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Dudley Buy-to-Let Guide

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    All About Dudley Buy-to-Let Investment

    Dudley is often overlooked by property investors. Many buy-to-let landlords look to nearby Birmingham for investment opportunities and better buy-to-let returns. However, Dudley is at the centre of a huge investment scheme and attracts plenty of people to the area.

    Within this buy-to-let guide, you will find information on Dudley rental prices and property valuations. In addition, we’ll cover the property market in the surrounding areas. Finally, the guide will compare Dudley with the rest of the United Kingdom.

    By the end of the guide investors will know the best places to invest in Dudley.

    So is buy-to-let still a good investment in Dudley? Read on for more information.

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      Dudley ruin

      Buy-to-Let Property Prices in Dudley

      Dudley house prices are low compared to the national average. HM Land Registry UK House Price Index puts the average Dudley house price at £223,986. A year prior, house prices were around £220,910. This represents a 1.40% price growth. However, prices in the area reached a peak in February 2023 and have steadily decreased since.

      The national average house price is £287,546. This makes Dudley around 24% cheaper than the average place in the UK.

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        Dudley warehouse

        Buy-to-Let Rental Market in Dudley

        The West Midlands has experienced exponential rental growth over the last year. According to the Homelet Rental Index, the region boasts an 11% rental growth. This is the third-highest in the country, only behind London and Scotland.

        As far as rental growth and property prices go, Dudley offers one of the best buy-to-let markets in England.

        Housesforsaletorent.co.uk calculates the average Dudley area rental cost at £763 pcm. Meanwhile, the UK average rental cost is £1,243 (as per the Homelet Rental Index). This makes Dudley’s rent around 47% cheaper than the rest of the country. Meanwhile, Home.co.uk puts Birmingham rents over £1,500. As such the Dudley rental market is much more attractive to tenants than its larger neighbour.

        The University of Worcester will start offering a number of degrees at Dudley College from this year, but the potential for student letting in the area will still be very limited.

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        Investment Properties for Sale in Dudley

        The rental market in Dudley offers a variety of property types, including detached and semi-detached houses, as well as terraced properties. As mentioned, property prices in Dudley are lower than the UK average, making it an ideal location for those seeking a more affordable investment opportunity.

        According to Rightmove, properties in Dudley had an average price of £201,503 over the last year. The most popular were semi-detached properties, selling for an average price of £200,463. Terraced properties sold for an average of £173,951, while detached properties fetched £308,802.

        Overall, sold prices in Dudley over the last year were comparable to the previous year and showed a 7% increase from the 2021 peak of £188,367

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          Dudley aerial view

          Buy-to-Let Investment in Dudley: Area Breakdown

          There’s a lot to consider when it comes to buy-to-rent properties. Before jumping into a BTL investment, make sure you know which area provides the best yields and property prices to match your budget.

          All property prices here were found on Zoopla.

          Dudley Town Centre

          Dudley’s centre offers commercial areas and residential properties. Investors are most likely to find apartments and terraces in this part of town. Expect good value properties with decent rental yields.

          The Portersfield is set to transform Dudley town centre’s residential market in the near future.

          Average Property Price in Dudley Town Centre

          Average property prices in DY1 are £198,768.

          Average Rental Yield in Dudley Town Centre

          Rental yields are 4.5% on average in DY1.

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          Dudley aerial view

          North Dudley

          Areas in North Dudley include:

          • Roseville
          • Sedgley
          • Coseley
          • Parts of Tipton
          • Parts of Tividale
          • Wallbrook
          • Wren’s Nest

          Residents enjoy good access to Dudley town centre from these areas. They can also reach Wolverhampton with ease. While Dudley does not have its own train station, Coseley station links up with Walsall and Birmingham.

          Average Property Prices in North Dudley

          Property prices in DY3 are £239,461 on average.

          Average Rental Yields in North Dudley

          Investors can expect an average yield of 3.9% in North Dudley.

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            Dudley Aerial View

            East Dudley

            Areas in East Dudley include:

            • Kates Kill
            • Dixon’s Green

            These areas have their own amenities and job opportunities, which attract working residents. In addition, commuters can access the motorway network from the east side of Dudley. It is also close to the Dudley Zoo and Castle, so you may have some luck with short-term rentals with tourists coming into the area.

            Average Property Prices in East Dudley

            Prices in DY2 are slightly cheaper than other Dudley areas, averaging around £185,883.

            Average Rental Yields in East Dudley

            DY2 rental yields are around 4.8%.

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            Dudley Aerial View

            West Dudley

            Districts in this area include:

            • Kingswinford
            • Gornalwood
            • London Fields
            • Lower Gornall
            • Pensnett
            • Russells Hall

            The Pensnett Trading Estate is a large business park with over 200 companies. These provide lots of local jobs. As such, the area is popular with renters who work nearby.

            Average Property Prices in West Dudley

            Average property prices in this area are around £280,222.

            Average Rental Yields in West Dudley

            Average yields in this area sit at 4.4%.

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              Himley Dudley

              South Dudley

              Investors can find Dudley’s largest suburbs in the southern parts of the region. These include:

              • Halesowen
              • Stourbridge
              • Brierley Hill
              • Amblecote
              • Lapal
              • Darby End
              • Netherton
              • Lye
              • Wollaston
              • Woodside
              • Wordsley
              • Withymoor

              Investors and residents look to this side of town for good transport links to the town centre, the Merry Hill shopping centre, access to the motorway network and the numerous business parks offering employment. The area also allows tenants to reach the rural parts of Worcestershire and Staffordshire when they need a break from urban living.

              Average Property Prices in South Dudley

              Property prices in DY5 are £197,581 on average.

              DY8 property prices are more expensive. They come to £277,342 on average.

              Average Rental Yields in South Dudley

              Rental yields in DY5 are around 4.4%

              DY8 yields are roughly 3.5%.


              Why You Should Consider a Buy-to-Let Investment in Dudley

              Great Transport Links

              Dudley is well-placed in the Midlands for businesses that need access to other parts of the UK. These businesses provide job opportunities that bring people into the area.

              Dudley is near the M5 and also connects to the M6 and further motorway network. Commuters can travel by road or rail in and out of Dudley. Birmingham New Street is 20 minutes away by train. This makes the area popular with people who want to enjoy big city amenities on occasion but want somewhere quieter to live. Bilston and Wolverhampton are also less than an hour away.

              Underrated Tourism Economy

              Dudley is known as a working town. However, the historic side of the city attracts more than 300,000 tourists every year. Popular attractions include:

              • Dudley Zoo
              • Dudley Castle
              • Black Country Living Museum


              Dudley will also benefit from some significant regeneration plans that will make the area a better place to live and visit.

              For instance, the Invest Dudley programme is a billion-pound initiative that’ll improve transport, innovation and new homes in the area.

              Recent and upcoming regeneration projects include:

              • Black Country and Marches Institute of Technology to improve local STEM skills
              • The Castle Hill Vision set to improve the castle, zoo and woodland
              • Black Country Living Museum expansion to attract more visitors to the area

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              Dudley New-Builds

              Investing in new-build properties has emerged as a burgeoning trend in the UK real estate market, captivating the attention of both tenants and landlords alike. With these properties being recently constructed, there is minimal requirement for repair or renovation before they are market-ready. As a result, tenants can move in almost immediately, and investors can experience a faster turnaround in rental returns.

              With demand consistently outpacing supply, the necessity for new housing opportunities has become even more prevalent. Recently, Dudley Council has engaged in various new housing schemes to address this shortage and boost the local property market.

              Considering current market dynamics, opting for new-build properties could present a favourable opportunity for investors in the years ahead.

              While Dudley does offer a range of new-build investment options, larger metropolitan cities such as Liverpool and Manchester may provide broader investment prospects and potentially higher capital appreciation.

              Further Reading: Learn more about this investment trend with our recent buy-to-let guides, covering everything from new-builds in Milton Keynes to the latest UK hotspots!

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                Off plan property construction site with workmen

                Off-Plan Property in Dudley

                Although new-build properties usually attract considerable attention, they often carry premium price tags compared to older residential developments. One avenue to access newly constructed properties at a more affordable cost is through off-plan property investment.

                This strategy involves purchasing a property early in the development stage, often before construction begins, allowing investors to secure it at a discounted rate relative to standard market prices.

                Investing in off-plan properties offers the potential for significant capital growth upon completion. Typically, as a property nears completion, its value tends to rise. Additionally, there is often strong tenant demand in desirable locations, potentially leading to higher rental yields over time.

                The most promising off-plan investments are typically in areas with established infrastructure and emerging rental markets. Regions undergoing regeneration often signify more potential for future new-build developments and capital appreciation.

                While there may be some opportunity for off-plan investment in the Dudley rental market, investors might find greater profitability and capital appreciation by concentrating on UK cities with a higher concentration of forthcoming new developments.

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                  Bradford City Centre Aerial View

                  How Does Dudley Compare to Other UK Regions When It Comes to Buy-to-Let?

                  Dudley offers good value property prices and rental yields. However, it pales in comparison to other parts of the UK. Many look to nearby Birmingham buy to let a property, or more major cities in other areas of the country.

                  If investors are looking for good value, they may want to turn their attention to the North West. For instance, the UK House Price Index puts Liverpool property prices at £177,628. In addition, rental yield averages in Liverpool are currently around 7.77%, much higher than in Dudley.

                  In addition, Dudley may have a decent tourist industry. However, Liverpool tourist attractions brought in over 70 million visitors in 2022. This makes short-term rentals and holiday lets a very lucrative opportunity in the area. For these reasons, many investors choose to let in Liverpool.

                  If you’re stuck trying to decide which location is best for your investment, it could be worth contacting a property investment company.

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                    Want to Invest in Dudley in 2024?

                    If you are interested in buy-to-let investment, Dudley has some appealing aspects to make it worth your while.

                    However, other areas such as the North West may offer more substantial returns and consistent demand.

                    To learn more about the various buy-to-let hotspots the UK has to offer, take a look at some of our latest guides:

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