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Islington Buy-to-Let Guide

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    Investing in Islington Buy-to-Let

    Thanks to sky-high rents and seemingly unshakeable rental demand, buy-to-let property investors can’t help but be drawn to the London area. It’s hard to find another locale with such a reputation for stable growth. Despite extravagant property prices, upmarket boroughs of London, such as Islington, remain popular choices for buy-to-let investment.

    As one of the most expensive boroughs in London, Islington still attracts plenty of rental demand, thanks to its prestigious reputation and convenient location for those working locally and in the city. 

    Islington can offer liveable suburban areas in a prime London location, so is it the perfect choice for UK property investors

    This in-depth guide will give you the rundown on Islington as a buy-to-let property hotspot.

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      London Aerial View

      Buy-to-Let Property Prices in Islington

      Famously, London property commands a high premium, and Islington is one of London’s priciest boroughs, along with Westminster, and Kensington and Chelsea. The area is known for a range of property types, including its grand Victorian properties and charming Georgian terraced houses, alongside more modern new developments.

      According to Rightmove, properties in Islington had an average price of £841,057 over the last year. This is 6% down from the previous year and 4% up compared to 2020. London house prices have experienced a slight fall this year, with Zoopla reporting an annual change of -0.6% in the area in their July 2023 UK House Price Index. 

      But property prices, including those in London, are predicted by most financial forecasters to rise again in the future, continuing the overall growth trend that the UK property market has experienced in the last few decades.

      For a full breakdown of the costs involved with buy-to-let, take a look at our extensive 2024 guide.

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        Islington Street View

        Buy to Let Rental Market in Islington

        Like London’s other luxury districts, Islington’s high property prices generally produce a lower gross rental yield. Islington has one of the lowest rental yields compared to other London property investments, estimated to be around 2.88%.

        Following overall UK trends, the inadequate supply of housing in London boroughs is exerting upward pressure on rent prices, pushing them up ever higher. The average rent in Islington is around £2,982 PCM, and rents are expected to continue to rise in the near future.

        The most common type of property for rent in Islington is a one-bedroom property. The prevalence of one-bedroom apartments implies that childless singles and couples are a common tenancy. On average, homeowners typically skew older, while renters tend to be younger, and Islington follows this trend.

        The private rental sector accounts for about 26% of all housing in Islington. These renters often work in professional industries such as finance and real estate, and the number of Islington inhabitants who have completed education to a degree level or equivalent is higher than the UK average. The area attracts affluent professionals who will work within Islington or wider London and are willing to pay higher rents for a convenient and luxurious living location.

        Apart from professionals, a buy-to-let investor could also target affluent students as potential tenants. Some of the highest-ranked academic institutions in the world can be found in London, attracting students from around the globe. Despite the high rent, it was estimated that over 20,000 students resided in private rental accommodation in the borough of Islington in 2021.

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        Investment Properties for Sale in Islington

        Islington offers a diverse range of property types from attractive Georgian squares and Victorian terraced housing with private gardens, to luxury new build apartments. Older properties are most common, but as a sought-after area there’s lots of modern housing too, and new build developments on the way.

        So which types of property in Islington are most popular? According to Rightmove, most property sales in Islington last year involved flats. They sold for £638,570 on average. Terraced properties went for an average price of £1,536,394, while semi-detached properties had an average cost of £2,081,945.

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          Islington riverside

          Buy-to-Let Investment in Islington: Area Breakdown

          Prices are generally high in Islington, but there are some more affordable areas for those looking to invest in property. Properties closer to central London are generally more costly, such as those in Angel and Clerkenwell, adjacent to Shoreditch.

          Further out into the suburbs, however, many in-demand residential areas can be found.

          Let’s take a look at these areas in more detail.

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            Islington street view


            Average Property Prices in Barnsbury

            The average property price in Barnsbury is £901,799.

            Average Rental Yield in Barnsbury

            The average rental yield in Barnsbury is 3.59%.

            Unbeatable Views, Unbeatable Returns

            Secure a 2-bed apartment in this landmark development boasting panoramic views of Liverpool’s Waterfront.

              Islington street view


              Average Property Prices in Holloway

              The average property price in Holloway is £673,104.

              Average Rental Yields in Holloway

              The average rental yield in Holloway is 5.4%.

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              Islington market


              Average Property Prices in Highbury

              The average property price in Highbury is £1,183,261.

              Average Rental Yields in Highbury

              The average rental yield in Highbury is £2.98%.

              (Averages taken from Zoopla and Rightmove, estimated yield calculated with figures from

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                London street view

                What is the Best Area of Islington to Invest in?

                Central Islington doesn’t offer much in terms of green spaces, so the leafy district of Highbury is highly sought after. This area can offer some advantages in the form of high demand, but the property prices are too excessive to provide a high rental yield on average.

                Upmarket residential areas like Barnsbury and Canonbury are popular living places, so the average property price is steep. But certain pockets, such as Barnsbury West, have been identified as much cheaper than the Islington average, which suggests good deals can be found if you choose your location carefully.

                Some areas, such as Holloway, are further from the centre of London, meaning the property prices are lower on average. However, the district still has high rents, making an attractive gross rental yield achievable. 

                Take a look at our overall UK Area Guide for some insights into the best places to invest in property.


                Why You Should Consider a Buy-to-Let Investment in Islington


                Islington is located within Transport for London’s zones 1 and 2, making it well-connected when it comes to public transport links like rail and bus networks. King’s Cross station borders Islington and the neighbouring borough of Camden, and other major stations such as Euston are nearby. Islington has many overground railway links, as well as convenient tube stations such as Highbury & Islington. 

                Public spending is higher in London compared to the rest of the UK, coming in at £13,719 per head in 2022. This is 15% higher than the UK average. Islington has superb infrastructure, and regeneration efforts will help maintain this high level.


                While Islington was already an exceedingly convenient area for public transport, thanks to local regeneration projects, public transport infrastructure has been improved even more in recent years. For example, work has been carried out on tube stations such as Finsbury, Old Street and City Road, and upgrades have been made to King’s Cross Station. 

                Transport links were further strengthened with the opening of the Elizabeth Line at Farringdon Station in 2022, making it the only station served by both the Elizabeth Line and the Thameslink. 

                Regeneration projects have also taken place across the city. For example, Highbury benefitted from the Arsenal Regeneration Programme, which provided around 1,500 new homes to the area.

                Interested in sustainability and property investment? Read our Liverpool Regeneration Case Study for more information.

                Investment Security

                The London property market’s reputation as a low-risk investment is known worldwide. As the UK centre of finance, commerce, business, and government, property in London will always be sought after. This keeps demand for property high even in times of economic insecurity. 

                Of course, all investments come with a risk, but the London property market is known for its resilience and is regarded as capable of weathering unexpected economic storms.

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                  Off plan property construction site with workmen

                  Islington New-Builds

                  There’s an extreme shortage of available rental properties across London, meaning there is a considerable demand for new-build developments in Islington.

                  Islington Council has set aside various locations in the borough for new-build housing developments. As mentioned, new housing has also been delivered as part of regeneration schemes.

                  London is already a top choice for private developers, so there will likely be many new build investment opportunities in Islington. But to have the full selection of the best new-build investment opportunities, it’s worth looking at the whole of London. For up-and-coming London areas, this could include Dagenham new-builds, and while pricey, central London will have diverse investment options on offer.

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                  Off-Plan Property

                  Off-Plan Property in Islington

                  As property investment trends shift towards new builds, there is growing interest in off-plan investment as a way to get a good deal on a newly built home. But is Islington a good choice for investors considering off-plan property?

                  As previously mentioned, London is one of the most popular choices for private developers, along with other major UK cities such as Manchester. This means there are many new developments in the pipeline, and there are likely to be many opportunities for off-plan property investment in the area. Off-plan property in Islington is one option, but to get the best deal, it is recommended to widen the search to the London area.

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                    Liverpool Waters

                    How Does Islington Compare to Other UK Regions When it Comes to Buy-to-Let?

                    Properties in upmarket London boroughs are often considered a safe bet for buy-to-let investors due to stable capital growth, high rental income, an almost guaranteed flow of rental demand, and the prestigious reputation of the area.

                    However, disadvantages include the luxury price tag of Islington property and, subsequently, lower rental yields. The barrier of affordability prevents many investors from considering London, and instead, they turn to other major cities outside the capital. Particularly, locations like the North West can offer higher rental yields and a lower average property price, saving on initial costs.

                    Alongside this, recent trends suggest that many young professionals are moving up North and other major cities outside of the capital, enticed by the more affordable cost of living. 

                    Overall, while demand is high in Islington and other parts of London, the same can equally be said of Manchester and Liverpool buy-to-let – with a much smaller price tag.

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                      Want to Invest in Islington in 2024?

                      Areas in London, especially central, upmarket boroughs such as Islington, will always be popular choices for buy-to-let investors. Those who invest in Islington are unlikely to lose money in the long run. 

                      Extravagant property prices are a barrier to many, and the rental yields can be disappointing. To see quicker returns, it could be worth exploring other areas of the UK with lower average property prices and higher rental yields. Major cities in the North West, such as Manchester and Liverpool, also boast high demand and stable capital value growth without the formidable costs of a London property.

                      Hands-off buy-to-let property investments are increasingly popular, allowing investors to explore their options across the UK. 

                      Want to stay up to date with the rest of the UK market? Take a look at some of our recent buy-to-let guides below:

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