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Birkenhead Buy-to-Let Guide

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    Everything You Need to Know About Birkenhead Buy-to-Let

    Birkenhead is a town on the Wirral peninsula, offering stunning views of the Liverpool waterfront and fantastic transport links for the North West and the rest of the country.

    As for buy-to-let investment opportunities, Birkenhead offers fantastic value properties in urban areas close to train stations, bus routes and local amenities. In addition, a massive regeneration programme is set to transform the town – and subsequently the property market – over the next two decades.

    This guide will cover everything you need to know about Birkenhead’s buy-to-let market in 2024 and help you make an informed decision on how to invest in property in a diverse area brimming with potential.

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      Birkenhead view

      Buy-to-Let Property Prices in Birkenhead

      According to Rightmove, Birkenhead boasted an average house price of £187,165 over the previous 12 months. In addition, most property sales were for semi-detached properties, culminating in a £228,488. In contrast, terraced house property sales were far cheaper, with an average price of £130,710; moreover, flats were less expensive still, reaching £121,110.

      Interestingly, prices in Birkenhead have soared by 6% over the last year and by 21% since the 2020 £154,681 peak.

      The UK House Price Index states that the average house price for the UK stood at £286,000 in May 2023. As such, Birkenhead is roughly 34.5% cheaper than the rest of the country, making buy-to-let costs more affordable compared to more southern cities like London and Oxford.

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      Birkenhead river view

      Buy-to-Let Rental Market in Birkenhead

      Birkenhead’s buy-to-let market predominantly focuses on letting to local residents, either those who work in the area or choose to live in Birkenhead and commute across the Mersey to Liverpool.

      Typically, Birkenhead properties are most appealing to those who work in the city centre or even Chester, thanks to a comprehensive Merseyrail network and frequent buses.

      According to the latest Birkenhead Market Rent Summary from, the average monthly rent in Birkenhead amounts to £1,241. Moreover, Birkenhead landlords can earn £888 per month, on average, for a one-bedroom property, £1,238 per month for a two-bedroom, £2,536 per month for a three-bedroom, and £2,755 per month for a four-bedroom property.

      In terms of rental yields, Birkenhead presents an enticing opportunity for buy-to-let investors, offering highly attractive percentages, particularly in the town centre. The town falls primarily within the Chester CH41, CH42, and CH43 postcode areas. Research on LiveYield indicates that investors can secure impressive long-let gross yields of 8% in CH41, 7.2% in CH42, and 5.9% in CH43. These figures are substantially higher than the UK average yield of 5.08%.

      Investors should remember that Wirral Council will operate a licensing scheme in specific Birkenhead areas from 2024, so you’ll typically need a license for rental properties in those specific areas.

      In addition, if you are considering shared properties or HMOs in Birkenhead, you should brush up on HMO licenses with the Wirral Council.

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      Buy-to-Let Investment in Birkenhead: Area Breakdown

      Birkenhead provides a diverse selection of property types for buy-to-let investors, encompassing traditional brick terraces and an array of suburban houses with attractive garden spaces, particularly in Oxton. Additionally, many new builds are already completed or in the planning stages. For more information on new-build property investment, take a look at some of the latest off-plan properties on the market.

      The property market in Birkenhead exhibits a blend of characteristics to which investors should pay attention to. While certain parts of the town are marked with significant deprivation, it is precisely in these areas that one can discover the most affordable properties. Properties like these tend to attract budget-conscious buy-to-let landlords and those focused on managing HMOs.

      On the other hand, some parts of Birkenhead boast picturesque residential streets and charming outlying village areas, which appeal to families seeking rental accommodations but can result in more expensive buy-to-let houses for sale.

      Let’s look at these areas in greater detail.

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        Birkenhead Street View

        CH41: Birkenhead, Claughton, Seacombe, Tranmere, Woodside

        The CH41 area consists of the Birkenhead town centre and Hamilton Square, known for its stunning Georgian buildings and train station, through which multiple railway lines run. As such, the area allows easy access to other parts of the Wirral, Liverpool and other Merseyside locations. The town centre experiences some of the most extreme cases of deprivation. However, it remains an attractive prospect to buy-to-let investors due to its cheap house prices and high yields.

        Claughton is a little further out of the centre but still within the same postcode and is close to Birkenhead Park and the home of the Birkenhead Sixth Form College. In addition, it also has a good selection of stores and other amenities on a small yet famous high street.

        In addition, the CH41 area is also home to the Birkenhead tunnel, allowing drivers’ to reach Liverpool city centre with a relatively short commute.

        Average Property Prices in CH41

        Over the past year, properties within the CH41 postcode area sold for an average price of £119,408, according to Rightmove.

        The dominant property type sold over the previous year was the terraced property, which achieved an average selling price of £112,219. Semi-detached properties garnered an average of £148,121, while flats saw costs of around £105,396.

        In a broader context, the sold prices in CH41 exhibited a notable increase, rising by 9% compared to the previous year. Furthermore, these prices demonstrated a substantial 15% rise from the peak of £103,458 recorded in 2007.

        Average Rental Yield in CH41

        The average rental yield in Birkenhead’s CH41 area is 8.0%.

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        Oxton street view

        CH42: Birkenhead, Oxton, Prenton, Rock Ferry

        The CH42 area of Birkenhead includes Prenton, Rock Ferry, Tranmere and Oxton. Further out are Bebington, Eastham and Bromborough.

        These are good for those who need to commute to the southern region of the Wirral, primarily catering to the employment hubs in and around Ellesmere Port and Deeside. While certain CH42 districts like Rock Ferry feature affordable properties, other locales, such as Prenton and Higher Bebington, fall into the mid-priced category. These areas are particularly favoured by families primarily due to the presence of the local Wirral Grammar School for Boys and Wirral Grammar School for Girls.

        Average Property Prices in CH42

        Over the past year, CH42 had an average house price of £155,660. Most sales were for terraced properties, reaching an average of £122,783. Meanwhile, semi-detached homes sold for £202,832 on average, and flats sold for an average of £96,819.

        According to Rightmove, these figures are a 5% increase on the previous 12 months.

        Average Rental Yields in CH42

        The average rental yield in the CH42 area is 7.2%.

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          Birkenhead - Bidston

          CH43: Bidston, Noctorum, Oxton, Prenton

          CH43 is one of the most affluent parts of Birkenhead. While some parts of Oxton and Prenton overlap into the CH42 area, CH43 features a famous semi-detached suburban housing market. Oxton is home to Birkenhead School, a private institution that has stood on those grounds since 1860. The area also includes St Anselms Collag – a Roman Catholic grammar school – and Birkenhead High School Academy for Girls. The site is popular with families due to good transport links to the town centre and local nature spots like Bidston Hill.

          Average Property Prices in CH43

          Over the past year, CH43 had an average house price of £232,565. Most sales were for semi-detached properties, reaching an average of £248,316. Meanwhile, terraced homes sold for £2180,496 on average, with flats selling for an average of £129,719.

          According to Rightmove, these figures are a 5% increase from the previous year and 8% over the £214,358 2020 peak.

          Average Rental Yields in CH43

          The average rental yield in the CH43 area is 5.9%.

          Manchester - 15

          Why You Should Consider a Buy-to-Let Investment in Birkenhead

          Situated on the Wirral peninsula, Birkenhead lies adjacent to the River Mersey, opposite Liverpool.

          It’s worth noting that Birkenhead stands as an independent entity, distinct from Liverpool – a misconception often encountered among newcomers. Operating under its own jurisdiction, Birkenhead falls under the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral, overseen by the Wirral Council. It is still encompassed within the Merseyside region.

          Unparalleled Transport Links

          Birkenhead boasts excellent transportation links within Merseyside and across the nation. It sits conveniently along the M53 and A41 roadways, with The Kingsway and Queensway road tunnels facilitating quick access to Liverpool. Furthermore, Birkenhead seamlessly integrates with the Merseyrail train network, offering frequent services to Liverpool and various Wirral destinations, extending to Chester.

          Birkenhead enjoys regular ferry services from the Woodside Ferry Terminal, catering to passengers, vehicles, and freight, connecting to Dublin, Belfast, and the Isle of Man. The iconic Mersey ferry route operates between Birkenhead and Pier Head Liverpool.

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            Birkenhead’s Industrial Benefits

            In the past, Birkenhead served as a prominent hub for robust manufacturing and shipbuilding, witnessing the construction of numerous ships. While shipbuilding and repair activities continue to thrive, the contemporary economic landscape of the Birkenhead region is characterised by various business sectors. The area’s major employers now include light manufacturing, cutting-edge technology production, automotive industries, scientific research, logistics, and a range of service-oriented endeavours.

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              Regeneration Prospects

              Typically, the best buy-to-let areas in the UK will be ones that maintain a steady stream of regenerative prospects. Birkenhead, for example, is on the brink of a transformative era, with extensive revitalisation initiatives and substantial investments set to take place in the coming years. Efforts such as these are poised to usher in a surge of employment opportunities and newcomers, infusing fresh vitality into the Birkenhead region and significantly boosting the local property market.

              Wirral Council’s ambitious vision drives this revival with the Wirral Growth Company, a collaborative endeavour between Wirral Council and Muse Developments, orchestrating the regeneration endeavours.

              The Birkenhead 2040 Framework stands at the forefront, an overarching 20-year blueprint promising profound change. Within this framework lie eight pivotal projects, working towards generating 6,000 job placements and erecting 21,000 residences.

              The blueprint for Birkenhead’s revival includes a revamped town centre featuring a new Birkenhead Market and town square and the creation of 900,000 sq. m. of commercial space, including an innovative office quarter. A modern residential area is envisaged around Conway Park train station, intertwined with new foot and cycle pathways, expansive public areas, and verdant spaces, highlighted by a new linear park tracing the path of the disused Dock Branch railway.

              The Wirral Waters initiative further fuels Birkenhead’s transformation, a 30-year master plan targeting the revitalisation of 500 acres of former dockland just north of the town centre. Wirral Waters anticipates the construction of approximately 13,000 residences and the establishment of 20 million sq. ft. of office space, alongside provisions for burgeoning manufacturing industries and enriching educational and cultural facilities.

              Adding to these promising prospects, Birkenhead is slated to reap the advantages of Freeport status. The newly designated Liverpool City Region Freeport encompasses a portion of Birkenhead, further bolstering the region’s economic resurgence.

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              Birkenhead park

              Leisure Amenities in Birkenhead and Further Afield

              Despite its manufacturing heritage, Birkenhead provides convenient access to a wealth of leisure pursuits. The charming seaside town of New Brighton lies nearby; a brief commute through Wallasey will get you there in under half an hour. Ambitious plans are underway to turn New Brighton into a resort destination, featuring a new lido – drawing inspiration from New Brighton’s famous historical outdoor pool – and other attractions to entice more visitors. The Cheshire countryside and northern Wales lie within easy reach as well.

              Birkenhead’s attractions also include the renowned Birkenhead Park, famously believed to have inspired New York’s Central Park.

              While Birkenhead boasts an array of town centre shops and conveniences, it additionally offers seamless access to the vibrant shopping, nightlife, and cultural experiences in Liverpool city centre, just a river-crossing away.

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                Birkenhead New Builds

                There are calls for more new housing developments across the UK to address the supply-demand imbalance in the private rental sector, and Birkenhead is no exception.

                Through their Core Stretgy Local Plan, Wirral Council is looking at several sites for new-build housing in the Birkenhead region, with further developments promised as part of the Wirral Waters regeneration scheme.

                New build properties are a popular choice for buy-to-let investment, as they are in high demand from tenants and are often more energy efficient than older housing.

                But to get the best choice of new build investment opportunities, it’s’ worth widening the search to all parts of Merseyside, not just Birkenhead. This could include Crosby’s new builds for suburbs, but most buy-to-let new build projects will be concentrated in Liverpool City Centre.

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                Off-Plan Property

                Off-Plan Property in Birkenhead

                Off-plan property investment is growing in popularity as there is more and more interest in new builds among buy-to-let investors. As new developments tend to cost more, off-plan investment is one way to get a good deal on a newly built property. This is because by investing in the development earlier on, the property can be acquired for less than the standard market value.

                The best off-plan opportunities will be found in burgeoning areas with good potential for capital value growth in the future. With its focus on big regeneration projects, Birkenhead could be a good option for off-plan in the future, and it’s worth looking out for opportunities if you’re interested in this area.

                However, most off-plan investment options are found in major city centres such as Liverpool and Manchester, with more new developments in the pipeline.

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                  How Does Birkenhead Compare to Other UK Regions When it Comes to Buy-to-Let?

                  The Birkenhead property market exhibits distinctive characteristics compared to the broader UK landscape. While Birkenhead offers a diverse range of property types, including traditional terraces and modern suburban houses, its overall average prices are more affordable than in many other parts of the UK. The market caters to budget-conscious buy-to-let landlords and families with varying options.

                  Unlike some regions, Birkenhead has witnessed notable price increases in recent years, reflecting a growing demand. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that local economic conditions and amenities significantly shape this unique property market within the more extensive UK context.

                  However, investors need to be aware that Birkenhead is still an area in need of profound regeneration, which makes it less appealing to tenants who may prefer Liverpool or Manchester, especially when you factor in that the Liverpool buy-to-let market typically sees lower property prices on average – standing at £156,300 – and better amenities.

                  In addition, Birkenhead’s crime rate is poor compared to other parts of Merseyside. In 2022, the region experienced 154 crimes per 1,000 people, 34% greater than the Merseyside average of 115 per 1,000 residents. Buy-to-let landlords may worry about protecting their investment and ensuring a tenancy in their property attracts potential renters – Birkenhead ranked as the worst town in Merseyside for burglaries.

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                    Want to Invest in Birkenhead in 2024?

                    The Birkenhead region could potentially be an exciting proposition for many buy-to-let investors looking for cheap properties within spitting distance from Liverpool. With various neighbourhoods appealing to different demographics, top schools, and a planned regeneration scheme, the town fits into many investment strategies.

                    Birkenhead benefits from Liverpool’s benefits and promises more than healthy yields, though property investors may need to weigh whether the costs and other analytics are a worthwhile risk before investing any substantial amount of capital.

                    Want to stay up to date with the rest of the UK market? Take a look at some of our recent buy-to-let guides below:

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