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How to Identify a Good Property Development Company

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    Finding the Best Development Company for Your Investment

    Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to grow your finances, meet certain financial goals, and build an attractive portfolio.

    To succeed in the property investment world, it’s always important to do your research before embarking on a new venture.

    That means researching your target market, researching potential rental yield figures and rental incomes, looking at long and short-term capital growth, and taking all the necessary steps to succeed.

    When looking at the area of the property and researching its investment prospects, however, it’s also crucial not to ignore the property development company behind the investment opportunity.

    When purchasing an investment property, particularly an off-plan development, there will be a property development company behind each project.

    Knowing who the different property development companies are and whether they’re considered reputable UK property developers is always recommended as part of the due diligence process.

    In this guide to property development research, we will cover some of the most essential steps when identifying a good property development company in the UK.

    We’ll also answer common questions about property development companies and provide details on some of the top property development companies in the UK today.

    If you’re thinking of becoming a property investor and want to make sure you’re making the right choice, or you’re considering becoming a property developer yourself and need some further insight, keep reading for our top tips on finding the best property development companies in the UK.

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      Property Development Companies - FAQs

      Want to find out more about what a property development company is and what they do? Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about property development companies in the UK.

      A property development company is a company that specialises in developing new properties. UK property developers will either be involved with buying land and getting planning permission to build a completely new development, or purchasing an existing building and renovating it for a refurbishment project.

      The property development company will then either sell the property/properties themselves or collaborate with a company that can sell on their behalf.

      When buying an investment property, UK property developers will generally work with property investment companies that will sell units within their upcoming development.

      Since many UK areas are experiencing high demand for properties, particularly in the city centre, the country’s top property development companies are working hard to bring exciting new developments to cities across the UK.

      In major cities like Liverpool, Manchester, and London, the top property development companies in the UK are often introducing impressive new developments which add to the vibrant cityscape and offer new solutions to the buyer or renter markets.

      An individual can still be classed as a property developer even if they’re not part of a company. Property development and investment are two strategies that are often combined.

      In the case of those interested in getting into property development, this would usually involve purchasing a property such as a house and renovating it before renting it out or selling it for a higher profit.

      For many investors, however, the added costs involved with property development financing, paired with the time that needs to be spent managing the property’s renovation, mean that typical buy-to-let investment is often the more popular choice.

      So what does a property developer do?

      Usually, property developers will purchase land to build a new build property development. Sometimes property developers will also buy an existing building and transform it, giving it a new function. An example of this is when property developers turn historic buildings into blocks of flats.

      Whether developing residential property, a commercial property, or a mixed-use project, property developers all make money in the same ways. For a property development company to make money, they need to sell units within their development projects.

      This will often be a joint venture between property development companies and property investment companies.

      Both owning a property development company and investing in a property sold by a developer can come with a lot of profitability. That’s why making sure to select the top property development companies to invest with is such an important step for every property investor to take.

      Yes, it is possible to sell your home to a property developer. Many people choose to do this if they live in a house or building that a property development company is interested in. Property developers often offer homeowners a part exchange service, which allows the seller to sell their home to the developer to reduce the price of their new home.

      Selling your home to a developer can also make the process quicker and more hassle-free as they can avoid having to host property viewings.

      The property developer will also care less about the cosmetic qualities of the property and more about the building itself, so the seller won’t need to spend time redecorating or refurbishing their home before they sell.

      As part of the due diligence process, it’s essential to do thorough research to determine whether a company is worthwhile working with.

      This property developer due diligence applies to both the company selling the investment and the property development company behind the project.

      So why should real estate development due diligence be such an essential part of your investment journey?

      Here are three reasons to undertake due diligence if you want to identify the best property development companies to work with.

      1. Researching Property Development Companies Gives You Peace of Mind

      By researching property development companies beforehand, you’ll have better peace of mind that your investment will complete successfully and to a high standard. This ensures you maintain strong rental returns and a high cash flow.

      2. You’ll Learn More About the Property Development Company Industry

      If you’re new to investing in real estate, researching the different UK property developers out there is an excellent way to learn more about the property market overall and recognise property industry leaders.

      For instance, once you know who the top 10 property development companies in the UK are, you’ll better understand who to work with and who to avoid.

      In this sense, due diligence can be a lot like market research.

      3. By Investigating Different Property Development Companies, You’ll Improve Your Research Skills

      Due diligence is such a necessary skill for many areas of life. By utilising due diligence when researching top property developers, UK investors can become more familiar with the due diligence process and build on their research skills.

      Overall, by carrying out property development due diligence, you can rest assured that the property development companies you’re considering are experienced, reliable, and prepared to offer the best possible investment properties on the market. 


      Finding the Top Property Development Companies: How Do I Identify a Good Property Development Company?

      Doing company research is always an important part of due diligence, especially when it involves such a large purchase as a property.

      Researching the company itself is the only way to find out about the top property development companies on the market. There is a range of things you should look out for when researching different real estate development businesses.

      Here are seven things to keep in mind when researching different property development companies in the UK.

      1. Find Out Who Is Behind the Company

      During your research stage, you should look into the team behind the property development company you’re interested in.

      This should involve finding out who the managing director/directors are, learning about members of the team, and learning about their industry background and reputation.

      You can usually find this information on the ‘about us’ page of the company website or look on Linkedin to find team members who work at the company.

      2. Look for Evidence of Industry Experience

      The first step should be for the property investor to determine how long the company has been around.

      If a property development company has been operating for many years, it’s likely that it will be more established and successful than those who are just starting out.

      Experience means a lot, and if the residential property development companies you’re researching have only recently launched and haven’t yet successfully completed any projects, you may feel less secure in making a purchase.

      3. Look For Evidence of Company Growth

      You should look for any evidence of company growth for the property development company you’re investigating, whether this means they’ve won awards or expanded their business in some way.

      If a company is always looking for new ways to excel, this can be a good sign that they’re committed and will continue to grow over time.

      Similarly, you can pay attention to the type of development projects they have in their pipeline to work out whether they have good industry knowledge.

      If the developer is constructing exciting new developments in thriving UK cities such as Liverpool and Manchester, rather than focusing only on London for new developments, this shows that they’re forward-thinking and understand what buyers want.

      4. Look For Strong Reviews

      Reviews are such a crucial element of any purchase. Buyers will check customer reviews for pretty much every product they purchase, and property shouldn’t be any different.

      When researching a property development company, check their website for any company reviews, or refer to review sites like Trustpilot, Feefo, and Google Reviews.

      Some of the top property development companies in the UK will have built up many customer reviews.

      To identify a strong company, keep an eye out for 4 or 5-star reviews which paint the property development company itself and the developments they create in a good light.

      Qualities like strong customer service and high-quality properties are things you should look out for when reading online reviews.

      5. Look For a Proven Track Record

      If a property development company doesn’t have any evidence of completed projects, then it can be difficult to identify whether they’re reliable or not.

      The top property development companies in the UK will likely have a portfolio of successfully completed sites that potential investors can browse.

      When researching a company’s track record, you should pay attention to the finished development and how it looks and consider whether or not the project was completed on time and within budget.

      Delays in a property’s construction are sometimes unavoidable, so if there were any delays, try and find out the reason for this.

      6. Keep an Eye Out for Positive Press

      When it comes to property development companies, UK investors should also spend time looking online for any news or press that mentions the company.

      If a property development company’s latest developments have made the headlines for all the right reasons, this is evidence of a strong track record and solid reputation in the industry.

      If a company lacks news or press coverage online, this isn’t necessarily a sign that they can’t be trusted.

      Some property development companies who have been around for less time than others may not be known by any major news outlets just yet.

      However, if the company has been around for a long time and you can’t find any press coverage about them or find more negative news stories than positive, you should be cautious before going ahead with an investment.

      7. Research Their Collaborators

      When considering a property investment, residential property development companies are not typically the company you would purchase the property from.

      Property development companies will usually collaborate with property investment companies who will sell the properties on their behalf.

      This is why researching the property investment company, and the property development company is a helpful step to identifying the strength of a property developer.

      Well-established property investment companies are unlikely to work with bad property developers. After all, they only want the very best for their clients.

      The majority of these companies will research the developers they work with by carrying out in-depth due diligence and would be sure to avoid any companies they suspected to be unreliable.

      At RWinvest, for instance, we only work with industry-leading property development companies in the UK, offering our clients the best possible developments in the top-performing locations.

      When researching property investment companies that work with the developer, take all the same steps you would when researching the development company.

      This includes learning about how long they’ve been operating, reading customer reviews, checking for news coverage, and looking at their track record.

      If the property investment company looks reliable, experienced, and trustworthy, it’s likely that the property development company that they work with will be too!

      Workers looking at a new development site

      Explore Current Investment Opportunities From Top UK Property Development Companies

      If you’re interested in making a property investor tips purchase and want to be sure you’re buying property from the best property development companies on the market, explore our current opportunities.

      We work with only the very best UK property development companies, helping to connect buy to let investors with stylish new residential developments.

      When it comes to creating your property development, investments in these fantastic projects are not to be missed.

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        ELEMENT - The Quarter - Developed by Nexus

        Perhaps one of the most exciting property developments to launch in Liverpool over recent years, ELEMENT – The Quarter is a stylish new off-plan project developed by Nexus Residential.

        But aside from low prices starting at just £74,950 and assured 8% rental returns, what makes ELEMENT – The Quarter so special is that this development is the first eco-development in Liverpool.

        Sophisticated low-carbon technology is included throughout, including a rainwater recycling system and an intelligent system limiting energy waste.

        Nexus Residential is a property group that specialises in stylish student and residential properties in the North West.

        ELEMENT promotes a sense of local community amongst residents and encourages tenants to socialise within onsite facilities like ELEMENT – The Quarter’s exclusive cinema room and games room.

        If you want cutting-edge property developments with an eco-friendly focus, Nexus Residential is a property development company you should know about.

        What makes The Quarter truly exciting is its ideal location in Liverpool – arguably the best place to buy property in the UK.

        Here, you can enjoy massive capital growth rates along with sky-high yields, making a lucrative investment as easy as ever.

        Merchant's Wharf exterior

        Merchant’s Wharf - Developed by Legacie

        A residential Manchester development located in the booming Salford area, Merchant’s Wharf is a new-build home developed by Legacie Developments.

        Merchant’s Wharf has a perfect location for exploring everything Manchester offers, allowing residents to reach the city centre in just six minutes by car.

        Easy access to Salford’s MediaCityUK makes this property development ideal for young professional renters.

        The property development company behind this project, Legacie Developments, has vast experience within the property industry and is one of the most prominent property developers in Liverpool.

        There’s a reason Legacie has built up such a fantastic industry reputation as one of the UK’s best property development companies.

        Legacie’s portfolio consists of impressive past completed projects like Liverpool’s Ropemaker Place. Their recently sold-out development, Parliament Square, is one of the most highly-anticipated Liverpool projects of recent years.

        Enquire today about investing in Merchant’s Wharf to generate projected yields of up to 6.5%.

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        Shaw Street - Exterior 5

        Shaw Street - Developed by Caro

        Shaw Street is a completed and tenanted student project created by Caro Developments. This purpose-built student property is ideally located in Liverpool city centre, allowing residents to reach university campuses in just one minute.

        This project has been created within a Grade II listed building for a unique and stylish living experience and offers prices from just £69,995.

        Like many Liverpool investments, the Shaw Street Liverpool development also generates attractive rental yields of 8%.

        So what about the property developer behind Shaw Street? This project was developed by Caro Developments.

        Caro has made a name for itself as one of the best property development companies in the UK, thanks to a portfolio of amazing UK projects, including City Point and the Bridewell.

        They specialise in creating contemporary, modern new-build homes for students and young professional tenants in the UK.

        Invest With RWInvest – Proudly Partnered With the Best Property Development Companies in the UK

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        By choosing RWinvest, you can make sure your venture is in good hands by investing with not only one of the best property companies in the UK but some of the very best UK property development companies, too.

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        Disclaimer: This content was originally written in March 2020. It was updated in January 2024, but by the time you read it, some of the statistics used may have changed.

        For the latest on the UK property market in 2024, take a look at our updated investment guides.

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