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RWinvest Provide 1,000 Disadvantaged Children with Free Meals During Half Term Week

During October 2020’s half term week, RWinvest donated to a local initiative to deliver free packed lunches to 1,000 disadvantaged children across the community.

Executive Chef, Dave Critchley, of the Lu Ban restaurant in Liverpool inspired the scheme called The Knowsley Kitchen, which brings together local organisations to establish a sustainable food network across the local area. The Knowsley Kitchen also provides direct response to struggling communities both throughout Covid-19 and beyond.

The Knowsley-based company works with Liverpool catering and hospitality firms to create free meals for children using donations from both the public and local businesses, such as the sponsorship provided by RWinvest. Money donated not only helps deliver packed lunches to kids in need, but can also provide boxes of local produce such as fresh fruit and veg, to ensure households are being fed and nourished during times when food is not easily accessible or affordable.

Liverpool Independent Delivered Services which was also founded by Dave Critchley, will be delivering the meals straight to the doors of children who need them throughout half term week with their speedy and efficient service. On the first day of half term, they tweeted that they already had 650 packed lunches ready and waiting to be delivered to children across Liverpool thanks to the donations received.

Despite these organisations being operational throughout Liverpool during Covid-19, the issue of child food poverty has recently been highlighted on a national scale by football player, Marcus Rashford MBE, who aims to put an end to child food poverty in the UK through a Government petition.

Currently, it is estimated that 4.1 million children live in poverty across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Since Marcus Rashford launched his petition, support has grown and grown, with businesses all over the UK working together in a collaborative effort to start seeing his vision become a reality.

It was the idea of the Directors at RWinvest to get involved in helping to combat child hunger, including Michael Gledhill, who pledges to continue to support the cause during Christmas this year. He says: “As a business, we felt that we had to do something to help.

“It’s so important to support your local community and especially during uncertain times like these, so we pulled together with a nearby hospitality company to deliver 1,000 children with free packed lunches.

“This is an initiative we are looking to support during the Christmas period as well, because no child should have to go hungry.”

RWinvest is so thrilled to see their donation already making an impact on the lives of children throughout their home city.


If you would like to donate and help feed hungry children and families across the Liverpool region, please head to Liverpool Independent Delivered Services’ website and select to sponsor either a kid’s packed lunch, or pay it forward (this provides the fresh produce boxes to households who need them) from as little as £4. Every donation makes a difference.

This is an initiative we are looking to support during the Christmas period as well, because no child should have to go hungry.

Michael Gledhill, Director at RWinvest

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