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11 Jul, 2018

Anfield Regeneration and the Revival of North Liverpool

    Anfield and North Liverpool Regeneration: What's in Store for the Future?

    Liverpool regeneration has been a hot topic for many years, with major areas of the city being transformed and renovated. One part of Liverpool which has seen extensive regeneration over the years is Anfield, with over £260 million worth of investment going into the area.

    Anfield, located in North Liverpool, is the home of Liverpool Football Club’s Anfield stadium. The area is notoriously known as one of Liverpool’s most run-down suburbs, but Anfield regeneration plans are aiming to breathe new life into the area and turn it into one of the best places in Liverpool to live, attracting new residents, job opportunities, and prospects.

    Anfield isn’t the only part of North Liverpool, however, which is set for expansion and regeneration. Other North Liverpool areas like Great Homer Street are part of the Liverpool regeneration scene, set to bring further investment and interest to the city.

    Let’s take a look at what’s in store in terms of Anfield expansion and the regeneration of Liverpool North as a whole.

    Where is North Liverpool?

    Those that aren’t familiar with Liverpool and its many suburbs may be wondering – where is North Liverpool? Liverpool is split into three districts of South Liverpool, Central Liverpool and North Liverpool. When you look at a map of Liverpool, you’ll see that North Liverpool is located to the North of the city, home to suburbs like Croxteth, Norris Green and Orrel Park.

    Central Liverpool comprises of the city centre, while South Liverpool is home to popular suburbs like Mossley Hill, Aigburth and Hunts Cross.

    Liverpool skyline

    What are the Biggest Regeneration Schemes in North Liverpool?

    Anfield Stadium Expansion

    In terms of Anfield regeneration plans, the Anfield stadium expansion is one of the biggest and most notable projects. A new £120 million main stand was introduced in 2016, with the aim to increase the capacity of the stadium to 54,000. Other plans for the stadium have included the introduction of a new club shop and cafe which is four times the size of the original shop. More ambitious plans are also on the horizon, including a further expansion of the Anfield regeneration project to take capacity to over 60,000.

    Anfield High Street Redevelopment

    Part of the overall Anfield regeneration project includes the redevelopment of Anfield high street. The high street is being updated to enhance public access to the stadium, and improve quality of life for those living in the area.

    The Anfield high street redevelopment is in collaboration with Liverpool City Council, Liverpool Football Club and Your Housing Group. The project will cost £260 million and feature retail shops, business spaces and additional homes and apartments, with some buildings being completely demolished and rebuilt from the ground up in the proposed ‘Anfield Village’ project.

    For this Anfield regeneration project, £36 million has been invested in housing with over 300 homes undergoing refurbishment. This initiative is encouraging investors to look to Anfield for residential property investments in close commuting distance to the city centre.

    A school and health centre are just some of the newly built projects that have already been opened to mark the revival of this previously run-down district, with plans for a new hotel also in the pipeline. The scheme is also making great progress in terms of refurbished developments as Anfield Sports and Community Centre boasts an example of successful rejuvenation.

    Anfield is currently one of the best areas in Liverpool to buy property, due to affordable housing prices and expected growth thanks to its stance in the Liverpool regeneration scene. Like many other schemes for new developments in Liverpool, Anfield Village is likely to welcome a new community of buyers and renters, increasing the overall appeal of the suburb.

    To make this zone more public-friendly, Anfield regeneration plans will see streets be repaved and pedestrianised to a high quality, while trees will be planted in landscaped gardens to establish a more aesthetically pleasing environment for the general public. Tenants will be pulled into this inner-city zone with its improved public realm and more affordable property, allowing landlords to invest in a crucial Liverpool regeneration hotspot in one of the UK’s most prosperous cities.

    Project Jennifer Liverpool

    Dominating the Liverpool North area, Great Homer Street, Project Jennifer is a North Liverpool regeneration project worth £150 million. Residents of the local area remain the primary focus behind these plans which include a giant Sainsbury’s supermarket and petrol station, 80,000 square foot District Centre, and 900 free car parking facilities for customers. A number of big retail brands and famous food chains have selected the regeneration zone as the home of their new branches in recognition of the area’s new-found status.

    Road quality enhancement as part of Project Jennifer Liverpool makes travelling from place to place more efficient with a new link between the vibrant street and Scotland Road, while a new pedestrianised walkway also makes life easier for those travelling on foot. Since the Great Homer Street area is popular with a student demographic, these new changes make accessing the city centre a lot easier for student tenants of properties such as the City Point development.

    In partnership with St Mowden, Liverpool City Council has funded the scheme which will also welcome construction of a number of new homes where residents can take advantage of the sense of community present in this unique communal space.

    Project Jennifer in Liverpool is becoming one of the city’s new residential hot topics and is viewed as a major element of Liverpool regeneration. The scheme will create at least 1,000 jobs and is situated just 1.2 miles from Liverpool city centre – an ideal location that balances city centre living with lower-cost property for both tenants and investors.

    LIVERPOOL, UNITED KINGDOM - MAY 17 2018: Anfield stadium, the home ground of Liverpool FC which has a seating capacity of 54,074 making it the sixth largest football stadium in England

    What does the Regeneration of Liverpool North Mean for Property Investment?

    The introduction and expansion of these new developments in Liverpool has led to a boost and Shaping in the Liverpool investment market. Areas with extensive regeneration tend to result in stronger capital growth and increased demand for property, which are two of the key components needed for a successful buy to let venture. Plans such as the Anfield regeneration project and the redevelopment of Project Jennifer Liverpool have opened more people’s eyes to the potential behind Liverpool investment. Liverpool already boasts some of the highest rental yields and most promising growth in the country, but thanks to further Liverpool regeneration – most notably in North Liverpool – buy to let opportunities are growing even more appealing.


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    Are you interested in investing in North Liverpool?

    Liverpool remains one of the UK’s top investment locations, and it’s evident that thanks to big plans in place for the North Liverpool area, the appeal of property investment is set to increase even further. If you’re keen to explore investment opportunities in either North Liverpool or the general Liverpool area, get in touch and we can guide you through our current Liverpool property investments.

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