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Birmingham Investment Guide

Want to invest in Birmingham buy-to-let property? Check out this area guide for all the key investment information!

    Is Birmingham A Good Place to Invest In Right Now?

    Birmingham is the second-largest city in the UK and provides a perfect opportunity to invest in property.

    The city ranks as one of the best investment opportunities in Europe.

    It has an economy of £24.8 billion, which is one of the strongest recorded outside of London.

    Therefore, it may come as no surprise that global businesses such as HSBC, Deutsche Bank and PwC are relocating their headquarters to the city.

    While the Covid-19 pandemic has certainly caused some damage to the region’s economic strength, Birmingham’s universal appeal hasn’t faltered to mega businesses.

    Due to the rise in Birmingham’s profile, the city was announced as the new host for the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

    As the largest sporting event for the UK since the 2012 London Olympics, Birmingham took the limelight on a global stage, and as a result, an estimated £750 million was generated to boost its economy.

    Between 500,000 to one million additional visitors were expected to have visited Birmingham over the 11-day sporting event.

    This is why investment property for sale in Birmingham is a hot commodity in 2024.

    Property Investment - Businessman's hand calculating invoice with house model in office

    Birmingham Property Investment

    Europe’s Youngest City

    The population has reached 2.6 million people in the urban area and 984,000 in the city.

    Of this number, nearly 40% are under 25.

    Home to five universities and over 80,000 students, the city is a hub for education.

    Birmingham’s youthfulness and central location are two principal reasons why the city has created more businesses than elsewhere outside the capital.

    One of the Top Cities for House Price Growth

    Development activity and strong incoming investment have resulted in Birmingham being a top destination for house price growth.

    Savills industry-renowned five-year house price forecast has predicted the West Midlands will increase by 24.0% by 2025, which is higher than the national average.

    Increased demands for city-centre living produce a faster rate of increasing house prices.

    Average house prices across the city amount to an average affordable rate of £269,049, according to Rightmove.

    With the average UK house price sitting at a record-high of £283,615, according to Halifax,  properties in Birmingham are typically more affordable than most cities.

    Birmingham is over £400,000 cheaper than the average London property, meaning the city still has immense scope for further growth.

    There are also huge developments happening across the city centre and exciting new regeneration schemes on the outskirts.

    Recently, areas such as Perry Barr and Ladywood have started regeneration projects.

    A Booming Student Market in Birmingham

    With 80,000 students across five Birmingham universities, landlords should look to the city to secure the best investments.

    The ideal target tenant market for landlords is ambitious students wanting housing or excited graduates choosing to reside in the city.

    The turnover of students living in Birmingham and the lack of rentals means that landlords will always have a consistent demand for letting out their property.

    Plus, with the fact that over 40% of students choose to stay living in the city post-study, there are plenty of eager residents looking for housing,

    As the Universities in Birmingham climb the league tables, more prospective students are choosing the city for their studies.

    Therefore, this is an ideal time for landlords to consider a fruitful investment in a prime city-centre location like Birmingham.

    The future of Birmingham is bright and more vibrant than ever; choosing a Birmingham property to add to your UK property portfolio would enhance your knowledge.

    Plus, the population surge means properties in Birmingham are sure to gain capital appreciation over the next decade.

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