Student Property Investment Nottingham

Student Property Investment Nottingham

Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams
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Described as “fun, funky, and affordable” by the Times and boasting two top universities, student property investment in Nottingham is a popular choice for property investors in 2023. 

Keep reading to learn more about this historic student city and the latest investment opportunities in the Nottingham student market:  

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    High Return Potential for Nottingham Student Investment Property 

    Like many popular student cities, student property investment in Nottingham is offering some excellent returns in 2023. 

    Ideally located in the East Midlands, those securing a Nottingham student investment property can expect some seriously high rental yields thanks to affordable property prices and high rental income. 

    According to the UK House Price Index, the average property price in Nottingham is just £190,354 – over £94k below the national average. 

    It’s important to note that student accommodation will be even cheaper than this average, with the potential to find student properties for around the £50,000 mark. 

    Rental income is also sizeable for a student investment property.  

    UniAcco found that the average monthly student rent in Nottingham is around £660, but this can go up to £1,242 if it’s near the city centre. 

    This means those making a student property investment in Nottingham could see rental returns well over 7%! 

    Nottingham Student Population  

    Rental demand is vital to the success of a student accommodation investment as, without tenants, you won’t be earning rent.  

    Not to worry, though: 

    Those who invest in Nottingham student properties will see huge demand thanks to a sizeable population of 54,000 full-time students. 

    Spread across two major universities (more on this later), Nottingham boasts an incredibly diverse student population, with over 8,300 international students in the University of Nottingham alone. 

    A high population of overseas students is key for any investors looking to buy a purpose-built student accommodation in Nottingham. 

    This is because international students are 60% more likely to live in PBSA, according to a 2023 report from Savills.  

    Nottingham is currently home to around 330,000 people, meaning students make up 16.36% of the Nottingham population – an incredibly high number which shows just how effective a student property investment in Nottingham really is.  

    University of Nottingham University of Nottingham

    Two Top-Class Universities 

    While many cities have more universities on offer than Nottingham, few other locations have the quality of education offered by this East Midlands city. 

    For Nottingham students, they have the pick of two top-class universities: 

    1. Nottingham Trent University 
    2. University of Nottingham 

    Nottingham Trent University 

    Widely seen as a contemporary university after receiving university status in 1992, Nottingham Trent University has quickly become one of the most respected institutions in England. 

    Spread across three major campuses, a diverse population of around 25,000 students choose to study here. 

    The City Site campus is the primary hotspot for students and is ideally located just 15 minutes from Nottingham Station. 

    The other two sites, Clifton Campus and Brackenhurst Campus are also jam-packed with students and are serviced by the award-winning “Unilink” bus route. 

    Currently ranked in the top 50 universities in the UK, Nottingham Trent has fast become one of the most popular universities in Europe. 

    University of Nottingham 

    Undoubtedly the most prestigious university in Nottingham, Nottingham University is the fourth largest in the UK and boasts over 35,000 students. 

    Tracing its routes back to 1881, many famous graduates have come from this world-class institution, with D.H Lawrence and J.D Wetherspoon as part of its notable alumni. 

    Mainly focused on one campus spreading across 300 acres, the site is found just outside Nottingham city centre. 

    However, there are other campuses to consider, including the Jubilee Campus, City Hospital Campus, and the Sutton Bonnington Campus, all of which benefit from fantastic transport links.  

    According to the QS World University Rankings, the University of Nottingham is currently ranked 103rd in the world and 18th in the UK (higher than Birmingham and Leeds).  

    One of the original members of the world-class Russell Group, the University is well-known for its research subjects and is regarded as one of the best eco campuses in the world. 

    Want to know the best part? 

    The University of Nottingham boasts the lowest drop-out rate in England, with 95% of students completing their degrees – three-quarters of which achieve 2:1 or higher – solidifying itself as one of the UK’s best institutions.  

    Nottingham Regeneration 

    With both Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham University to choose from, plus huge returns and student demand, you may have already decided Nottingham is the perfect place to invest in student properties. 

    But it gets better: 

    Nottingham is a city on the rise, with a huge amount of urban regeneration projects increasing the area’s appeal for students across the globe. 

    Chief amongst these projects is the incredible £650 million Island Quarter, which is set to transform the city with a 2,000 sqm waterfront pavilion and enhancements to the public realm. 

    Regeneration often breeds further investment opportunities, which means it’s likely there’ll be even more opportunities to find top student investment properties in the near future. 

    Alongside this development, house prices and rental costs will likely grow as the quality of life increases, making 2023 the ideal time to make a student investment property Nottingham purchase. 

    Nottingham Transport Links 

    Transport links play a big part in what city students choose. 

    Not only do students want to reach their campuses and leisure opportunities as quickly (and cheaply) as possible, but they may also want to travel back home to see their loved ones. 

    This makes the Nottingham area such an ideal student location, with a considerable number of transport links to choose. 

    Not only is Nottingham one of the few cities to offer a city-wide tram system, but it also offers regular bus routes and even the major East Midlands Airport, which is just 20 miles away.  

    Better yet: 

    Nottingham is also serviced by multiple high-speed roads and railways, with the bustling M1 just five miles from the city centre. 

    The Best Way to Invest in Student Property Nottingham 

    You might be wondering: 

    What type of Nottingham student investment property should you buy? 

    For investors considering student houses in Nottingham, you have two main options: 

    1. Purpose-built student accommodation 
    2. Student HMOs 

    Which strategy you should choose will likely depend on your investment goals and experience, with HMOs generally offering higher rent but at a higher entry cost. 

    On the other hand, purpose-built student accommodation is far more affordable and offers full management for a hands-off investment.  

    However, the most popular choice in 2023 is PBSA, as students now prefer the modern living experience that older HMO properties can’t provide. 

    Nottingham also has an Article 4 Direction in place, which means extra steps are needed to convert a home to an HMO. 

    To learn more about the pros and cons of investing in student property, be sure to read our 2023 guide to student property investment in the UK.  

    Nottingham city centre Nottingham city centre

    The Best Areas to Invest in Student Property Nottingham 

    The location is an essential part of the success of a student property investment. 

    Not only does it dictate the level of demand you’ll get, but it will also determine the cost of accommodation and the income you’ll earn. 


    Where should student landlords invest in Nottingham in 2023? 

    There are currently four top options depending on what university you aim to target. 

    Lenton and Dunkirk are the most popular hotspots for University of Nottingham students. 

    The city centre and the Arboretum are the most popular places for Nottingham Trent University students. 

    As such, it’s a good idea to target these areas to maximise your chances of successful student investment in Nottingham. 

    Start Your Student Property Investment Nottingham Journey With RWinvest 

    Want the latest student accommodation opportunities in the UK student market? 

    Then RWinvest is the perfect company for you. 

    We are a property investment company with 18 years of experience in student property. 

    Whether you have your eyes on Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, or beyond, RWinvest will have the perfect property for you. 

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    If you want to learn more about Nottingham property investment or student property in general, we have several top-class guides for you: 

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