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Wolverhampton Buy-to-Let Guide

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    All About Wolverhampton Buy-to-Let Property

    Wolverhampton is a dark horse in the UK property market. People usually think of property investment in London and Birmingham when they think of the larger UK cities. However, Wolverhampton is one of the biggest cities in the country. As such, it is well worth a look considering property investment.

    This West Midlands area has many buy-to-let investment properties to suit any portfolio. This is why we have created this helpful guide.

    Our Wolverhampton buy-to-let handbook will cover property prices and the rental market. We will break down different areas by amenities and yields. Finally, we’ll compare Wolverhampton with other cities in the UK.

    By the end of this guide, investors should have a good idea about investing in Wolverhampton.

    Read on for information surrounding property investing in Wolverhampton.

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      Wolverhampton city centre

      Buy-to-Let Property Prices in Wolverhampton

      In June 2023, Wolverhampton’s average house prices were £200,484. The national average property values were £287,546. This translates to almost a 35.7% difference.

      Detached homes are the most expensive property type – costing £326,949 on average. Semi-detached buy-to-let houses cost £204,464. Meanwhile, terraced properties and flats go for £163,542 and £101,365 respectively.

      Price growth is decreasing in Wolverhampton. This is to be expected following a turbulent few years and rising mortgage rates. In July 2022, price growth over a 12-month period was 12.3%. In June 2023, price growth was 3.10%.  However, UK price growth for the same period was only 1.7%. Price growth is an issue across the whole country. However, Wolverhampton is still doing better than the national average.

      Savills also predicts the West Midlands to enjoy capital growth of 20.2% by 2028. This is 2.3% higher than the UK capital growth prediction of 17.9%.

      These figures suggest Wolverhampton is a city on the rise. Good news for property investors!

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      Buy-to-Let Rental Market in Wolverhampton puts Wolverhampton’s average rental income at £1,081 pcm. Meanwhile, Homelet puts the average UK rent at £1,243 pcm. Judging by those figures, Wolverhampton rental costs are 13.9% cheaper than the rest of the country.

      However, the average Wolverhampton rental yield is around 6.5%. This is 1.31% higher than the national average.

      In addition, the West Midlands has experienced a rental growth of 11% over 12 months. This is the third-best in the country, behind Scotland and Greater London. The national average rental growth is 10.3% over the same period.

      These figures suggest Wolverhampton is ahead of the national average when it comes to rental yield and growth. While rental income per month is lower, property prices are much lower as well. This will lead to a greater ROI and capital appreciation over a shorter amount of time.

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      Wolverhampton map

      Buy-to-Let Investment in Wolverhampton: Area Breakdown

      Do not rush into a buy-to-let mortgage in Wolverhampton just yet. Make sure you know which areas offer the best yields and amenities for your tenants.

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        Wolverhampton hall

        North Wolverhampton

        North Wolverhampton includes the following districts:

        • Bilbrook
        • Codsall
        • Bushbury
        • Fordhouses
        • Pendeford

        These areas offer good transport links thanks to the M54 and M6. They have modern residential properties in cosy housing estates. Nearby business parks make this area popular with workers.

        In addition, Bilbrook and Codsall are a separate village. They have their own shops and amenities. 

        Two train stations run through this area. They connect with Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Telford and Shrewsbury.

        Average Property Prices in North Wolverhampton

        Average property prices in the WV8 postcode are £384,500.

        Average Rental Yields in North Wolverhampton

        The average rent in WV8 is £867 (according to Houses for Sale to Rent). The area has an average rental yield of 2.7%.

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        Wolverhampton street view

        East Wolverhampton

        The east Wolverhampton area includes mixed residential and commercial localities.

        These include:

        • Hayes
        • Bushbury South and Low Hill
        • Heath Town
        • New Cross
        • Moseley
        • Portobello
        • Wednesfield
        • Scotlands Estate
        • Wood Hayes
        • Wood End

        Investors can find many business parks and housing estates in this area. The New Cross Hospital is situated in Heath Town. The university’s Science Park is also in the area and hosts numerous small businesses in the north-east of the city.

        The eastern parts of town allow good access to Wolverhampton city centre. They connect to the motorway network and allow access to Walsall, Birmingham and other parts of England. Investors may find properties with bargain valuations here. The area is popular with buy-to-let investors.

        Average Property Prices in East Wolverhampton

        Zoopa puts average house prices in WV10 at £207,271.

        Average property prices in WV11 are £203,827.

        Average Rental Yields in East Wolverhampton

        The average rent in WV10 is £1,178. This means the yield is 6.8%.

        The average rent in WV11 is £950, making the average yield 5.6%.

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          Wolverhampton street view

          South Wolverhampton

          Southern Wolverhampton includes the following localities:

          • Graiseley
          • All Saints
          • Lanesfield
          • Goldthorne Hill
          • Parkfield
          • Upper Penn
          • Merry Hill

          Some of these places cross over into Coseley and Sedgley, which fall under the Dudley Metropolitan Borough.

          These areas include residential and commercial locations. Investors can find good-value properties in south Wolverhampton. As you’d expect, the suburban areas are more green. Wolverhampton’s southern district is well-placed for commutes to Birmingham, Dudley, West Bromwich and other parts of the West Midlands.

          Average Property Prices in South Wolverhampton

          Zoopla states that WV2 property prices are £181,451 on average.

          WV4 is more affluent. The average price in this postcode is £235,811.

          Average Rental Yields in South Wolverhampton

          The average rental costs in WV2 are £742 PCM. Yields are 4.9%.

          The average rental costs in WV4 are £850 PCM. Yields are 4.3%.

          Wolverhampton tram

          West Wolverhampton

          In the western parts of Wolverhampton, you’ll find the following areas:

          • Tettenhall
          • Tettenhall Wood
          • Perton
          • Wightwick
          • Wergs

          Tettenhall is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a village community with its own shops and schools. Many people choose to buy their family home here for a quieter way of life. However, it is also conveniently placed for travelling into the city centre.

          Average Property Prices in West Wolverhampton

          Average property prices in WV6 are £286,698, according to Zoopla.

          Average Rental Yields in West Wolverhampton

          The average rent in this postcode is around £799 PCM. This puts the average yield at 3.3%.

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            Why You Should Consider a Buy-to-Let Investment in Wolverhampton

            Wolverhampton may not be the most eye-catching city in the world. Yet, there are many reasons to consider the area for buy-to-let investment.


            Wolverhampton has one of the largest populations in England. The number of people surpasses 251,000. In addition, the West Midlands had a population of nearly six million.

            In 2023, UK homes available for rent were 20-40% below pre-2020 levels. This means more people are competing for rental accommodation. As such, a big city like Wolverhampton will have a ready-made tenant base willing to pay premium rental figures. This will help investors see a better return on their investment.

            Attractive to Students

            Wolverhampton is one of the country’s new university cities. As such, buy-to-let investors may have luck with student accommodation and HMO properties.

            The University of Wolverhampton started in 1992. The area offers low living costs and cheap accommodation. It is also within easy reach of Birmingham city centre – good for those student nights out.


            Wolverhampton has gone through a period of decline in recent times. However, local authorities have many regeneration schemes in place. This will make the area more attractive to investors and tenants alike.

            • The City of Wolverhampton estimates £4.4 billion will be invested in the area in the near future.
            • Recent and upcoming regen schemes include:
            • Wolverhampton Interchange is a hub for buses, trains, and metro.
            • The i9 and i10 office developments
            • Westside: a multi-million-pound development to introduce leisure attractions to the city centre
            • Brewers Yard and Canalside: A New City Living Scheme
            • Pendeford Business Park: business spaces that attract new companies to the area.
            • The i54 business park: a new employment site responsible for nearly 3,000 new jobs

            Investors may be able to find bargain investment opportunities in regeneration hotspots. Those properties will then grow in value, which can allow for greater capital appreciation once the area becomes more desirable.

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              Wolverhampton New-Builds

              Investing in new-build properties is widely regarded as a top choice for investors. The attractiveness of newly constructed developments lies in their low maintenance needs before being made available on the market, which makes them highly attractive to tenants looking to move into a property quickly.

              As a result, landlords can start earning returns on their investments more quickly than older properties that often require renovation.

              This year, the City of Wolverhampton Council confirmed works are set to start in Summer 2024 on developing 24 new council homes in Low Hill. Upon completion, the anticipated development is projected to generate job opportunities for residents in the local community and contribute to alleviating the housing shortage in the area.

              Given the continuous changes in property market dynamics, investing in newly developed properties like this could provide the opportunity for heightened rental growth in the years to come.


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                Off-Plan Property in Wolverhampton

                While new-build properties can be more efficient investments, they often come with a higher price tag.

                Opting for off-plan investment in new-build properties can offer investors increased affordability and convenience.

                Engaging in off-plan property investment entails acquiring properties during the early stages of construction, usually at a rate considerably lower than standard market prices. This early involvement often results in heightened capital appreciation, with the property’s value progressively increasing as construction advances.

                Additionally, newly developed properties tend to attract significant tenant interest, potentially leading to higher rental yields for investors.

                Market research suggests that prime off-plan opportunities are frequently found in densely populated urban cities, especially those with dynamic infrastructure and ongoing regeneration projects. While there is potential for off-plan and new-build investment in Wolverhampton, investors may find greater success in UK cities with a higher concentration of ongoing construction projects, such as Liverpool or Manchester.

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                How Does Wolverhampton Compare to Other UK Regions When It Comes to Buy-to-Let?

                Wolverhampton is well-placed in the middle of the country. The city boasts useful transport links to Birmingham and London. Property prices are also 35.7% cheaper than the national average.

                However, Wolverhampton pales in comparison to some more advantageous cities further north.

                For instance, the North West has comparable predicted growth of 20.2%, and Liverpool is around 12.09% cheaper than Wolverhampton. It also offers a superior 7.77% rental yield and higher average rental cost.

                If you are looking to grow capital at a solid rate, Liverpool is a much better prospect than Wolverhampton.

                If you have an eye on other cities in the North West, Manchester offers an even better yield at 9.12%.

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                Want to Invest in Wolverhampton?

                So, is buy-to-let worth it in 2024?

                If you are serious about investing in Wolverhampton or other UK cities, we recommend that you contact a property investment company to seek advice.

                Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned investment veteran, research is key to achieving your buy-to-let investment goals.

                RWinvest has created a series of guides and insights to help you on your investment journey. Read some of our latest guides below:

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