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Investing in New-Builds Saves Property Owners £1685 on Yearly Bills

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    New Energy Efficient Homes Offering Big Savings for Property Owners

    New data from property portal Zoopla shows that buying a new-build home instead of an older property can offer homeowners huge savings.

    The data, published in May 2024 by the Home Builders Federation, revealed that new-build homes have much cheaper energy bills on average than older properties, saving new-build house owners over £2000 a year.

    On average, a new-build energy bill is 57% less, which in cash terms is £1685 cheaper annually. The most significant savings are seen in houses, which are 66% more efficient, making for an average yearly saving of £2195. Bungalows come next with 62% (£1480), then maisonettes at 56% (£1440), and flats are 45% more efficient (£850).

    Homes built to satisfy sustainability regulations from June 2023 onwards have been shown to be the most energy-efficient options on the property market. Let’s look at the data to get an idea of what to look for in a buy-to-let property to ensure energy efficiency.

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      85% of New-Builds Achieve A or B EPC Rating

      Typically, new-build properties have higher Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings than older properties. EPC ratings tell you how energy efficient a building is, with A being the highest rating and G being the most inefficient, by assessing property features such as roof, walls, insulation, windows, heating, lighting, and any renewable energy solutions.

      According to Zoopla’s report, 85% of new-builds attain an A or B EPC rating compared to less than 5% of older properties. This is because newly-built homes have energy efficiency taken into account from the start of the design and construction process. Even the materials and building techniques are chosen to insulate the building to retain heat and use less energy.

      Many new builds also come with A+-rated appliances, which reduce the amount of energy used by dishwashers, washing machines, and other household appliances.

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      What Eco-Features Should an Investor Look Out For?

      It’s no surprise, given these savings, that energy efficiency is becoming a top priority for homeowners and renters alike. So, what eco-features should you look out for in a property?

      Many new properties come with cutting-edge fittings, such as heat recovery systems, PV array solar panels, rainwater recycling systems, energy-efficient LED lighting, air source heat pumps, and leak detection systems.

      Many investors opt to buy off-plan property when looking for new-build investment opportunities.

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