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Overseas Investors Guide for UK Property

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    The UK Overseas Investment Market

    The UK property market presents some of the best opportunities for both UK and overseas investors.

    Boasting one of the world’s largest economies and a high performing property market in a number of key cities, it comes as no surprise that so many people are drawn to the UK market.

    In our overseas investors guide, you’ll find detailed information on the current appeal of overseas investment in the UK. Here’s a look at three points covered in this guide.

    Huge Rental Income Available

    Maximum rental income on Liverpool superior 2-bedroom apartment just 2 minutes from Liverpool One.

      Property buyers are taking home keys from sellers. Buying a property for investment purposes.

      UK Property for Overseas Investors

      The Best UK Property Types

      Certain property types are more popular for buy-to-let investments in the UK.

      Residential and student properties are the most common and present a wide range of benefits for overseas investors to consider.

      For investors looking to get started with the UK market but want to find opportunities with the lowest prices, off-plan property investment is worth looking into.

      Off-plan properties are offered at below-market rates by developers and also come with other benefits that can help you with your venture.

      The Top-Performing UK Cities

      Many cities in the UK offer some fantastic opportunities for investment and are attracting a lot of attention from overseas buyers.

      Those in the North West region, including Liverpool and Manchester, have some of the best house price growth in recent years with predictions for further impressive growth.

      Rental yields are also high in these cities, with a number of Liverpool postcodes topping the scoreboard for UK property investment prospects.

      With rental demand also progressively high throughout the UK, overseas investors have a lot to gain when going forward with a UK buy-to-let venture.

      Perhaps key in this guide is the predictions for the future. Looking at the latest market predictions from Savills, we show investors the potential cities that could be considered the best places to invest in property UK 2023 and beyond.

      The Ease of Overseas Investment

      Aside from the potential for an impressive return on investment, another major benefit and appealing factor of overseas investment lies in the ease of buying a property in the UK compared to a lot of other countries.

      After seeking the help and advice of a property professional, overseas investors will be guided through the purchasing process and offered assistance with things like taxes and buy-to-let mortgages if needed.

      If you opt for a hands-off investment like those at RWinvest, you’ll also find it a lot easier to manage your investment from overseas, and won’t have to worry about any landlord responsibilities.

      Download Our Overseas Property Investment Guide

      If you want to find out more about overseas investment in the UK and the benefits it can bring, and read answers to some commonly asked questions, be sure to scroll to the top of this page and fill in your details to download our interactive overseas investor guide.

      For direct help and advice with your overseas investment, please contact our office for a chat with one of our property professionals.

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