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Buy-to-Let Investor Strategies for a Buyer’s Market

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    How Investors Can Make the Best of 2024’s Buyer’s Market

    Early 2024 has been identified as a buyer’s market. During a buyer’s market, there will typically be weak buyer demand, and it may take longer for sellers to find a buyer. Buyers may find less competition for the available stock on the market and, therefore, have better potential to negotiate with the seller to secure a better deal.

    Generally, a buyer’s market will have slower sales, more available properties, and lower property prices as the market becomes more competitive.

    Property investors, especially those with more extensive portfolios, will be both buyers and sellers several times throughout their careers, so both markets can be advantageous to buy-to-let investors depending on which part of the investment journey they are at. By considering whether the current market is a buyer’s or seller’s market, investors can use strategies to make the most of the market conditions.

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      How to Make the Most Out of a Buyer’s Market as a Seller

      If the market is characterised as a buyer’s market, it may be harder to get the best price for your property or sell it as quickly as you like. But it doesn’t mean that it is impossible.

      If investors need to sell during a buyer’s market, they can utilise some property investment strategies to help maximise returns and find a buyer within a reasonable time.

      Firstly, investors should be sure to make the best first impression for buyers by presenting the property as attractively as possible. Sprucing up a home before selling is generally good practice, but it is even more important when market conditions aren’t in the seller’s favour. This includes features of good investment properties that are often forgotten about, such as the building’s exterior and outer areas.

      It’s also important to ensure the property is well-marketed to get as much attention from buyers as possible.

      Being flexible about closing costs is another way to make a property more appealing to buyers who may have other options in mind due to the oversupply of available stock.

      If the investor wants to sell the property in a shorter time frame, it should be priced realistically. Furthermore, investors eager to sell the property quickly should be open to offers lower than the stated price.

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        How to Make the Most Out of a Buyer’s Market as a Buyer

        As the name suggests, conditions favour the buyer during a buyer’s market.

        So, how can buyers make the most of this advantageous investment environment?

        One of the biggest benefits to buyers in a buyer’s market is time. While it’s essential to make quick decisions during a seller’s market before another buyer jumps in, a buyer’s market means an investor can take time to find the best possible property and secure the best deal.

        During a buyer’s market, it’s recommended to take time to explore different available properties. But keep in mind that while there is definitely more time to peruse, these properties won’t be on the market forever.

        If there is less demand, there’s a chance to negotiate the property price and secure a better deal. Sellers are likely to be more flexible during a buyer’s market, so it may also be possible for an investor to ask for some reasonable concessions when making an offer due to future maintenance that will have to be carried out or help with closing costs.

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