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River Mersey Set to Host World's Largest Tidal Scheme

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    Barrage Connecting Liverpool and the Wirral is Announced for Mersey Tidal Power Project

    Advanced plans have been unveiled for a barrage connecting Liverpool and the Wirral across the River Mersey. Regeneration and development plans are key to determining how much growth a city will likely experience in the near future when considering buy-to-let property investments A scheme of this size is bound to impact the desirability of a city significantly.

    The multi-billion-pound tidal scheme was announced on 7th March as the preferred option for the Mersey Tidal Power project, and if given the go-ahead, it will become the world’s largest tidal scheme. This unprecedented development stands to create thousands of jobs relating to its construction and operation.

    According to a report to the authority, the barrage would constitute a cheaper alternative to a lagoon and would create other benefits, such as the potential to manage climate change issues.

    Once completed, the scheme will open the first-ever cycling and pedestrian route over the river between Liverpool and the Wirral.

    This isn’t the first time the idea of a barrage across the River Mersey has been bandied about. Feasibility studies were carried out concerning a similar scheme in the 1990s, and another project was abandoned in 2011.

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      Liverpool-Aerial view

      Scheme Aims to Provide Renewable Energy from River Mersey

      The ‘first of a kind’ scheme aims to create renewable energy from the River Mersey. The local authorities have already shown that going green is a big priority for the Liverpool region, with existing offshore wind and solar power schemes and emerging strengths in hydrogen.

      A massive project like this will cement the coastal city’s reputation for leading the way in developing a cleaner and greener economy. It also has the potential to provide a defence against the future flooding risks associated with climate change.

      According to the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, the development could play a huge role in the region’s push to be net zero carbon by 2040 – a decade ahead of national targets.

      Liverpool City Region mayor Steve Rotherham commented –

      “Mersey Tidal Power has the potential to generate clean, predictable energy for 120 years, create thousands of green jobs and apprenticeships – and all but seal our area’s status as Britain’s Renewable Energy Coast. Beyond the banks of the River Mersey, this is a national infrastructure asset that could position the UK as a global leader in the renewables race and help to turbocharge our net zero ambitions.”

      Councillor David Baines, Liverpool City Region Combined Authority portfolio holder for Net-Zero and air quality, said –

      “Harnessing the power of the River Mersey to generate green and predictable energy for the next 100 years and more would be an incredible addition to our clean energy mix.

      “We need to ensure we are extremely aware of our sensitive local ecology but just reaching this stage in the Mersey Tidal Power project has taken a huge amount of hard work allied with vision and would be a big step towards it becoming a reality.”

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      When Will the River Mersey Tidal Scheme be Completed?

      The development needs to be approved by Members of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority on 15th March.

      If members agree, a period of engagement will be held with stakeholders, regionally and nationally.

      So far, this is just a planned scheme, and the local government will need to support the project in order to proceed.

      If given the go-ahead, The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority has stated that the initiative could be up and running within a decade.

      The scheme’s success is anticipated to significantly impact the local property market and offer new investment opportunities for those considering a buy-to-let property in Liverpool.

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