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What Eco-Features Boost EPC Ratings in a New Build Investment?

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    Why Eco-Features Are Key for Buy-to-Let Investors

    Rightmove recently published a blog detailing their top picks for eco-features that can contribute to a high Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating. EPC ratings are becoming increasingly important in the property world for several reasons.

    First, many expect government guidelines for required EPC ratings in private rental properties to become stricter in the coming years. The government has committed itself to reaching net zero by 2050, and the property industry will surely be one of its targets moving forward. However, there is little information to suggest when these legislative changes might come into play. Therefore, many investors are opting for greener new build properties to stay ahead of the curve and future-proof their investment.

    Secondly, homes deemed more energy efficient are growing in value compared to older properties, making them a more lucrative investment in many cases. According to research from Zoopla, energy-efficient homes outperformed other properties in last year’s challenging market.

    For these reasons, green technology and EPC ratings are becoming increasingly significant for those looking for real estate investing strategies for New-Build investments.

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      What Were Rightmove’s Eco-Picks?

      Looking at the homes listed for sale on the property portal, Rightmove came up with this list of energy-efficient features that can impact your building’s EPC score:

      1. Smart Lighting – Energy-efficient lights like LEDs last longer and generate less heat than conventional light bulbs, so installing them can reduce a home’s energy consumption. These lights can also be automated to save energy.
      2. Triple Glazing – Triple glazing can boost a home’s energy efficiency because properties often lose more heat via windows than any other part of the building.
      3. Solar Panels – Solar panels can reduce energy bills by converting the sun’s energy into electricity for home use.
      4. Insulation – Poorly insulated walls and roofs lead to heat loss and higher energy bills, so insulation is key for energy efficiency.
      5. Air-Source Heat Pump – This is a low-carbon alternative to a traditional gas boiler. These heat pumps are powered by electricity and move outdoor heat into the property.

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      How Has RWinvest Incorporated Green Features into New Build Properties?

      As mentioned, energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important to property investors, so many new-build properties will include the features listed in Rightmove’s latest article.

      One salient example is Element – The Quarter, a newly-built property in Liverpool, hailed as the ‘Best Sustainable Residential Development in the UK’ at the UK Property Awards 2023. It is fitted out with many of the technologies listed above, such as PV array solar panels, energy-efficient LED lighting, and air source heat pumps. It also includes a shower save system, rainwater recycling, mechanical ventilation heat recovery system, and a central building management server.

      Projects underway boast similar cutting-edge features. This includes Central Park, another Liverpool new build property development with solar panels and LED lighting with sensors. Electric car charging capabilities and a mechanical ventilation heat recovery system will also be installed.

      One of the star developments in Liverpool is The Gateway. All apartments in this building are guaranteed to have an EPC rating of C or above. The building’s design has sustainability at its heart, including PV array solar panels, air source heat pumps, heat insulation, energy-efficient LED lighting, and a mechanical ventilation heat recovery system.

      With net zero on the horizon and many exciting green properties on the market, the trend towards eco-investing is just beginning.

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