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Wirral Waters

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    Wirral Waters Regeneration Project: Everything You Need to Know

    Merseyside regeneration has been ongoing for many years now, with some huge projects such as LiverpoolONE having breathed new life into the city. One of the latest regeneration schemes to be announced, Wirral Waters, is an incredible opportunity for reinvention. The £4.5bn regeneration scheme is set to transform the left bank of the River Mersey into an internationally recognisable destination, providing a perfect reflection of the regeneration on the other side of the Mersey at Liverpool Waters.

    If you’re keen to find out more about the Wirral Waters scheme, what it involves, and what it will mean for investment in the area, keep reading to find out more.

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      Wirral Water

      What is Wirral Waters?

      Wirral Waters is the largest, most eagerly anticipated regeneration project in the UK that will elevate and regenerate the area to the benefit of its existing community. Created by world-class urban designers, the remediation of numerous sites presents significant opportunities for new commercial, educational and employment facilities. The development will bring a mixed-use neighbourhood of retail, residential, educational, and commercial developments to Birkenhead, while completely transforming the Wirral skyline.

      Retaining the original heritage from the Wirral’s rich, cultural history alongside the new, contemporary architecture portrays a strong magnet for business, residential and leisure developments – maximising the city’s potential across all industry sectors and shaping a modern, prosperous future for the Wirral. At 18 million square feet, ambitious plans outline a ‘masterplan design’ of a monumental, multi-use, highly sustainable ‘city extension’. Focusing on revolutionising many years of inactivity, Wirral Waters promises the restoration of over 500 acres of the semi-derelict Birkenhead dock system.

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        The History of the River Mersey

        Steeped in distinguished maritime history, The River Mersey rose to prominence as the lifeblood of Liverpool. In March 2011, the UK government established four main areas within the UK in need of significant support, these were named ‘Enterprise Zones’. Mersey Waters is one of the largest Enterprise Zones in the UK at 126 hectares and aims to take advantage of its strategic location at the mouth of the river between the two regeneration projects in the Wirral and Liverpool.

        Enterprise Zones are essential for driving economic tools and the Mersey Waters Enterprise Zone seeks to utilise the River Mersey and its water assets to stimulate growth. To maximise the potential of Wirral Waters, Wirral Council aims to gain status as a priority project. As part of a long-term plan to rebalance the economy, the project is underpinned by a truly collaborative, dynamic approach driven by bold innovation to secure the potential of creating over 20,000 permanent jobs in the Wirral.

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        What Will Wirral Waters Become?

        A Place to Live

        In 2017, Wirral Waters was designated as a Housing Zone by the Central Government, making it the only project in the whole of the UK to benefit from both Housing Zone and Enterprise Zone status. This ambitious but achievable move is part of the government’s initiative to deliver one million new homes by 2020.

        Residents will be able to enjoy world-class leisure facilities in an exemplary setting whilst taking advantage of new hubs for artistic and creative industries of the Wirral. Surrounded by awe-inspiring architecture, the Wirral Waters project will encapsulate luxury living.

        A Place to Work

        The Wirral is famous for its enterprising spirit, currently boasting the highest rate of start-up companies and SME growth within the UK. Unilever has carried out research on the Wirral for over 100 years, underpinning the growth in the area by building global commerce on local foundations.

        Set to deliver more than 20,000 permanent jobs, an eclectic array of office facilities grace the Wirral’s waterfront providing a favourable home for businesses keen to establish distinction throughout their office accommodation. Providing a home for all, Wirral Waters consists of first-class studio space, shared offices and corporate HQs – a desirable opportunity for any company considering a European headquarters at justifiable rental costs.

        Marine & Maritime sectors are driving growth in jobs and training, predominantly in the Liverpool city region. The renaissance of its main trading terminal is through Peel Ports’ £400 million investment in Liverpool2. The city is evolving, and the Wirral is keen to play its part in reclaiming the use of its maritime capabilities.

        The Maritime Knowledge Hub is to be developed at the Grade II listed Hydraulic Tower Building, a fundamental component of the history and heritage of the Dock Estate. Architecturally designed by two internationally acclaimed firms, up to 60,000 square feet of new office, incubation, teaching, and cultural space will become a beacon for the area, standing dignified in the centre of Wirral Waters regeneration.

        Similarly, named after one of Birkenhead’s most famous forefathers, Laird House at Tower Road will contribute new, flexible and sustainable office space with magnificent views of the Docks and across to Liverpool. The latest in the raft of projects announced at the multi-million-pound development is No 1 Tower Road South, the first major office development occupying over three storeys. The first floor intends to provide a space for small businesses, while the upper two floors will offer six suites of Grade A office space spanning between 3,000 square feet and 4,000 square feet in size.

        Injecting the city with the regeneration it deserves, the numerous office projects nestled on the banks of the River Mersey are designed to blend sophistication and innovation with convenience. Placed in highly prominent positions, all office locations are within proximity of excellent transport links leaving the Wirral closely interconnected with the thriving city of Liverpool.

        A Place to Study

        The long-term vision to extend the historic heart of the city of Liverpool across the area is a broad concept and one that ensures residents and locals not only have the opportunity to live, work and play in the area but also fully immerse themselves in the wealth of state of the art facilities occupying the docklands and surrounding areas.

        Education initiatives help to improve the economic productivity of the North West. Advanced skills are an integral part of generating jobs and growth in the region. One objective is to grow skills and training in the relevant sectors and retain talent in the area, ensuring Wirral Waters is an epicentre for prosperity and productivity.

        Helping to deliver the promise is Wirral Met College, the newest £11m campus for developing skills in Construction and Built Environment and a resource for allowing students to see how a building is constructed from concept design to completion. As dignified receivers of a prestigious award from the Royal Institute of British Architects, Wirral Met’s specialism in this sector has been honoured, recognising the design skills and professionalism of the project. At approximately 38,000 square feet and with over 500 students studying at the campus, over half of them were involved in the construction stages, demonstrating an exemplary partnership that observes how regeneration occurs.

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          Who's Behind the Wirral Waters Regeneration Project?

          Helping to deliver this vision is The Peel Group, a devoted company who are proudly responsible for redeveloping 21.8 million square feet of docklands, plus 25 miles of coastline over a proposed 30-year period.

          Peel is one of the leading infrastructure, transport and real estate companies in the UK, with prominence placed on visionary regeneration projects across North West locations. Peel’s strong track record proves tenacity as their portfolio displays a plethora of long-term regeneration projects committed to sustainability and property development.

          With their consequential portfolio currently valued at £2.3 billion, this local company with international prestige gains a reputation for delivering ambitious expansions or developments illustrated in their previous completed developments.

          Previous pioneering projects that secured Peel’s notable success include Liverpool John Lennon Airport, L2 Superport and MediaCityUK. Notably, Peel Group experienced consolidation across all investments establishing a shared vision of continuous growth fuelled by reinvestment. In addition to establishing a presence amongst Northern Powerhouse cities like Liverpool and Manchester, a major development focussing particularly on Liverpool’s iconic waterfront is Liverpool Waters, a sister project to Wirral Waters.

          Advancements across the two neighbouring sites aim to establish a ground-breaking skyline hugging either side of the River Mersey.

          Over the next 50 years, Peel’s Ocean Gateway vision will deliver an unprecedented scale of coordinated private sector investment across the North of England. Peel Group’s diversification and expertise across many sectors will embrace ports, logistics, retail and leisure, residential, commercial development, media infrastructure and renewable energy. It is the power of the synergies between these features that have been integrated into the planning of Wirral Waters that give Peel their exclusive insight and remarkable platform for the future.

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          When Will Wirral Waters Be Ready?

          Wirral Waters is scheduled to be fully completed sometime in 2025, meaning we still have some time to go before we can enjoy the finished project. However, a lot of elements of Wirral Waters are already underway, with 500 homes set to be built at one of the development’s plots by the end of 2023

          The Wirral Waters completion date is working towards a significant milestone to attract ambitious investors looking for something truly incredible to add to their UK property portfolio. It is no surprise that the Wirral is a region proud of its roots, a city transforming into a beacon of excellence – coining the well-deserved title of ‘The Paradise Peninsular’.

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            How Will Wirral Waters Affect Local Investment?

            Wirral Waters is a pivotal moment in the region’s history in terms of delivering ambitious plans for regenerating the borough. Raising the city’s profile plays a crucial role in generating major UK investment opportunities for developers and investors who are keen to be part of a city enjoying a period of resurgence.

            The significance of Wirral Waters as a place to live, work and learn will help to bring more tenant demand to the area, which is essential for successful buy-to-let investments. Birkenhead has already made its mark on the property scene due to a newfound demand from student tenants, which has been catered to with the introduction of the recent student development, Hamilton Square. By attracting new interest from groups such as young professionals and students, this project is likely to see a spike in tenant demand and a subsequent rise in investment.

            Alongside tenant demand, Wirral Waters could help to raise rental costs in the area and boost rental yields for investors. With current average rental costs of around £766, according to Zoopla data, Wirral’s rental value is currently lower than that of Liverpool at £1,159. With the introduction of Wirral Waters, rental value is likely to surge in the area, which is good news for investors hoping to make huge returns. Capital growth is also expected to see an increase, particularly with predictions for the North West region to grow by 11.7% on average by 2027.

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