Halo Manchester Bedroom

Halo Construction Updates

Halo Construction Update – November 2017

Halo Construction Update – January 2018

Halo Construction Update – February 2018

Halo Construction Update – March 2018

Halo Construction Update – May 2018

Halo Construction Update – July 2018

Halo Construction Update – October 2018

Halo Construction Update – January 2019

Halo Construction Update – March 2019

Halo Construction Update – April 2019

Halo Development Progress

Halo Apartments are ideally located in Manchester city centre, close to Victoria train station. This modern development includes 66 one, two and three-bedroom apartments with 412 parking spaces also available. These high-quality apartments are due for completion in December 2018 and they start from £165,000 with a 6% NET rental return. With modern design, large windows and views across Manchester city centre, they are perfect for young professionals. Halo Apartments offer investors a chance to be a part of Manchester’s impressive growth and thriving economy, where the need for high quality rental accommodation is prevalent across the city. Read the latest Halo Construction Update to find out about this development’s progress.

Manchester – The Place To Be

Manchester was recently named the most liveable city in the UK by The Economist’s Global Liveability Index for 2018. It saw off competition from the likes of London, Washington DC and Reykjavik.

It is no accident that Manchester is considered such an attractive place to live, work and study. The city, now seen as the UK’s ‘second city’ after London, is amid a resurgence and economic boom that has really put it on the world map.

As a key cog in the Northern Powerhouse machine, Manchester has experienced massive population growth, extensive regeneration projects and an increase in the numbers of young professionals, graduates and students; the demographics that comprise the majority of what we know as ‘Generation Rent’.

Buy to let investors in Manchester will find high demand for their properties from such people, such is the clamour to live in Manchester city centre.

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