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Battersea Buy-to-Let Guide

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    Everything You Need to Know About Battersea Buy-to-Let

    Battersea is probably most famous for landmarks like Battersea Power Station and Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. But this rapidly developing riverside gem has also become a property hotspot in recent years.

    On the banks of the River Thames, the district is located in the London Borough of Wandsworth in southwest London, making it well-connected for those who work in The City or other parts of London.

    So, how does Battersea’s power compare to other UK areas when it comes to buy-to-let property investment? Find out in this buy-to-let guide to Battersea!

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      Buy-to-Let Property Prices in Battersea

      According to Rightmove, the average price of a property sold in Battersea over the last year was £1,123,576. As a sought-after London area, it’s not surprising that Battersea has an average property price of over £1 million, but property investors should take note that this is much more expensive than the average UK house price of £281,913, as stated by the UK House Price Index.

      The average sold price is 4% down on the previous year and 3% up on the 2020 peak. This subdued growth is characteristic of 2023, which was described as a challenging year for the UK property market.

      But is this stunted growth set to continue in the Battersea property market? According to Savills, the UK market overall is set to return to healthy growth in the next few years, and London is predicted to grow by 13.9% leading up to 2028.

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      Buy-to-Let Rental Market in Battersea

      According to, the average monthly rent for a property in Battersea is £2,956. This is much more expensive than the UK average of £1262 as per the HomeLet Rental Index. London is generally a pricey city for rent, but Battersea is also over the London average of £2517 (

      The BBC reported in 2023 that rents in Wandsworth jumped by 15% in one year, showing massive growth in the rental market. The biggest cause of increasing rental costs in the UK currently is the ongoing supply-demand imbalance in the private rental sector.

      London is home to several world-class universities, and nearby institutes such as King’s College London mean that Battersea is a viable location for investors targeting student renters.

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      Investment Properties for Sale in Battersea

      There’s a wide range of properties on offer in the Battersea district. One of the most common houses in the area is Victorian terraced housing built in the late 1800s. Many of these houses have been converted into separate apartments. Plenty of new developments exist, including luxury apartments for those who are into more contemporary living. But these newly-built properties can be exceptionally pricey thanks to the in-demand location and high-quality amenities.

      According to Rightmove, the majority of sales around Battersea during the last year were flats, selling for an average price of £815,000—terraced properties sold for an average of £1,853,946, with semi-detached properties fetching £3,291,008.

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        Buy-to-Let Investment in Battersea: Area Breakdown

        Battersea is located on the south bank of the River Thames. The areas around attractions such as Battersea Power Station and Battersea Park are in-demand residential districts. Two large neighbourhoods included in the larger Battersea area are Clapham Junction, which is the central part of Battersea, and Nine Elms to the east of Battersea Park.

        Battersea Power Station

        Average Property Prices in Battersea Power Station

        The average property price in this area is £928,847.

        Average Rental Yield in Battersea Power Station

        The average rental yield in this area is 6.17%.

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          Clapham Junction

          Average Property Prices in Clapham Junction

          The average property price in this area is £928,015.

          Average Rental Yield in Clapham Junction

          The average rental yield in this area is 5.66%.

          Nine Elms

          Average Property Prices in Nine Elms

          The average property price in this area is £896,549.

          Average Rental Yield in Nine Elms

          The average rental yield in this area is 5.75%.

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            Battersea Park

            Average Property Prices in Battersea Park

            The average property price in this area is £1,140,414.

            Average Rental Yield in Battersea Park

            The average rental yield in this area is 4.31%.

            (Average property prices were taken from Rightmove in early 2024; rental yield estimates were calculated with figures from in the same period)

            What is the Best Area of Battersea to Invest in?

            All parts of Battersea have expensive property prices, but in particular, the area around Battersea Park is especially sought-after as a residential district, which is reflected in the high cost. Out of the places we looked at, the property surrounding the Battersea Power Station had the highest yield.

            Despite the high property prices, decent yields can be achieved in Battersea due to the expensive average rent. However, overall, average yields in this area are not that high compared to some other regions.

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              Why You Should Consider a Buy-to-Let Investment in Battersea

              Transport Links

              Battersea is located in Transport for London’s Zone 2, centrally within London and exceptionally well connected. It boasts three train stations – Clapham Junction, Battersea Park, and Queenstown Road. Journey times to Oxford Circus and Euston Station are approximately 20 and 25 minutes by train, respectively.

              The area is also officially designated as a cycle-friendly zone, further enhancing its accessibility and promoting sustainable transportation options.


              Battersea is known for its green spaces, such as the 200-acre Battersea Park, Shillington Gardens, and York Gardens.

              According to a report in The Times, residents of Wandsworth are some of the happiest in the country due to the wealth of heritage sites across the borough. The study initially came from Historic England, concluding that living near parks, buildings, and monuments of historic interest makes for a happier community. Wandsworth topped the national league table for heritage-related happiness.

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              Battersea Power Station Property Development

              History of Battersea Power Station

              Battersea has undergone considerable development in recent years. This includes the massive revamp of the iconic Battersea Power Station, a vibrant, mixed-use development including flats, retail units, and commercial spaces while retaining the building’s distinctive art deco character.

              The Grade II listed landmark was once a fully functional power station that supplied a fifth of London’s electricity. It was decommissioned between 1975 and 1983 and left derelict for decades while various development plans were put forward and ultimately fell through or were rejected.

              After redevelopment work started in 2013, there were partial openings in 2019, and residents began moving into their units in 2021.

              There was a grand opening in 2022, but this development is ongoing while Wandsworth Council continues targeting the broader area for regeneration projects. When the development is complete, 25,000 people will reside in and around Battersea Power Station, creating one of London’s largest office, retail, leisure, and cultural quarters.

              Apartments in the Battersea Power Station Area

              The Battersea Power Station area has become the borough’s regeneration success story, with demand ramping up for apartments and flats in the district.

              This is due to the many young professionals interested in the area who are more likely to rent long-term and choose flats over houses because of price limitations and the luxury amenities in many of the new-build developments around the Battersea Power Station and the wider Thames-side area.

              This is also thanks to students, who will often go for flats in purpose-built student accommodation that can be found in Battersea.

              However, for investors exploring apartments in this area, it’s worth noting that these flats are generally more expensive than the average UK property. Better value can be found elsewhere, especially in the North of England, where a luxury apartment in a major city can be acquired for a fraction of the price of a Battersea flat.

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                New builds

                Battersea New-Builds

                As a sought-after part of London, Battersea and the surrounding neighbourhoods are popular spots for new-build developments. Developers will often target these areas for their projects due to the high demand in the London rental market and the historical stability of the London property market.

                In particular, many of these newly built properties are luxury flats in the Battersea Power Station area, targeting young professionals working in London.

                However, new-build developments typically come with a premium compared to older properties, and as London is already a pricey area, investors can expect luxury price tags on new-builds in Battersea.

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                  Off-Plan Property in Battersea

                  As a coveted residential area, off-plan opportunities are common in Battersea and the surrounding areas. But even with the possibility of a discounted price gained through choosing the off-plan route, buy-to-let properties for sale in London are still much more expensive than in other UK regions, especially when it comes to luxurious new developments found in London.

                  Investors looking for a better deal could explore off-plan property in Bexley and other more affordable parts of London. If you’re willing to look further afield, off-plan opportunities in different regions, such as the North West, are much cheaper than those in Battersea. In particular, developers often target Manchester and Liverpool by offering off-plan investment routes.

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                  London Crossroads

                  How Does Battersea Compare to Other UK Regions When it Comes to Buy-to-Let?

                  Battersea is a popular area to live in, and as an area of London which is fast growing in demand and capital value, it’s a tempting investment opportunity. However, it’s a costly area for property when compared to the rest of the UK.

                  The average property in Battersea goes for over £1 million, but cities in the North of England are typically much more affordable and have more promising rental yields to boot. For example, Zoopla states that Liverpool is one of the UK’s top cities for buy-to-let due to its high potential yield. The property portal calculated that with the average price of a buy-to-let property in the city being £128,905 and the average monthly rent standing at £798, the gross average rental yield comes out at 7.43%. They also note Liverpool’s excellent employment prospects and large student population as reasons for property investors to consider the city one of the best options for buy-to-let.

                  Battersea has grown very fast, but London’s projected growth in capital value, expressed as a percentage, is less than the overall UK average. Comparatively, regions such as the North West are predicted to experience much higher growth, as Savills forecast a mainstream capital value increase of 20.2% for this part of the country by 2028.

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                    Want to Invest in Battersea?

                    Battersea is a district of London that is on the rise and continues to attract interest due to its fast-paced growth and attractive property.

                    But overall, Battersea is too expensive to be a viable and lucrative option for the average property investor. Other parts of the UK, especially those outside of London, have much better property deals and higher rental yields on average.

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