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We at RW Invest offer some of the most promising opportunities for investment in both student accommodation and residential property for sale in the UK. Having sold country-wide, the two areas with the most fruitful successes have proven to be Liverpool and Manchester, set to enjoy both the highest average rental and house price growth rates post-Brexit.

For those looking for buy to let advice on residential properties, here are some of the best areas for buy to let UK property investment along with a selection of some of our top types of property to make your property searches a little easier.

What is a good yield on a rental property UK?

If you’re a new investor, you might have heard a lot about rental yields. Rental yields are a percentage that relates to the kind of returns you can expect from your investment, and make up an important part of the UK property market. But what is a good yield on a rental property in the UK? Well, typically, a good yield is considered around 6% or above, and many of the postcodes in the Liverpool and Manchester areas achieve this.

Currently, Liverpool is an investment location that has an above average rental yield of 5.05%, with Manchester reaching 5.55%. By comparison, London currently sits at just above 3.05%. This makes Liverpool and Manchester some of the best areas when you want to find a UK investment property that offers the best rental returns.  When you need advice on investing in property for beginners, considering the best area to invest in is a good step. This way, you can improve your chances of making the best returns and financial gain moving forward.

Best Yields UK

Capital growth in your buy to let property investment UK

Another critical factor to consider is the potential your property might have for capital growth (often also referred to as capital appreciation)- over time. This is the amount your property value is set to increase by and is affected by the popularity of your UK property market area.

To future-proof an investment, every property investor should think about the most lucrative buy to let property investment UK areas. This will give you both the highest possible capital growth and net rental yield to improve your rental income. UK house prices are also growing at a significant rate in the two north west cities, Liverpool and Manchester, creating a good opportunity to acquire a strong level of capital appreciation.

Did you know? Even while the amount of active housing developments in the UK has reached numbers more significant than ever before, this total is still far outweighed by the demand from those in need of housing. The investment property UK market is in no way oversaturated, and so there has never been a better time to expand your property portfolio by investing in the UK.

What does Brexit mean for an investment property for sale in the UK?

Despite Brexit trepidation, our forecasts still show promising signs for the future, and the Investment property UK market is set to prosper in the face of uncertainty. It is estimated that both the national average for house price growth and rental yield will improve by 12.6%. Again, Liverpool and Manchester’s estimates come in ahead of the pack, with a 16.5% house price growth estimate, and a 17.6% improvement for rental growth.

Property portfolio for sale Manchester

One of the core cities in the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ scheme, Manchester’s vast amount of investment properties available make it an excellent choice to expand your portfolio. Beating out London as one of the most ‘liveable’ cities in the world, the area offers plentiful job opportunity, culture, and history, with an electric atmosphere and attractive nightlife for young people.

As more and more people begin to divert their gaze away from the buy to let UK capital in favour of thriving northern areas, investors and beginners looking to expand their property portfolio should do the same, as these cities won’t wait for you to invest in their popular residential offerings.

City-centre living has increased by 149% in Manchester since the beginning of the 21st century, and so residential accommodation with access to amenities should be a priority. With a plentiful property portfolio for sale, along with affordable housing prices, Manchester is one of our key areas.

Manchester Investment Property
Manchester Investment Property
Manchester Investment Property
Manchester Investment Property
Manchester Investment Property
Manchester Investment Property

Local Blackfriars – Prices from £180,000

Another RW Invest-exclusive residential buy to let property investment UK opportunity, the Local Blackfriars apartments offer three major incentives for you as an investor looking to improve your property portfolio. These properties feature a desirable city-centre location, a Q2 2019 completion date, and an affordable required deposit, at only 15%.

Hollywood Manchester – Prices from £97,500

A desirable residential investment property for sale for those wanting to pursue a career in the media industry, MediaCityUK business park holds home to our Hollywood Manchester luxury apartments. Accessible links to the nearby university and train station, alongside premium furnishings and sustainable, eco-friendly energy solutions make this a desirable residential location for the young professional who wants to find property to rent which is close to the areas major business opportunities. With affordable prices and an impressive 8% net rental return, this is undoubtedly a star buy to let property for sale that lives up to the Hollywood name.

Bridgewater Wharf – Prices from £134,995

Our Bridgewater Wharf investment opportunities, with private terraces and fantastic river views of the Salford Quays Waterfront, offer a perfect middle ground between the above two offerings. Also, there is both accessible links to MediaCityUK (in the midst of its £1 billion regeneration project) and the city centre. A projected rental return of up to 6% makes this an area worth looking towards if excited about Manchester’s future and looking to buy investment property in the UK.

Machester RW Properties
manchester RW Propertiers

An area continuously developing to accommodate demand, Liverpool, in its vast amount of off-plan developments, offers perhaps the best opportunity at capital growth in the country. High rental yields, increasing UK house prices, and plenty of demand, have made Liverpool one of the best spots for an investment in UK property.

The fact that Liverpool boasts some of the highest average yields means you should consider this area for investing if you want to make a faster income than by other more traditional means. The fact that our Liverpool developments are an off-plan property type increases your chances of success even further. By garnering early access to an area while still in the planning stages, often also at a reduced cost, your property could increase in value before the keys have been handed over to the tenant. This is an exciting prospect for the buy to let cash buyer searching for the ideal property investment opportunity.

One Baltic Square – Prices from £121,950

A thriving hub of business opportunities, Liverpool’s technology sector, primarily centred in clusters around the once-abandoned warehouses of the Baltic Triangle, is one of the primary driving forces of the city’s economy going forward.

The Baltic Triangle area has also been deemed by many as one of the trendiest areas to live in the country for young people, and with 75% of Liverpool’s population aged between 17 and 29, it is a desirable opportunity not to be missed. With a wide selection of increasingly popular bars and restaurants right on its doorstep, and the city centre a short walk away, One Baltic Square is the perfect residential investment property for sale. The area is particularly suited for tenants who want to cultivate their creativity in this urban village environment, and thus the ideal choice for investors seeking to expand their property portfolio in the growing city. With five roof gardens and attractive features like a central Italian piazza, One Baltic Square is one of the most in-demand types of property, making it incredibly easy to market your property to tenants.

One Baltic Square Property Investment Liverpool
Parliament Square
Kings Dock Mill Liverpool Buy To Let
Liverpool Property Investment One Baltic Square
Property Investment Liverpool Parliament Square
Buy To Let Liverpool Kings Dock Mill

Parliament Square – Prices from £94,950

A rooftop spa and swimming pool are the most immediately noticeable features of our Parliament Square residential accommodation. When it comes to investment in UK cities, this is another area set to prosper from the developing Baltic Triangle technology boom. As is a normalcy in our offerings, this market-leading accommodation comes from an experienced developer and has a projected 7% net rental return for one year. With a choice of studios, one, two, and three bedroom flats, Parliament Square is a great option if looking to buy investment property UK-wise.

Kings Dock Mill – Prices from £175,000

The Kings Dock Mill Luxury Waterfront Apartments that we offer are again not only within walking distance of the exciting Baltic Triangle but are set to take full advantage of the planned rejuvenation of the waterfront in the coming years. This buy to let property for sale features high-end interiors, with eco-friendly heating and efficient LED lighting, and even an outdoor courtyard. With affordable property prices from just £175,000, this project is also 15% below market value.

Why choose RW Invest for an investment in a residential property for sale UK?

If you’re a buy to let cash buyer, investing in property for beginners can often be a daunting endeavour, and despite investment property for sale in the UK being seen as one of the safest, most tactile investment types to go with, choosing the right partners to invest with will give you added peace of mind. Having sold country-wide and with 15 years of investment experience, we at RW Invest specialise in providing clients with the best opportunities possible in burgeoning areas. Whether you’re looking for a purpose built student property investment or a residential development opportunity, get in touch and we can help you find your perfect investment in UK property.

With both the largest direct sales team in investment property for sale in the UK, alongside a client care service that is five-star rated on Trustpilot and TripAdvisor, RW Invest is at the forefront of property investment going forward. Get in touch now for buy to let advice to help you meet your investment goals.

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