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Buyer’s Market vs Seller’s Market: Which is Best for UK Property Investment?

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    What is the Difference Between a Buyer’s Market and a Seller’s Market?

    In order to get the most out of a property investment, it’s essential to analyse current market conditions.

    One way of characterising the property market is by identifying whether it is a buyer’s or seller’s market.

    This can refer to a national trend, but regional and smaller markets also show signs of being a buyer’s or seller’s market regardless of the overall situation nationwide.

    So what is a buyer’s market, and what is a seller’s market? How do these differences affect the outlook for UK property investment?

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      Characteristics of a Buyer’s Market

      In short, if conditions are considered advantageous to buyers, it is classed as a buyer’s market. This refers to periods when there is weak buyer demand. Those selling may find it takes longer to find a buyer for their on-the-market property. However, buyers are in a stronger position, with fewer other buyers to compete with for the available stock and the potential to negotiate with a seller and get a better deal on the property, thanks to this leverage.

      Therefore, a buyer’s market will usually have slower sales, more available stock on the market, and declining property prices.

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      Characteristics of a Seller’s Market

      On the other hand, if the market is seen as more advantageous to sellers, we call this a seller’s market. This means there is strong buyer demand, and sellers can find a buyer quickly. Many buyers may also compete for the property, driving up the housing price. This competition is good for sellers, allowing them to sell high, but less helpful for buyers who will compete with others for their favoured property and potentially pay more than expected.

      A seller’s market will typically feature faster home sales, less stock on the market, and rising property prices.

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        Which is More Advantageous for a Property Investor?

        Whether it is a buyer’s or seller’s market, both can benefit property investors. As an investor, you will be both a buyer and a seller at different points in your investment journey. Those with large property portfolios are likely to buy and sell many times throughout their career.

        It is possible to get a good deal during a seller’s market; likewise, an investor may be able to sell high during a buyer’s market. It just means that these opportunities may be harder to find during these times. However, keeping track of these changes allows investors to hone their strategy and timing to get the best returns possible when selling or buying.

        Currently, the UK is in the midst of a buyer’s market in 2024, according to Rightmove. If you’re a seller, it’s important to price realistically and make the property as attractive to buyers as possible. If you’re a buyer, you have the luxury of time to look for the most suitable property for you and some leverage to negotiate price or other concessions.

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