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09 May, 2019

A Guide to Buying Student Off-Plan Property in Liverpool

    How to Make the Most of Your Student Property Investment in Liverpool

    Both student property and off-plan property investment make excellent options if you’re looking to get started with buy to let. Look towards Liverpool, a city that’s been hailed one of the best UK locations for property investment, and this potential grows even further. To help you find out how to invest in property and generate the best returns, take a look at this guide to off-plan student property investment in Liverpool.

    Student property is widely known as one of the best buy to let investments you can make. Investing in student housing is often more affordable than buying residential property, which makes it the perfect option for first-time investors.

    While these student properties can be affordable, however, this doesn’t mean they can’t generate some attractive returns. Since the student population in the UK is so high in a number of cities, a shortfall of accommodation has allowed rental costs to rise, resulting in some high rental yields for investors. So how do you ensure you’re getting the most out of your student property investment?

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    Getting Started

    Like all property investments, location is key. Certain areas of the UK perform better than others, and Liverpool and Manchester have been leading the way over recent years, with predictions to excel even further in the future.

    Buying Liverpool student rental property is one of the best moves an investor can make if they want to generate the highest yields and the most potential growth, especially if you make your student property investment in Liverpool an off-plan property. To help you invest in student property in Liverpool in the best way, take a look at our top tips for Liverpool off-plan student investments.

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    Steps to Take

    Look at the Area

    While Liverpool as a whole is known for its thriving property market, some parts of the city tend to perform more highly, especially when it comes to student property. You wouldn’t bother investing in a Liverpool property that’s located in a suburban town far away from any universities if you’re targeting students.

    By looking at the neighbourhoods in Liverpool that are in proximity to university campuses, you give yourself a better chance of attracting a constant stream of tenants year after year. Property investment in Liverpool has thrived over the decade with a wealth of regeneration and investment in the heart of the city centre, which makes it a very exciting time to be investing in off-plan property in Liverpool.

    Some postcodes in Liverpool are also able to bring in better rental yields than others, and conveniently, many of these are in popular student areas. The Liverpool postcodes with the best yields include L6, L1, L3 and L5. The L5 postcode is the location of our latest student development, City Point, where the £150 million regeneration scheme Project Jennifer is based.

    This Liverpool student property investment opportunity is just a ten-minute walk away from Liverpool John Moores University and a 20-minute walk to the University of Liverpool, along with being close to the city centre’s main attractions.

    Looking at the prospects for capital growth is also important when selecting your student accommodation investment opportunity. Liverpool has one of the best rates of house price growth in the country, and the chances of capital growth are increased when investing in a thriving regeneration zone. Our City Point property, since located within the Project Jennifer area, is expected to grow in value due to the ongoing regeneration in this neighbourhood.

    Consider Your Target Tenant

    Your target tenant is undeniably going to be a student if you’re seeking a student property investment for sale in Liverpool. Since students can vary in the things they’re interested in, however, it’s important to still keep your target tenant in mind when selecting your investment.

    Liverpool has a student population of over 70,000, and a growing number of these are international students. If you’re investing in more luxury accommodation, you may find that you attract a lot of demand from more wealthy overseas students, who are more willing to pay extra for high-quality apartments.

    Even those students who aren’t prepared to pay luxury prices for the most extravagant properties are more interested in renting accommodation with more high-quality features. Years ago, students had little choice when it came to accommodation, with most settling for old and worn-out shared student houses.

    The majority of students nowadays are more keen to live in new build properties with amenities like high-speed internet and modern kitchens and furnishings, making off-plan properties a great student property investment in Liverpool.

    Off-plan investments also have the added benefit of being offered at below-market rates and having a better chance of capital growth, which is why if you buy off-plan property, you’re able to attract your target tenants while also helping your investment.

    Expand Your Portfolio

    Once you’ve found the perfect investment property for sale in Liverpool and made your first student off-plan investment, you should think about expanding your property portfolio. Having a portfolio filled with a variety of investments can help you minimise risk, especially if one property isn’t performing as well as another.

    Consider spreading your investments out by investing in an off-plan student property in a different area of Liverpool. Different postcodes will offer varying potential, so it could be a good idea to look at diversifying your portfolio further down the line.

    To make your property portfolio truly diverse, think about purchasing a residential property to add to your investments. Residential off-plan properties in Liverpool and Manchester can offer you excellent returns and prospects, most of which will appeal to a different target market of young professionals.

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    Interested in Buying Off-Plan Property?

    Are you interested in making your perfect Liverpool student property investment? Give us a call or get in touch today. Our property experts are more than happy to talk you through buying Liverpool student rental property and advise you on the best options for you.

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