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What Are the Benefits of New-Build Investment in 2024?

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    New Homes Week: The Advantages of New-Build Property Investment in 2024

    New-build property investment allows property investors to expand their portfolio, acquiring an asset in an advantageous location with numerous benefits.

    The 26th of February to the 3rd of March is New Homes Week in the UK – a week dedicated to spreading awareness about the advantages of new-build accommodation.

    Today, we look at some benefits of purchasing new-build apartments in 2024.

    Read on for more information on why new-build homes could be one of the best investments for 2024.

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      A hand turning a knob which indicates the rating of EPC

      Energy Efficiency

      Buyers and tenants are keen to find properties with good EPC ratings. After all, these types of homes will help you save money on your energy bills.

      According to an OVO survey, 66% of future homebuyers seek houses prioritising energy efficiency. If you are looking for UK buy-to-let opportunities, this is something you may be considering yourself.

      New-build properties can be four times as energy-efficient as existing homes, utilising energy-saving materials and technology, such as heat pumps, triple-glazed windows and smart meters.

      As a property investor, a new-build property will likely appeal to a broader demographic. In addition, properties keep their EPC rating for ten years.

      While the Government has reneged on EPC regulations, buying a new build with a good rating ensures that you’ll be covered if those rules come to fruition further down the line. As a reminder, the Government originally wanted all newly rented properties to have an EPC rating of ‘C’ or above by 2025, while all pre-existing rented accommodations would need to meet that rating by 2028.

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      Design Opportunities

      While many investors enjoy buying a fixer-upper and overseeing renovations, new-builds offer a much more convenient way to implement your design ideas, particularly if you purchase off-plan.

      When you purchase a UK off-plan property, you can typically tour a showcase property within the development to inspect the interior design. You might get the chance to personalise your design preferences, such as selecting flooring and kitchen surfaces. This guarantees that your home is tailored to your specific requirements and preferences.

      Additionally, developers often provide various furniture packages to help you kickstart furnishing your new home.

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      Advantageous Location

      Developers spend a lot of time analysing areas in which to build homes, looking at various factors to ensure those homes appeal to the right buyers and tenants. After all, investors should be looking for the best place to invest in property to provide the best returns.

      They look at proximity to amenities, public transport, local schools, regeneration potential, and capital growth forecasts to ensure these homes maintain value over time.

      When you purchase a new-build property, the developer has already performed due diligence. While investors should always conduct their own market research, new-builds tend to be in areas with good rental yield potential and will appeal to a broad spectrum of prospective tenants.

      A recent Shawbrook Bank study showed that more than 27% of landlords view urban flats as a lucrative investment as more people return to office work in city centres. Many developers construct new builds in the city centre due to the proximity to job opportunities, particularly in cities with strong economies and good-value properties such as Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow.

      As such, property investment opportunities in these areas should be considered to appeal to workers looking for a conveniently located home from which to commute to work.

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        Should You Add a New-Build Property to Your Portfolio?

        In conclusion, new-build properties present a compelling opportunity for property investors who are building a property portfolio.

        New Homes Week in the UK emphasises the advantages of such investments, focusing on energy efficiency, design flexibility, and advantageous locations.

        The energy-efficient nature of new builds not only aligns with current buyer and tenant preferences but also offers long-term benefits, such as capital appreciation and solid rental yields. Take the available new builds Manchester has to offer or the latest property investment in Nottingham which all seem to follow the energy-efficient philosophy.

        Moreover, the convenience of implementing design ideas and the strategic locations chosen by developers further enhance the appeal of integrating new-build properties into one’s investment portfolio in 2024.

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