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Our RWinvest Area Guides have been specially created to give our clients an in depth look at various cities in the UK. Each area guide contains valuable information for property investors, such as average rental yields, population data and capital appreciation forecasts. We look in detail at the history, culture and environment of each destination, and what investors should know about the surrounding area before deciding where to invest.

We also look at what is on the cards for each city in the future, what major plans or redevelopment zones are in place, and what factors will affect future investments. By looking at each area guide, investors can decide which city best suits them and their investment goals, as well as discovering what UK cities can offer. Our buy to let property area guides show investors what they can expect in terms of returns, and which areas in the chosen city are best for property investment. Each area guide looks at everything a property investor needs to know about the designated city or area, which makes these property investment area guides a valuable resource for investors, no matter whether it is their first property investment or their hundredth.

Property investors from overseas who haven’t had the opportunity to visit these UK cities yet can look to the area guides for a general description of an area. With a strong focus on data, facts and statistics, these area guides show what things are really like in the designated city. A good example is with our London investment guide which highlights the main things you should know about when it comes to the London market.

While other, general city guides may be a great resource for tourists or school projects, our specialised property investment guides offer clients the precise information they are looking for. We also shine a light on cities that are growing and developing, which investors may not be currently aware of, allowing potential property investors to be ahead of the game and choose a lucrative property investment in the best area going forward.

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Liverpool Property Investment Guide

Liverpool Property Guide

Our updated Liverpool property investment guide includes some key information on an area that is quickly becoming one of the most popular among investors going forward. Continuing to undergo regeneration, the guide goes into detail on developments such as the Liverpool Waters project, the Ten Streets initiative, and the Better Road scheme.

The Baltic Triangle area in Liverpool, heading the growing technology hub of the city and home to over 150 businesses across creative and digital sectors, is detailed in this guide in its regeneration. A desirable location for the graduating students and young professionals of tomorrow, it’s a great area to consider for prospective investors.

Manchester Property Investment Guide

Manchester Property Guide

Our Manchester property investment guide holds a plethora of useful information on a city that has become both an attractive area for overseas investment, and an increasingly viable northern competitor to London. A major keystone in the Northern Powerhouse Initiative, Manchester boasts low average house prices, high rental yields, and a healthy potential for steady capital growth. For comparison, the average house price in Manchester sits at around £190,000, as opposed to London, which has a much greater average of over £480,000.

Detailed in the guide is the Trafford Waters area, a one-billion-pound regeneration zone. Spanning 63 acres and around 1 million square-foot of shop and office space, the project will create another vibrant community within the city, and thousands of jobs in the process. This is just one of the many contributing factors that make the area promising in terms of investment opportunity.

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