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How Much Value Does a Good View Add to a BTL Investment?

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    Is it Worth Finding an Investment Property with an Attractive View?

    The apartments with the best views are often more expensive compared to the other units in the property, so is it worth paying extra to secure the most impressive view?

    Research has shown that there are plenty of benefits to making sure your buy-to-let investment boasts an attractive view.

    Natural beauty, including trees, mountains, or spacious green fields, is famed for its calming effect on residents lucky enough to see it from their homes. On the other hand, renters on the lookout for an apartment that suits an energetic, urban lifestyle would be taken in by a property with views of an exciting and modern cityscape.

    Another type of scenery with enduring popularity is a view of water, including coastal and waterfront views in both rural and urban areas.

    So, what are the advantages of views in the buy-to-let property market?

    Huge Rental Income Available

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      Exterior daytime shot of Maritime View showcasing Liverpool's skyline

      How Does a Property’s View Affect ROI?

      When it comes to marketability, properties with a view are a rarer find and will help you stand out from the competition. Also, when faced with visually arresting scenery, potential buyers or tenants can feel an emotional reaction, making them more interested in the property.

      Increased demand will potentially turn into a higher return on investment. Not only are tenants willing to pay more rent for a home with a beautiful view, but the property itself may also increase in value faster than similar properties in the area without a view due to demand and the limited supply of homes with unobstructed views.

      According to Knight Frank, a UK home by water was worth up to 48% more on average than a similar non-waterfront property in quarter 2 of 2023. Research from GetAgent revealed that properties with a good view have a premium of 54% compared to the rest of the market. They looked at 23 major cities and found that Liverpool had the largest premium on homes with an attractive view, with an average difference of 58%.

      Next, let’s learn about where the best buy-to-let areas are for investors on the lookout for a great view.

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      Could Liverpool’s Waterfront be the Next In-Demand View?

      In the current market, many developers are securing sites with views of famous cityscapes to take advantage of the increased demand and value that the scenery can command.

      An example of an impressive unobstructed waterfront view in a new-build project is Maritime View, a newly-launched development in Liverpool.

      The floor-to-ceiling windows offer a stunning view of the grade I-listed Albert Dock and the River Mersey, providing the in-demand waterfront views that boost property attractiveness.

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