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UK House Prices See Largest Rise in 17 Months

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    Surge in UK House Prices Sparks Interest in Property Investment

    Recent data has revealed that average UK house prices have seen the largest increase since September 2022.

    Let’s see how this will affect UK buy-to-let investment going forward.

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      UK House Prices: A Rollercoaster Ride?

      According to the Acadata House Price Index, prices were up by £3,000 in February, signifying modest improvement in the housing market. However, prices are still 2.9% lower than a year ago.

      The report highlights the current state of the market, describing it as a “rollercoaster ride” with improvements in consumer and business sentiment, as well as market conditions. This positive trend is evident in increased property listings and viewings, accompanied by noted price upticks.

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      However, in recent weeks, mortgage rates, which had been decreasing due to fierce lender competition and growing market confidence in future rate directions, have started to rise again.

      The Bank of England has indicated that while rates are expected to decrease in the long run, they are likely to remain elevated for a considerable period. This has a direct impact on affordability, a major concern for prospective buyers. Some analysts are expressing a potentially more pessimistic outlook for the medium term.

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      Election Fever Replaces Budget Buzz

      Acadata suggests that market analysis should now pivot towards reactions to the Budget and the impending General Election.

      E.surv director Richard Sexton says: “Our data underlines why the Chancellor was probably reluctant to stoke the market any further in the recent Budget. Few in the property industry were calling for more short-term shots in the arm from the Treasury.

      “However, the Budget was another missed opportunity to address some systemic long-term issues about helping people get on the housing ladder in the first place.

      “As a result, the big issues of supply and affordability remain unaddressed and will likely become very live election issues.”

      In the lead-up to an election, it’s common to see a boost in sentiment in the housing market. The government is keenly attuned to the politics surrounding home ownership, particularly recognising the significance of first-time buyers, especially in younger age brackets where homeownership rates have seen significant declines.

      There’s been considerable media attention on potential schemes, such as the possibility of 99% mortgages, but none of these were confirmed in the March 6th Budget. Similarly, there were no new announcements regarding Stamp Duty cuts.

      As of now, investors will have to wait for manifesto commitments to gain clarity on future policies in this area.

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