Manchester represents one if the UK’s most exciting cities for property investors. This so-called Northern Powerhouse city is home to over 2.5 million people, with further growth expected. A recent study by Which? found that prices in many areas of Manchester have increased by a third in just the last three years, while consulting firm EY has projected economic growth of 2.5% in the future.


Little wonder, then, that a separate study has predicted Manchester will offer one of the greatest increases in property prices between now and 2020. With over 55 billion being invested in the HS2 rail link the Manchester investment property market is presenting many opportunities to purchase investment properties at competitive rates with the potential for capital gains and high rental yields.


Already, many of our buy to let properties in Manchester offer significant returns. Many guarantee rates of between 6 and 8%, net of management fees. Many investment properties are available at below market rates.


If you’re looking for a route into the lucrative Manchester buy to let market, read on to discover the latest buy to let properties we have for sale.

MANCHESTER Investment Property For Sale

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Our buy to let investment has been a breeze from start to finish. RW and the client care team made the purchase very easy and helped me arrange contracts and paperwork which is a big help as I don’t live in the UK anymore.
At the time I wasn’t sure that Leeds was the right place to invest in property. You guys told me that there was a big regeneration going on and that prices would without a doubt start going up post crash. Well I took a punt and it’s paid off. Thanks for giving me the confidence and I can see the same is now true of Liverpool.

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