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38% of Investors Planning Property Portfolio Expansion

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    Landlords Gear Up for Expansion: How Will It Impact the Buy-to-Let Market?

    A recent survey has revealed that 38% of landlords intend to expand their property portfolios in the next 12 months.

    Let’s see how this affects the buy-to-let property market going forward!

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      UK Property Investment Plans and Priorities Revealed

      Conducted by Lendlord UK, a digital platform for investors and landlords, the survey polled over 200 landlords. The results also revealed that 20% of respondents expect to renovate their properties in the next twelve months, while 42% intend to focus on renting out their existing properties.

      In terms of investment goals, 45% aim to prioritise the enhancement of the value of the properties already in their portfolio over the next year, closely followed by increasing rental income (38%). At the same time, 17% are aiming to diversify their portfolios.

      Regarding how investors plan to finance their endeavours, 40% intend to leverage existing equity in their portfolio, while 35% would consider taking out a new mortgage or loan. Additionally, 25% of investors are open to partnering with others to achieve their property ambitions.

      The survey also revealed some reservations for the property market in 2024. Market fluctuations (42%) rank as the primary concern, closely followed by anxieties regarding regulatory changes (38%). Furthermore, 20% of Lendlord users expressed apprehension regarding property maintenance management.

      In navigating these challenges, many property investors are seeking innovative solutions and strategic approaches to maintain their portfolios effectively.

      Working with a property investment company can help investors navigate the purchasing process, secure solicitors and find a management company to take on the bulk of the maintenance work required.

      Strategies like buying off-plan property can offer greater long-term capital appreciation and more robust rental returns when situated in prime investment areas.

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      Buy-to-Let Market Set for Continued Growth and Expansion

      Looking ahead, the vast majority of respondents (82%) expressed a keen interest in continuing to grow and expand their property portfolios.

      Meanwhile, 13% aimed to concentrate on managing and enhancing their existing portfolio, with only 5% prioritising the achievement of a stable passive income.

      This level of optimism in the market is further reflected in a recent residential forecast by Savills, which states that the UK is expected to see overall capital growth of around 17.9% by 2028, with areas like the North West and the West Midlands predicted to increase by upwards of 20.2% in the same period.

      This indicates a strong inclination towards further investment and strategic portfolio management among investors in the coming years.

      Aviram Shahar, co-founder and CEO at Lendlord, echoed this sentiment: “Despite the wide range of challenges investors are currently facing, there remains a strong appetite among landlords to grow and invest in their portfolios over the next 12 months.

      “There is currently high demand for rental property, which, alongside the potential for both capital appreciation and steady income growth, continues to make buy-to-let investments appealing in the long run.”

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