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A Guide to Georgian Quarter and its History of Redevelopment

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    The Georgian Quarter: A Brief History

    For potential buyers, investors, or tenants looking for Georgian houses in Liverpool and the North West, nowhere is more of a must-see than the Georgian Quarter. Cobbled streets filled with beautiful Georgian architecture, fantastic bars and restaurants, and world-class learning facilities make up this popular section of the city.

    Located in Liverpool’s city centre, the Georgian Liverpool houses within the quarter are the perfect mix of old and new, thanks to extensive Liverpool redevelopment over the years. At the same time, huge regeneration schemes merge with the Georgian Quarter Liverpool and add a distinctly new and forward-thinking feel to the historic area.

    To help you find out more about this Liverpool gem, take a look at this in-depth guide to the Liverpool Georgian Quarter and its history, redevelopment, and investment appeal. If you’re looking for apartments or houses for sale in the Georgian Quarter Liverpool, keep reading for some useful information.


    All you Need to Know About the Georgian Quarter in Liverpool

    The Georgian Quarter Liverpool History

    In 1800, Liverpool surveyor John Foster Snr laid out plans for a new area of housing east of Rodney Street. Over the next 100 years, elegant rows of houses were built, mainly in the Georgian style and the area became populated by Liverpool’s wealthy elite. The streets were laid out in a distinctive grid structure and offer one of the finest examples of Georgian urban design anywhere in the UK. Named the Liverpool Georgian Quarter, it’s now the home of one of the most distinctive Liverpool streets, Hope Street.

    The Liverpool Georgian Quarter has endured many of the city’s periods of transition; the rise and fall of industrialism, two World Wars, and the phenomena of The Beatles. Today, the Georgian Quarter in Liverpool is home to one of the UK’s largest selections of terraced Georgian town-houses outside of London. A historic atmosphere runs through every row and the period architecture and cobbled streets have led many films and TV shows, such as BBC’s Peaky Blinders, to be filmed in the district.

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    Building and area redevelopment

    Georgian Quarter Liverpool Redevelopment

    At the heart of the Georgian Quarter Liverpool postcode and nestled between the Anglican Cathedral and Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral lies Hope Street. Hope Street is a big part of both the Georgian Quarter and Liverpool as a whole, viewed as one of the city’s top visitor destinations. Following £2.9 million worth of investment in 2006, Hope Street was the proud winner of the Academy of Urbanism ‘Great Street Award’. Then, in 2014, the street was also awarded the Stirling Architectural Prize for the renovation of Liverpool’s Everyman Theatre, shining both the city and the street in a highly positive light. Before Hope Street’s regeneration, the area was one of the city’s most high-end residential neighbourhoods. Today, while the street is still very much a residential area, it’s now filled with a whole host of top restaurants, bars, hotels and luxury apartments.

    Some stand out names include fine dining restaurants 60 Hope Street, the London Carriage Works and the Liverpool Art School. Whereas, those looking for a more laid-back bite to eat can enjoy venues like Death Row Diner, a fast-food restaurant, and Fredericks, a chic bar serving up tasty Sunday roasts and top cocktails. Due to the presence of theatres like the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall and Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse, a lot of restaurants in the Georgian Quarter brand themselves as pre-theatre spots, offering set menus to enjoy before seeing a show.

    Within the Georgian Quarter area lies the Liverpool Knowledge Quarter. The Knowledge Quarter is one of Liverpool’s biggest and most expansive regeneration schemes of recent years, having seen a whopping £1 billion worth of investment with plans for even further expansion in the coming years. Popular with graduates, students, and young professionals, the Liverpool Knowledge Quarter is based in proximity to the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University campuses.

    As the name suggests, the area is a prime spot for learning and innovation, home to developments like Liverpool Bio-Innovation Hub, Liverpool Science Park, and the upcoming new Royal College of Physicians. Amongst the educational facilities in the area, the Knowledge Quarter and Georgian Quarter have also become fashionable social hang-outs thanks to independent bars and restaurants that provide relaxing dining and drinking experiences.

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    Is the Georgian Quarter Liverpool A Good Investment Location?

    The Georgian Quarter of Liverpool is no doubt a fantastic location to own property in, but what about for property investments? Liverpool is celebrated for its thriving buy to let market, with higher than average rental yields, affordable property prices and positive capital growth attracting more and more investors to the city.

    To work out whether the Georgian Quarter Liverpool is a good investment location, you should first think about the demographics of the area, and the demand this may bring. Thanks to regeneration, this Liverpool quarter has so many amazing food and drink spots combined with beautiful period homes and proximity to the main attractions of the city centre.

    As if this isn’t enough, natural beauty complements the attractive buildings in the form of the Grade II listed English Heritage site, St James Gardens, as well as the gardens accessible at Falkner Square that create a pleasant communal area for residents to congregate and socialise.

    Surrounding the gardens are characteristic Gothic architecture and terraced buildings which are being met with more modern designs as housing schemes in the area are attempting to increase diversity and attract a wider variety of tenants.

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    A Luxury Investment Opportunity

    Due to the overall appeal of the Liverpool Georgian Quarter, it’s likely that the best type of buy to let investment to consider would be a residential investment. Graduates and young professionals, particularly those with a more luxurious lifestyle and higher income, will be drawn in by the offerings available in the Georgian Quarter. According to research from Thomas Sanderson, the Georgian Quarter Liverpool postcode of L7 brings in rental yields of up to 11.57 per cent.

    Due to being such a coveted location, the Georgian Quarter Liverpool rent costs are higher than in other districts of the city centre or suburbs. According to Zoopla, the average Georgian Quarter Liverpool rent stands at around £1,259 per month. This means that investors can benefit from attracting some of the most sophisticated tenant groups such as young professional while maximising their rental returns.

    Over recent years, Liverpool, Manchester and other North West England cities have experienced a surge in the number of London leavers moving to their cities. People are now looking away from the pricey capital and recognising the appeal of Northern cities for their affordability, culture and prospects. With such a distinct feel and beautiful architectural charm, those who favour the old period properties of London streets will likely be drawn to the unique offerings of the Georgian Liverpool housing in this quarter.

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    A Student Investment Opportunity

    Georgian Quarter student houses are another great option for investors to consider. Luxury student accommodation within the Georgian Quarter can be affordable to purchase and comes with high average rental values. Due to the close location of many of the city’s top universities, student demand in both the Liverpool Georgian Quarter and the surrounding areas is strong.

    This means that those looking for apartments or houses for sale in Georgian Quarter Liverpool and its surrounding areas can benefit from high rental returns generating by two popular tenant groups. Our Poets Place development, for instance, is located just 950 Metres from £2 billion Knowledge Quarter and comes with 8 per cent net rental returns for two years, offering fantastic earning potential and prices from just £70,950.

    All in all, the famous Liverpool Georgian Quarter is undoubtedly a fantastic spot for tourism and investment, while Georgian houses in Liverpool provide a unique living solution right in the heart of Liverpool city centre. As a hungry appetite for properties in an area with historic value stirs in the stomachs of most investors, this rare district is the perfect answer for those looking to add something a little more traditional to their property portfolio and become part of the Georgian Quarter’s Liverpool history.

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