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Brexit and the UK Property Market

Before the EU referendum on June 23rd 2016, if Britain chose to leave the European Union, an abundance of media outlets warned the public of a ‘post-Brexit apocalypse’. Whilst uncertainty arose around Britain as to whether the UK property market was set to rapidly dwindle, negativity began to circulate surrounding the future of the country and its associated economy.

Overall, the public began to question Brexit’s economic impact without any prior knowledge to form any accurate conclusions. Nonetheless, areas of the economy have stood strong, as they have remained unhindered by Britain’s exit from the European Union. Our detailed Brexit guide has been specifically created to dismiss any Brexit myths, and provide a thorough response to the common speculations surrounding Britain’s departure.

Property investment is not only flourishing, but also gaining in prosperity, proving that UK property stands resilient in the face of what was deemed economic turmoil. Our in-depth guide highlights statistical evidence to illustrate the impact of Brexit on the UK property market and the economy. Through using current data, RWinvest have aimed to draw attention to the UK’s property performance in both the mid and long term, as well as providing details as to how the property market is remaining so robust in the face of Brexit negotiations.

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Following on from Theresa May stepping down as Prime Minister, and a subsequent Conservative leadership race, Boris Johnson has been appointed the current Prime Minister and is tasked with delivering Brexit. Having served as an MP (for two constituencies), Mayor of London, and Foreign Secretary, Johnson is a prolific and well-known figure in British politics, and won the Conservative leadership vote with a majority vote of 66.4%.

Johnson’s stance on Brexit is perhaps one of the reasons for him winning the leadership race. After a slew of unsuccessful negotiations with the European Union, and disagreements within parliament, many Conservative party members seemingly want a leader that can press forward with a clear vision on leaving as it comes to crunch time.


Despite this, however, Johnson has made it known in many of his speeches since inauguration that he has every intention of leaving with a positive deal outcome. In the event that this cannot be reached, a £2.1 billion-pound fund has been set aside for ‘no-deal’ preparation.

Only time will tell whether Johnson’s new cabinet is successful in carrying out a deal that will satisfy a convincing majority, but the predictions in our guide will give projections on the market going forward, regardless of the outcome. The guide includes information on what will happen to the property performance in the mid to long-term, a five-year property forecast for the UK post-Brexit, and much more.

If you are carrying out research regarding how Brexit may affect property prices and rental yields, this informative guide shows how property is definitely one asset that is predicted to experience huge growth over the forthcoming years.

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