordable than the average price of property in the UK. Current Land Registry data shows the average property price in Liverpool is £177,803 as of June 2023, whereas the national average is £285,009. You could save over £100,000 by investing in Liverpool!
    • House prices in the North West are set to rise by up to 11.7% in the next 5 years, according to Savills, so you can make the most of capital appreciation.
    • Areas such as Kensington and Wavertree are often even more affordable, and going further afield in Merseyside, such as Sefton or the Wirral, can get you diamonds in the rough.
    • There is a growing student population thanks to the three universities located in the city, comprising a large part of the buy-to-let market. With roughly 70,000 students attending the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University and Liverpool Hope University, there is always a high demand for student buy-to-let.
    • It is possible to attain high rental yields depending on where in Liverpool you invest. For example, the L4 postcode has an average rental yield of 6.5%! Rental property in Liverpool has affordable prices and great returns.
    • Billions worth of regeneration is being put into the city to help modernise areas such as the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool Waters and the Knowledge Quarter.

    With so many reasons to invest in Liverpool, you will want to find the best investment properties on the market to make the most of the highly favourable market conditions. New homes are on the market for below-market prices, and depending on the property type you are investing in, you can get some serious returns.

    Here you will find details on all our investment properties for sale in Liverpool in some of the city’s hotspots, where you can make the most of the benefits of off-plan property in addition to what we have already listed about Liverpool as an investment location.

    So keep reading to discover some of the best investment opportunities in the North-West.

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      One Park Lane - Exterior Day

      One Park Lane

      • Invest from £139,950
      • 6% ASSURED NET rental yields
      • On the doorstep of LiverpoolONE

      Another block in the larger Heap’s Mill development, One Park Lane offers many of the amenities The Mill has, in addition to the luxury of being a new-build development rather than a renovation.

      A range of 1-bed, 2-bed, 3-bed and studio apartments will comprise the majority of the development, fitted with the latest flooring, large windows, fitted kitchens and plenty of space to appeal to young professionals.

      Units on the higher floors of the 16-storey complex will feature fantastic views of the waterfront, while there will be furniture packs available to landlords who want to furnish their property with a quality finish.

      In addition to the top-of-the-line units, there will be several luxury amenities and facilities available to tenants, which will help to make it one of the most popular developments in Liverpool.

      A fully-equipped gymnasium on the ground floor will allow tenants to stay fit and healthy, and if they are feeling sore or in need of relaxation, they have access to the on-site spa fit to rival those you would find in five-star hotels.

      The spa comprises a large swimming pool surrounded by beds, creating a zone of tranquillity within the development. Treatment rooms will give tenants the chance to get massages and other relaxing skin procedures, while a high-tech sauna can let them relax in style.

      Outside of these features, a rooftop terrace will give tenants outdoor space to get some fresh air and take in the views of the city.

      Access to the museum and cafe constructed as part of the Heap’s Mill development will give people places to meet and socialise, while the landscaped square at the centre of the development gives the entire area a smart and modern finish.

      Inside One Park Lane, you can expect to find all the sustainable eco-features that you would in the Mill, such as Legacie’s Smart Home Heat Pumps which will keep hot water available at a fraction of the cost compared to standard systems.

      This is in addition to solar panels to provide renewable energy, as well as a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery System and a smart boiler system to help avoid wasting energy, keeping bills and service charges low.

      As well as this, being a part of the Heap’s Mill development means being located in the Baltic Triangle, right on the doorstep of LiverpoolONE and some of the city’s most popular employers and places to eat, shop and relax.

      Similar to the Mill, One Park Lane has proven to be a hit with property investors looking for investment properties for sale in Liverpool, thanks to its fantastic facilities, affordable prices and high rental yields.

      Instant £10k Capital Appreciation

      Prices are increasing in our best-selling development on 1st December. Enquire today to lock in the lower prices and earn up to £10,000 immediate capital growth.

      01 - The Mill - Exterior Day

      Heaps Mill

      • Invest from £129,950
      • Returns of £14,217
      • On-site spa and gym!

      The larger development that both the Mill and One Park Lane are a part of, Heaps Mill, aims to transform the area around a historic 18th-century rice mill into a thriving hub of apartments, leisure and commerce in the centre of the Baltic Triangle.

      Comprising five blocks of apartments as well as a four-star hotel, Heaps Mill will redesign the run-down urban area around the Heaps Rice Mill, a Grade-II listed building by the Liverpool waterfront.

      This state-of-the-art development will feature a range of 1-bed, 2-bed and 3-bed units as well as some studio apartments, which will appeal to young professionals moving to the Baltic Triangle for work.

      A museum dedicated to the history of Heaps Rice Mill will be built as a part of the project to ensure the area’s industrial past is remembered and commemorated for years to come.

      On-site gyms with a full range of equipment and luxurious spas in each development will mean tenants have a range of facilities to stay fit and relaxed available to them, while rooftop terraces and a paved square at the centre of the project allow for lots of outdoor space for people to get fresh air and enjoy the fantastic views of the waterfront.

      Being situated in the Baltic Triangle means the perfect location to connect the River Mersey with the city centre. There are excellent transportation links within walking distance of Heaps Mill and plenty to see and do.

      Cains Brewery, Ghetto Golf, the Baltic Food Market and Camp and Furnace, among the dozens of eateries and attractions, mean tenants at Heaps Mill will have their hands full in deciding where to eat and relax in the Baltic Triangle.

      All of this has combined to make Heaps Mill one of the most exciting projects for developers and property investors, and already it has proven to be one of the fastest Liverpool investment properties for sale to have interest.

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      Liverpool Investment Guide

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      Liverpool Off-Plan Property – Why Explore Off-Plan Investment Properties For Sale in Liverpool?

      Off-plan property is currently one of the most exciting investment opportunities in Liverpool, thanks to a variety of reasons.

      Due to rising mortgage rates across the country, paying for fully-built buy-to-let properties is becoming more expensive. Buy-to-let mortgage rates are rising rapidly and are becoming out of reach for more and more potential investors.

      This means the extra affordability of off-plan properties is becoming more important than ever, as the cheaper prices and payment plans are available when investing in off-plan means that you can often avoid using a buy-to-let mortgage to invest.

      In addition to this, investing in off-plan often means being able to secure the best units in the development before they are snatched up. This means you can benefit from increased tenant demand, and may even be able to charge more rental income.

      While you will have to wait for construction to be completed on off-plan properties to start earning returns, the money you will save may often make up the difference.

      For these reasons and several more, off-plan Liverpool investment properties for sale are usually popular with savvy investors.

      If you want to get started with investing in an off-plan Liverpool property, contact us today and we’ll guide you through our best available Liverpool investment deals.

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