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Why You Should Invest in Liverpool in 2024

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    Learn More About Liverpool Property Investment in 2024

    Liverpool is a thriving UK city full of opportunities and big plans for the future.

    If you are looking to start your property investment journey, the property market Liverpool offers is easily one of the best choices.

    Many people have found investing in Liverpool to be a highly profitable venture, and new build properties with guaranteed buy-to-let yields are in strong demand, providing excellent returns and stability for your Liverpool property investment.

    One of the reasons Liverpool is so popular as a buy-to-let investment city is because property prices in Liverpool are significantly lower than those in other UK areas.

    So what do low Liverpool house prices mean for investments, and how have property prices in Liverpool performed over the last few years?

    We cover all of this and more in our detailed guide to the Liverpool property market, along with information on upcoming predictions for Liverpool property prices in 2024 and beyond.

    We also look at some of the best areas to buy in Liverpool for affordability, property price growth, and high investment yields.

    If you’d like to find out more about why you should invest in Liverpool, make sure you read our detailed guide to the Liverpool property market.

    With hundreds of statistics and a proven track record of property investment success, we take an in-depth look at why investing in Liverpool has proved to be a popular choice since 2019, and why savvy investors should definitely consider the Liverpool market for 2024 and beyond.

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      Liverpool Property Prices in 2019

      To understand Liverpool house prices a little better, let’s look at some statistics on average Liverpool property prices in 2019.

      According to the estate agents portal, Zoopla, the average price paid for Liverpool property was £173,991 back in November 2019.

      The average Liverpool property price in 2019 also varied by property type, with an average cost of just £99,830 for a one-bedroom flat during this time, while the average price for a four-bedroom house in Liverpool averaged out at a much higher £303,695.

      2019 was a very popular year for investments in the Liverpool property market.

      In February 2019, a surge in interest from US investors looking to invest in Liverpool was noticed, with prop-tech firm Datscha reporting that £361 million had been invested into Liverpool property from overseas.

      By October 2019, Liverpool property news made the headlines once again after being named the best location for buy-to-let yields, with six Liverpool postcodes making the latest Totally Money rental yield list.

      By November 2019, further Liverpool property news stated that Liverpool house prices, and house prices across the North West, were expected to see an increase of 24% by 2024, according to Savills predictions.

      Positive Liverpool property market news like this definitely paved the way for ongoing interest from those looking to invest in Liverpool and take advantage of the affordable Liverpool property prices available.

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      Liverpool Property Prices in 2020

      Despite a turbulent year, Liverpool property prices in 2020 experienced a significant boost.

      Liverpool house prices remained steady during the start of the year, with the city being included in a list of Zoopla predictions for the areas set to see the largest price growth over 2020.

      It was reported that in January, the Liverpool property market saw a 32% year-on-year jump in buyer interest, with a 51.4% increase in February.

      In March, however, Covid-19 hit the UK and the property market became clouded with uncertainty.

      With the country going into a national lockdown, property market activity slowed, and many homeowners and property investors became worried about the effect that the coronavirus pandemic would have on property prices.

      Did House Prices Rise in Liverpool in 2020?

      Despite a rocky period, with average UK house prices falling by 0.2% in April, property prices in Liverpool made a speedy recovery, with the average Liverpool house price reaching £178,138 in June.

      By August 2020, the Liverpool Echo reported a ‘mini-boom’ in property prices in the city, and the average house price in Liverpool rose to £188,566, according to Zoopla.

      By November 2020, average Liverpool property prices stood at around £184,251.

      This shows a slight decrease over a three-month period but a significant year-on-year rise compared to November 2019’s £173,991 average price.

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        Why Invest in Liverpool? - What Are the Investment Benefits of Low House Prices in Liverpool?

        To understand why the Liverpool property market offers such an attractive investment opportunity for both student and residential properties, here are some of the key reasons why you should invest in Liverpool.

        If you’re looking for a buy to let property with an impressive rental yield, Liverpool is a great choice.

        Liverpool property investment boasts the highest rental yields in the country, with six Liverpool postcodes making the Totally Money list of the top 25 buy to let postcodes in the UK.

        The average Liverpool rental yield is around 7.92% – far higher than cities like Oxford which has an average rental yield of 2.87%, and Bristol which is 3.45%. The property market in Liverpool also generates an average rental price growth of 2.65%.

        Some of the best postcodes in Liverpool for buy to let yields are L1 with 10%, L11 with 8%, L6 with 8.12%, L2 with 7.56%, and L3 with 7.40% and L4 with 7.13% yields.

        These are all way above the national average, increasing the appeal of Liverpool investing opportunities.

        If you’re wondering where to invest in Liverpool, these postcodes are some of the best options.

        The impressive yields on offer wouldn’t be possible without the affordability of the Liverpool market.

        The low Liverpool property prices on offer in this city are a huge reason to invest in the areas rental market, and make Liverpool investment an affordable option for both first-time investors and those looking to grow their portfolio.

        Combined with an asking price of £1,165 for the average rent in Liverpool, UK investors are becoming aware of the fact that these low property purchase prices make for some of the best rental returns in the country.

        Back in 2018 and 2019, many people were left wondering ‘is buy to let worth it in 2019 and 2020?’, especially because 2018 was such an uncertain year for the UK property market.

        However, with a lower cost of entry, the things that the Liverpool property market of 2019, 2020, and beyond had in store helped investors form a great investment strategy.

        Investing in Liverpool couldn’t be easier and there are so many opportunities out there for savvy property investors.

        So how does the average house price in Liverpool compare to other UK areas?

        According to Zoopla data, the average price of a house in the UK in 2023 is currently around £315,150, compared to the far lower average Liverpool property prices of only £196,594.

        These low Liverpool property prices allow investors to get more for their money compared to UK property investments in other areas, especially in the South, and more specifically London, where average asking property prices are around £742,157.

        Investors have discovered that for the price of one London property, they could get multiple similar properties in Liverpool while also benefitting from high yields.

        With a lower than average house price in Liverpool and high rental income, this Northern city is one of the best locations for buy to let investments in the UK.

        Another major factor in the appeal of Liverpool property investments in 2023 is the fact that the city attracts such high levels of demand from desirable tenants like students and young professionals.

        While Liverpool house prices are low for those looking to invest, growing UK property market prices are still too high for a lot of first-time buyers, while many people are simply choosing to rent for longer periods before buying a home of their own.

        Liverpool has a long reputation for academic excellence, with the University of Liverpool dating all the way back to 1903.

        The city is also home to Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool Hope University, LIPA, and Edge Hill University, all of which have led Liverpool’s population to be filled with students.

        Liverpool is home to over 70,000 students, and the strong demand for accommodation is set to continue.

        With a high student retention rate, these recent graduates and young professionals are perfect tenants for high-end, modern city centre apartment buildings such as our completed project, The Bridewell.

        The fact that Liverpool offers so many amazing business opportunities, with huge UK names like Shop Direct and Matalan, means that more and more young professionals are looking to live and work in the city.

        City centre districts such as the Baltic Triangle offer a variety of creative and tech start-ups, while the Liverpool Business District is home to companies from a range of sectors.

        By investing in postcodes considered the best places to buy in Liverpool such as L1, you can expect ongoing tenant interest and fewer void periods overall.

        Another reason so many investors considered investing in the Liverpool property market over the last few years is because of the huge growth in prices.

        Paired with low property prices in Liverpool and high rental demand, capital growth helps boost the appeal of the Liverpool real estate market even further.

        In August 2018’s UK Cities House Price Index, Liverpool property prices had the highest growth out of all of the recorded cities, at 7.5% over the last 12 months.

        At the same time, UK average house price growth was 3.6%, less than half the Liverpool house price growth rate.

        The North West continues to outperform other regions in terms of house price growth, making the Liverpool property market of 2023 an attractive prospect.

        Liverpool property price forecast predictions suggest that the city’s house price growth is set to continue over the years.

        The UK property market housing market forecast from Savills shows a percentage change of 11.7% growth expected for the North West region by 2027.

        Regeneration has played a big part in Liverpool’s capital growth.

        According to the council’s Liverpool Local Plan, there are currently £14bn worth of regeneration projects on-site or in the pipeline, with billions worth of projects already completed.

        With targets to create 35,000 new homes, develop 370 acres of land and 38,000 new jobs, and exciting new regeneration schemes planned, such as Liverpool Waters, the city is striving towards enhanced economic and property market growth over the coming years.

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        What Are the Best Areas to Buy in Liverpool?

        When it comes to buy to let, some of the best postcodes in Liverpool can be found in the city centre.

        Boasting four of the six Liverpool postcodes ranked in Totally Money’s buy to let guide, Liverpool city centre is one of the most popular choices for investments in the city.

        Liverpool city centre boasts unlimited things to do and see.

        With cultural attractions like the Albert Dock, shopping attractions such as Liverpool ONE, food, drink and nightlife scattered across areas like Ropewalks and Castle Street, and educational facilities like the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University, the city centre is one of the most desirable places to live.

        Students and young professionals regularly seek out quality rental accommodation in this area, and are willing to spend large amounts on the perfect property. Average property prices stand at around £201,748 for the entire area according to Zoopla.

        The city centre of Liverpool has seen a lot of regeneration over the years. Notable projects have included LiverpoolONE, which saw around £960 million worth of regeneration, and the Baltic Triangle which has formed one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the UK thanks to ongoing redevelopment.

        In a feature on the Liverpool Echo online which was published in August, a representative from estate agents Sutton Kersh revealed that property prices in the inner-city area of Kensington were skyrocketing following investment into the nearby Royal Liverpool Hospital.

        What Makes the City Centre One of the Best Places to Buy in Liverpool?

        From rental yields to growth, it doesn’t get much better than Liverpool city centre.

        With yields as high as 10% in the L1 postcode, increasing demand, and ongoing regeneration leading to significant growth, the whole buy to let package is available from investments in central Liverpool.

        Some of the best postcodes in Liverpool city centre for investments include L1, L3, and L2 – all of which come with strong yields and a lot of demand from students and young professional renters.

        • Popular with students and young professionals.
        • Yields of up to 10%.
        • Ongoing regeneration boosting capital growth.
        • Great local attractions and transport links.

        At the south of the city, you’ll find what’s known as South Liverpool. Notoriously known as one of the most expensive areas of Merseyside when it comes to house prices, investors shouldn’t instantly dismiss South Liverpool and the opportunities it has to offer.

        Some of the most popular towns in the South Liverpool area include Aigburth, Mossley Hill, Allerton and Garston. Further South you’ll find Speke, while areas like Dingle and Toxteth can be found closer to the city centre.

        Amongst these different towns, you’ll come across a mixture of property prices.

        Mossley Hill, for instance, is considered one of the most affluent areas of Liverpool, with current average property prices of £331,179 according to Zoopla.

        Aigburth, home to the trendy Lark Lane, follows behind with an average of £237,968.

        In Dingle and Toxteth, however, home to the popular L8 postcode, property prices stand at £164,741 on average.

        Areas further South like Speke and Garston also boast affordable average prices of between £137,654 to £159,772, which make them popular with first-time buyers.

        The Toxteth postcode of L8 was also revealed as one of the best places to buy an investment property in Liverpool in 2020 and 2021 due to becoming an in-demand investment area.

        What Makes South Liverpool One of the Best Places to Buy in Liverpool? 

        The L8 postcode, spanning Dingle and Toxteth, is often considered one of the best postcodes in Liverpool for buy to let.

        Not only does it offer some of the lowest Liverpool property prices for both flats and houses, but rental yields are also high, such as with our City Terraces investment opportunity which offers yields of up to 7%.

        While spots like Aigburth do come with a higher price tag, investors who are keen to maximise capital growth shouldn’t ignore this area.

        Recently featured in Conde Nast’s roundup of the coolest UK neighbourhoods, Aigburth is a desirable place to live for the city’s growing scene of young professional renters and likely to see huge growth over the coming years.

        With stylish bars and restaurants available in the hip Lark Lane, and average rental costs of around £986 a month, this South Liverpool postcode is definitely one to watch.

        • The L8 postcode offers high yields and affordable prices.
        • Home to trendy areas like Aigburth which attract demand from young professionals.
        • Significant house price growth.

        Another part of the city which has been deemed one of the best areas to invest in Liverpool over recent years is North Liverpool.

        Like South Liverpool, North Liverpool features more suburban towns which can be popular with families or those looking to purchase a home of their own.

        What makes the Northern part of the city different, however, is the fact that property prices are significantly lower.

        Some of North Liverpool’s most notable areas include Anfield, Everton, Bootle, and Aintree.

        Bootle is another place that’s been considered one of the best areas to buy in Liverpool, with increased investment demand recorded by Sutton Kersh in 2020.

        Out of these four spots, the current highest property price average can be found in Aintree with £176,548, which is a far cry from that of South Liverpool’s Mossley Hill.

        One of the most affordable areas in both North Liverpool and the city as a whole is Anfield, with average prices of £107,534.

        These low price tags have grabbed the attention of investors, who are keen to maximise rental returns.

        The L6 postcode, with yields of 9.63%, spans part of Anfield and made the Totally Money buy to let list in 2021.

        One of the more affluent parts of North Liverpool is Crosby, a seaside town which has grown in popularity over recent years.

        Average property prices for Crosby stand at £329,072, but investors can still find more affordable opportunities when purchasing flats in the area.

        One of our sold-out developments, Crosby Gardens, offered yields of up to 7% and prices from just £79,995.

        What Makes North Liverpool One of the Best Places to Buy in Liverpool?

        When looking hard enough, investors can find some great deals in the North Liverpool part of the city.

        While certain parts of North Liverpool are more run-down and less appealing to a student or young professional demographic, many areas like Anfield are growing in popularity due to regeneration, which is ultimately expected to boost house prices too.

        Rural spots like Crosby, with easy access to the beautiful beaches of Liverpool, are becoming popular rental locations, particularly since being named the best place to live in the North West back in 2003.

        If you want low prices and high potential growth, North Liverpool is definitely worth looking into further.

        • Low prices and high yields.
        • Regeneration boosting the area.
        • Good for investors looking to rent to families or retirees.

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          Invest in the Liverpool Property Market Now for Huge Buy to Let Potential in 2024

          Liverpool property market forecast predictions are expecting big things over the coming years.

          With property values in the Liverpool buy-to-let market set to rise, it’s worth considering investing while average house prices in Liverpool are still affordable but have the potential for growth.

          The range of properties, the unique appeal Liverpool holds, its impressive rental yields, and affordable house prices all make the Liverpool buy-to-let property market the perfect option for property investments in 2024.

          With rental yields, property growth, and rental demand in mind, Liverpool is likely one of the best UK property investment locations.

          For this reason, it’s a smart idea to consider the city for your next investment. And if you’re looking for flats for sale Liverpool, then RWinvest is the company for you.

          If you’re interested in buy-to-let in the United Kingdom and are ready to buy an investment property in Liverpool, make sure you explore our range of investment opportunities in Liverpool with RWinvest.

          Take a look at our Liverpool investment property page for information on our current developments, and be sure to check out our latest Liverpool property news.

          If you found this guide insightful, take a look at other guides covering topics such as ‘are investment properties worth it in 2024?’ and our ultimate property investment guide.

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