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More and more women are beginning to make their mark on the business world. At one point in time, very few women had the same financial goals as men, but research by HSBC in 2016 recorded that more than half of all business owners below the age of 35 were female. Figures like these paint a very promising picture when it comes to women in business, but what about the number of females choosing to invest their money?

Property investment is one of the most popular investment types in the UK. Unlike other forms of investment like stocks or bonds, property can often come with less risk. Those investing in the UK property market can benefit from some lucrative returns, provided they do the right research. When investing in UK property hotspots like Liverpool or Manchester, property investors will find the best potential when it comes to things like rental yields. Liverpool and Manchester property investment opportunities at RW Invest have yields as high as 7 and 8%, high levels of demand, and more.

Recently, more women than ever before have developed an interest in property investment. With an estimated 1.1 million female landlords across the UK, women in the property industry are becoming a lot more prevalent. During the end of 2018, the team here at RW Invest had noticed a significant rise in both the number of female investors and the number of women displaying an interest in buy to let investment. To find out more, we conducted some research to discover just how significant this rise in investing for women had become. From our study, we found that there had been a 172% year on year increase in the number of women searching online for UK property investment opportunities, with more than 16,416 women in 2018 having searched for property investments. Among those seeking out investment opportunities, many women then went on to make an investment during the end of 2018, with the number of female investors having increased by 78% between September and October.

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So why are so many women choosing to take the leap into property investment? Women today are now a lot more financially focused than generations of women before them. Through a rewarding career and smart money management, women everywhere are taking control of their finances and giving themselves better financial independence — investing is simply another way to boost their income further. For many, investing could also be a way to bridge the gap between men and women’s earnings. The gender pay gap is still an issue in many UK workplaces. A whole 78% of companies in Great Britain reportedly pay men more, which means that investing for women could be a way to earn the same amount or more than their male counterparts. When done successfully and with the right know-how, property investment can sometimes turn into a full-time career. Women interested in a career change could find that becoming a full-time landlord gives them a rewarding, lucrative career with more freedom than they’d find in other roles. Since buy to let investment also requires a variety of skills, female professionals benefit from learning new skills or building upon existing strengths such as communication, market research, and financial planning.

Generational factors have influenced this shift in women’s attitudes towards investing. Millennial women (those born somewhere between the early 1980s to the mid-1990s) are reportedly working more and earning more money than ever before. Through our own research, we found that the biggest rise in enquiries into UK property per demographic was by women aged between 25 to 34. It isn’t just UK women that are becoming interested in property, as there has also been an increase in the number of enquiries from females in China, the United Arab Emirates, and other overseas areas. Young females from around the world are setting a strong example for younger generations to come and changing people’s attitudes towards investing for women.

To get some first-hand knowledge on the subject of female investors, we spoke to our senior property investment consultant, Esther Morgan:

“Having been involved in the property industry for over 20 years, I have detected a very definite shift when it comes to the percentage of enquires from women. Women are taking their futures and destinies into their own hands, now more than ever, and becoming far savvier in the world of financial freedom and independence”.

Women in the property industry are recognising the potential behind buy to let investments, especially in the UK. With UK cities like Manchester and Liverpool boasting some attractive opportunities for investors, investing in UK property can be an incredibly lucrative venture. Properties at RW Invest can provide women property investors UK opportunities with high yields, strong demand, and in areas with a lot of potential for capital growth. If you’re interested in joining this growing number of women in property, contact us today, and our property experts will be more than happy to advise you on the best route to take.

Women Property Investors UK
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