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Poole Buy-to-Let Guide

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    Everything You Need to Know About Poole Buy-to-Let Investment

    Poole is a stunning part of the United Kingdom, attracting wealthy people looking for beachside homes and idyllic views. The area is part of the Dorset county and sits on the Jurassic Coast, which draws tourists from all over the UK and further afield.

    Is this the kind of place that offers good buy-to-let investments? Well, that depends on your budget. Poole property prices are exceedingly high. We’ll be covering those prices and the current rental market in the southern town. We’ll also compare the area with some buy-to-let hotspots in the UK.

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      Poole Aerial View

      Buy-to-Let Property Prices in Poole

      As we’ve just mentioned, Poole property prices are some of the most extravagant in the UK.

      The town is often included in the same breath as Bournemouth and Christchurch. Together, they are known as the BCP. Average property prices here are £336,041 per HM Land Registry UK House Price Index.

      In comparison, the national average property price sits at £289,824 on that index.

      However, if we look at Poole alone, Rightmove puts the average property price at £462,136.

      However, Poole is still cheaper than Oxford, Cambridge, London and a smattering of other cities in the UK.

      In July 2023, the Land Registry documented a -1.80% price decline in this area, indicating Poole prices are depreciating faster than many other places in the country.

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      Buy-to-Let Rental Market in Poole puts Poole’s average rent at £1,770 PCM. Meanwhile, the Homelet Rental Index puts the UK average rent at £1,261 PCM. Therefore, Poole’s average rent is 33.6% more expensive.

      Let’s look at Poole’s expected rental income by property type.

      Home puts the average room rental cost in Poole at £675 PCM. Flats will cost £1,450 PCM on average. Houses command the most expensive rent at £2,176 PCM.

      In addition, the South West recorded an annual rental growth of 6.0%. While this follows the trend of UK rents increasing with tenancy demand, it falls short of the national average of 10.30%.

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        Investment Properties for Sale in Poole

        Various types of properties are on offer in Poole, including flats and detached and semi-detached properties. As mentioned, properties here often fetch a higher price than most other regions in the UK, meaning that investors might find greater affordability elsewhere.

        According to Rightmove, properties in Poole saw an overall average price of around £434.403 over the last 12 months. Most of these sales were detached properties, which sold for an average of £628,594, followed by semi-detached properties at £342,192. Flats had the lowest average but were still relatively costly compared to the rest of the country, fetching a price of £297,767.

        In the past year, sold prices in Poole experienced a 4% drop compared to the previous year but were 3% higher than the 2021 peak of £420,464.

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        Buy-to-Let Investment in Poole: Area Breakdown

        Lower Parkstone, Lilliput and Branksome Park

        This is one of the most affluent areas in Poole. Here, you can find golf clubs and a thriving bed and breakfast market – excellent if considering a short-term lettings strategy. The area is home to tree-filled neighbourhoods and large properties.

        Numerous development projects in the area have turned Lower Parkstone into a place where you’ll find mansions and multi-million-pound properties. These may be out of your price range. However, the area attracts retirees, people looking for a family home and wealthy entrepreneurs. If you are an investor with serious capital backing up your plans, you may find a property that serves as the crown jewel in your portfolio. It is well worth considering looking for a student accommodation investment for sale in the Poole region.

        In addition, the area offers good local amenities and the Wesbourne and Ashley Cross shopping centres, so it attracts people looking for handy local retail therapy.

        Average Property Prices in Lower Parkstone and Branksome Park

        The average property price in this part of Poole is £574,547.

        Average Rental Yields in Lower Parkstone and Branksome Park

        Yields sit around 3.2% in this area.

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          Poole Town Event

          Poole, Poole Harbour, Poole Quay and Poole Park

          The Poole town centre grew in prominence between the 1500s and 1800s. The town served as a trading port to the New World before becoming an essential link between the UK, Europe and Canada.

          Nowadays, Poole’s town centre is a working port and home of Sunseeker – a luxury yacht company. The area is well-preserved and boasts plenty of eateries and bars. This part of Poole is popular with professionals and families. People enjoy numerous events and activities throughout the year in Poole Quay.

          In addition, the centre is only a few minutes from the beautiful surrounding woodland. Poole Park offers 110 acres of lovely parkland and gardens.

          Investors can buy period houses, flats and new properties here. There are some outstanding Luxury hotels in the Poole region to consider, too.

          Good-value properties may be available in the Hamworthy and Oakdale areas. Parkstone Road also has many desirable detached and semi-detached houses close to green spaces and the harbour.

          Average Property Prices in Poole and Poole Park

          Properties in this area cost £340,016 on average.

          Average Rental Yields in Poole and Poole Park

          Expect average yields of 5.3% in this area.

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          Canford Cliffs and Sandbanks

          Canford Cliffs and Sandbanks serve as one of the more affluent local neighbourhoods. Sandbanks is a peninsular with stunning views of the harbour. It boasts the fourth-highest land value out of any place in the world.

          These areas are home to footballers, filmmakers and other influential people. They offer white beaches, water sports activities and luxurious hotels. This makes Sandbacks an excellent place for tourism. Therefore, short-term rentals should be the aim of the game if you have the money to buy property here.

          Average Property Prices in Canford Cliffs and Sandbanks

          Property valuations in Canford Cliffs average £858,071. Sandbanks’ average prices are well over £1 million.

          Average Rental Yields in Canford Cliffs and Sandbanks

          Rental yields in this part of town are around 2.1%.

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            Canford Heath and Creekmoor

            While Canford Heath and Creekmore are still expensive compared to the rest of the UK, they are one of the more affordable places to live in Poole.

            They offer good access to Poole town centre and other northern parts of town. They also lead onto the A35 and A350 roads to help commuters get to other places in the region.

            Average Property Prices in Canford Heath and Creekmore

            Property prices in Canford Heath are £355,823 on average.

            Average Rental Yields in Canford Heath and Creekmore

            Average rental yields in this area are 4.3%.

            (Averages house prices taken from Zoopla, rental yield estimate calculated with figures from,


            Why You Should Consider a Buy-to-Let Investment in Poole

            Transport Links

            Poole has decent rail and road links to other towns and southern parts of England. For instance, you can get to London Waterloo from Poole, Hamworthy and Parkstone train stations in approximately two hours.

            Poole is also an important port connecting the UK to France and the Channel Islands. Commuters can travel by ferry to Cherbourg, St. Malo, Guernsey and Jersey.

            Tourist Economy

            The Jurassic Coast attracts around five million tourists yearly, promising potential fossil finds – not to mention stunning beaches and seaside living. The tourism economy provides plenty of jobs in the area, which means there is a market for long-term lets for workers. In addition, short-term lets may also be an option, especially around the harbour and Sandbanks, where nightly fees are at their highest.

            Long-Term Regeneration Prospects

            BCP Council has a 20-year plan to regenerate the Poole town centre. The area will be upscaled as a more sustainable and vibrant place. The plans will incorporate Poole’s history with innovation and creativity. This will usher in more housing developments close to the centre – perfect for buy-to-let investments with substantial rental income possibilities.

            Typically, the best real estate investments will come from a combination of these qualities, so investors should keep an eye out for them no matter which area they invest in.

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            modern apartment building in city. front exterior of newly built apartment block with balconies. city living in the UK

            Poole New-Builds

            New-build properties have recently seen increased popularity within the UK rental market, generating considerable interest from both landlords and tenants alike.

            As these are newer developments, most require almost zero maintenance work, meaning a faster turnaround for tenants to move in and for investors to start seeing rental returns.

            Many new-build developments are also beginning to incorporate the latest eco-technology to address the current environmental concerns. Using technology like solar panels and air source heat pumps, tenants and landlords can significantly reduce energy bills by generating their own electricity.

            The Poole Local Plan is a new strategy that aims to deliver new homes, jobs and infrastructure to Poole.  In November 2023, the council submitted three separate applications across the Waterloo estate and Hamworthy to construct up to 11 new homes.

            Looking at recent market trends (particularly the ongoing cost-of-living crisis and increased eco-awareness), investing in new-builds could be a strong option in 2024.

            However, while some new-build opportunities exist in Poole, investors could see a wider variety in other cities, such as Liverpool or Manchester.

            Read More:  Discover more about this investment trend with our recent buy-to-let guides, covering everything from new-builds in Grimbsy to the latest UK hotspots!

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              Off-Plan Property in Poole

              New-build investment can produce a steady stream of interest from tenants and landlords but often comes at a considerably higher cost compared to standard residential properties.

              Off-plan property investment is one method of gaining affordability from a new-build property.

              Investing in off-plan involves purchasing a property before it has been built, which typically means that investors can secure developments at a lower price than usual market values.

              By getting involved with a property early into construction, capital appreciation can increase substantially as the development gets closer to completion.

              There is also strong rental demand available, which could see considerable rental yields in the future.

              The best off-plan areas can usually be found in up-and-coming areas, especially those with higher levels of regeneration and population numbers.

              While there is some potential for off-plan investment within the Poole rental market, it may be more profitable for investors to seek UK cities with more concentrated levels of new-build developments.

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                How Does Poole Compare to Other UK Regions When It Comes to Buy-to-Let?

                While Poole is a beautiful place to live and desirable for many tenants, the property prices are enough to put off a lot of buy-to-let investors.

                As an investor, you’ll want to find properties with good value and high yields. Yields in Poole are quite low, while property prices are much higher than in many other places in the UK.

                While the tourism economy attracts millions of people, it pales compared to other places.

                If you look further north to somewhere like Liverpool, you’ll find a perfect storm of good value properties, rental yields and a tourist economy.

                The city has an average property price below £180,000 (per the Land Registry UK House Price Index), making the area around £150,000 cheaper on average than Poole. Many terraced houses and apartments in Liverpool can be bought for prices well below the city’s average.

                In addition, yields are 7.77% on average. However, some areas offer even better yields. Finally, Liverpool welcomed 71.7 million visitors in 2022, meaning the short-term rental market is much more lucrative.

                For example, Crosby offers a similar seaside vibe to Poole and was voted one of the best places to live by The Times. In this area of Liverpool, you’ll find developments with one or multi-bedroom flats that are perfect for short-term lets.

                If you’re looking for a property market set to burst into life, you’ll want to get in on the ground floor with apartments in Liverpool or consider Manchester property investments.

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