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How to Make Money from Property with Buy to Let Investment

Why Buy to Let Investment is the Best Way to Make Money from Property

The property market presents one of the world’s most popular investment prospects, taking attention away from other types of investments like stocks and shares or premium bonds. From holiday lets to HMO’s, there’s a range of different investment options to choose from for those interested in making money from property.

One property investment type which stands out amongst the rest, however, is buy to let. So what makes buy to let investment such a profitable route to go down for those keen to get into property in the UK? If you’re wondering how to make money from property, find out why buy to let should be your go-to choice with these helpful top tips.

how to make money from property

Benefits of Buy to Let as a Strategy for Making Money from Property

You can take advantage of the UK Rental Market

When wondering how to make money from property, UK property investment is your answer. The UK housing market and rental market is thriving, with rising rental costs and increasing demand being seen across major property cities. In certain top-performing areas such as North West cities, Liverpool and Manchester, increasing tenant demand has led rental costs to rise. In Manchester, for instance, there had been a 5.76 per cent rental price growth, possibly down to the increasing population of young professionals and students – the most popular tenant groups for UK property.

By investing in student or residential property in areas with large populations of students and young people, a property investor can expect to find a tenant for their buy to let property a lot more easily. It is for this reason that buy to let is often considered one of the best types of investments and the best way to invest money to make money quickly. If you’re looking for guidance on how to make money from property in the UK, one of the main tips is to do a lot of research on locations. While areas like the North West are performing well, some spots like London have experienced a declining rental market over recent years, which can negatively impact your cash flow.

Residential Property Investment Tips

You can make Guaranteed Rental Returns

With certain types of property investing strategies such as flipping a property, the process can be very slow. Flipping property involves buying bargain property which is usually run-down and in need of a refresh, making some major improvements such as redecorating and fitting a new kitchen and bathroom, and then selling it for a higher price. While this is a good investment option for some, it can take a long time before you see any return on your investment.

For those who aren’t interested in finding out how to make money from property renovation, there’s buy to let. For those wondering how to make money from buy to let, rental yields are your answer. When you invest in a buy to let property, you’ll receive rental returns on a regular basis, often guaranteed if you purchase the property with an investment company.

At RWinvest, for instance, some of our property deals come with guaranteed yields for a period of one or two years, giving you peace of mind that you’ll see an instant return from your investment. This is a particularly good method of making money from property for beginners who are concerned about the risk of losing profit that can come from property investing.

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You can make Returns through Capital Growth

One of the main qualities that attract so many people to buy to let is the fact that you can make two types of returns – rental returns and capital growth. When you become a real estate investor, you have the option of making money from property when you decide to sell your investment later in life. If the value of the property has increased over time due to a strong market, you will have made capital growth returns on top of the money you’ve made through rental income. For those saving money for retirement or another end goal, buy to let is a great way to boost your savings account, according to The Big Investment.

Of course, your likelihood of capital growth is made stronger if you invest in the right area, so be sure to use due diligence and find the fastest-growing locations. Some parts of the UK have a more optimistic outlook on capital growth than others. To generate capital gain through property investment, UK cities like Liverpool are ideal as house prices are on the rise and expected to continue growing. Extensive regeneration projects are partly to thank for this growth in property prices, with plans to massively improve quality of life for the city’s residents and increase interest from those around the UK and overseas. Properties in the entire north-west region are predicted to grow by 18.1 per cent by 2022, creating plenty of opportunities for the investor getting started in property.

You can make a Hands-Off Investment

Finally, if you’re wondering how to make money in property investment but you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, buy to let is a great option for this too. Unlike real estate investing strategies that focus solely on the renovation of a property, buy to let investments in the UK come with the option to enlist a property management company to help you with the day to day tasks involved with running a rental property. This way, you don’t need to worry about any landlord responsibilities such as finding and managing tenants, and can easily make money from property alongside your full-time job or alternative commitments, eventually building a lucrative property portfolio. All you need to worry about is the returns going into your bank account!

How to Make Money from Buy to Let

So, if you’re looking for advice on how to make money from buy to let, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

01. Research locations to find the top UK buy to let area.

02. Invest with a property company that offers guaranteed rental returns.

03. Invest in an area with a high potential for capital growth.

04. Decide whether you want to have a hands-on or hands-off investment.

Choose RWinvest For Your Buy to Let Venture

If you’re interested in making money from property investment and think that the buy to let property market is right for you, get in touch with our team of property experts at RWinvest to find the perfect UK investment in property. We can help offer advice on investing money for beginners that are just getting started, as well as helping you grow your portfolio with opportunities in key cities like Liverpool and Manchester. If you’re wondering how to make money from property, look no further than buy to let with RWinvest.

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