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House Prices Rise in Areas With Good Dog-Walking Spaces

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    How Much Do Property Buyers Need to Pay for Homes in Green Regions?

    Property experts at Quickmove Properties have conducted recent research revealing that house buyers who own dogs and seek areas with ample green space for their furry companions are encountering significant house price premiums.

    Today, we’ll look at that data and consider some locations where you can find dog-friendly spaces and affordable properties.

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      What Factors Were Considered in the Study?

      Quickmove Properties examined UK government Land Use data to identify areas abundant in green space, including forestry, woodland, natural land, rough grassland, and outdoor recreation space, perfect for walking our furry companions.

      The analysis compared this data with current house prices to determine the additional cost of purchasing a home in dog-friendly green areas.

      The findings show that of England’s 13 billion hectares, 2.7 million hectares are considered green space. This means there are plenty of fantastic spots for dog walks, constituting over a fifth (21%) of England’s land, ideal for dog lovers.

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      Which Areas Have the Most Green Space?

      Dog owners will discover that the North East is the greenest region, with 39.8% of green land.

      The North West region follows at 34.2%, Yorkshire & Humber at 25.7%, South East at 22%, and London at 20%.

      However, those seeking homes in the nation’s top 50 greenest areas might face steep property price hikes of up to 94%.

      Across these areas, green spaces cover an average of 39.2% of the land, with average house prices at £338,357 – nearly 11.98% above the national average of £302,164.

      In Elmbridge, Surrey, lush greenery covers around 26.4% of the land. However,  the average house price is a hefty £730,175, a staggering 93.6% higher than the regional average.

      Mole Valley, also in Surrey, sees prices soar 62.9% above the South East’s wider average, with green spaces covering 32.4% of its land.

      Richmond in London boasts 44.7% green space, but homes here command prices 49.1% higher than in the rest of London.

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      Which Places Offer Green Space and Housing Market Affordability?

      The North West is a good option if you’re looking for the best areas to invest in property, complete with green spaces and affordable property prices. Burnley offers 43.9% green space and houses that are around 50.1% cheaper than the average in the North West.

      Other areas with affordable housing and plenty of green space are Pendle, where prices are around 36.9% lower, and Blackburn-with-Darwen, about 33.6% cheaper. Both are located in Lancashire.

      If you’re a property investor looking for properties that satisfy dog-walkers and a broad spectrum of demographics, you may want to shift your attention to some of the larger cities in the North West, such as Liverpool. Liverpool boasts stunning green spaces like Sefton Park and National Trust Formby.

      In addition, as a city with the fastest-growing economy, Liverpool appeals to young professionals looking to be close to jobs. With a mix of stunning green spaces, regenerative prospects and world-class universities, Liverpool is a city that appeals to most potential tenants. In addition, the property prices are considerably lower than the national average (roughly £176,000 according to the UK House Price Index), while rental yields are just over 7.4% on average (per Zoopla).

      As such, if you’re considering buy-to-let property investments, you may want to keep Liverpool in mind.

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