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Spotlight on Liverpool Public Transport Regeneration Schemes

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    Why Liverpool Transport Infrastructure Development Matters for Property Investors

    It’s an exciting time for Liverpool regeneration at the moment, and this extends to the city’s public transport system.

    This forward-thinking city is always looking to the future, and as the area develops into a world-class urban centre, a public transport system to match is required. According to the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, hundreds of millions of pounds are set to be invested in creating a ‘London-style integrated transport network’. This includes ‘new trains on our Merseyrail network, new stations, zero emission hydrogen buses, a safer cycling network, and smarter tickets’.

    So, why does all this matter to buy-to-let property investors?

    Firstly, regeneration area investment is known as a lucrative strategy for investors seeking to maximise returns and have a positive impact on the local community. Underutilised districts that are about to be or are being targeted for strategic redevelopment will currently have lower property prices but, in the future, will benefit from increased capital value as the area becomes more attractive and more in demand.

    This article focuses on public transport regeneration, which has the added benefit of making an area more livable and enticing for tenants due to improved transport links. Higher demand and rapid rental price growth for buy-to-let investments are likely to follow.

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      Liverpool Train Station

      City-Changing Transport Schemes Already Completed

      The Liverpool landscape has already been revamped in many ways in the past few decades, and the public transport system has been taken along for the ride.

      The Paradise Street Interchange was rebuilt in 2005 and rebranded as Liverpool One Bus Station to accompany the Liverpool One shopping centre. Now Liverpool’s central bus hub, the much-improved station, is home to national coach services and inner-city buses.

      In 2010, the £40 million Lime Street Gateway scheme saw significant improvement in Liverpool Lime Street Station. The station facade and outer areas were wholly transformed to create a more welcoming first impression for those arriving in the city—later, a new and remodelled platform and re-signalling allowed for two services per hour bound for London.

      The latest new train station to extend the local Merseyrail network is Headbolt Lane, which opened in October 2023. This is the first UK station to be served by an electric, battery-powered fleet of trains. The battery technology utilised in these new trains has created the potential for the network to extend further into new parts of the city and beyond.

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      Approved Plans and Ongoing Projects

      The improved transport network will link Liverpool’s most exciting regeneration areas. This includes the Baltic Triangle district and the Ten Streets area around the northern docks. A new station is in the works to accommodate the increased traffic to the area since it became one of Liverpool’s ‘coolest’ neighbourhoods. The station will be on the site of St. James station, which has been closed since 1917. The new stop will be between Liverpool Central and Brunswick station on the Northern Line. Per the current plans, work will start on this project in 2025.

      As part of the Ten Streets revival, further investment will be made in the Merseyrail network and cycle infrastructure, with the aim to link this quickly-developing district of independent businesses with the core of Liverpool City Centre.

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      James Street station underground train

      Sustainability Through Public Transport Investment

      Climate action is also at the heart of many of these regeneration schemes.

      Liverpool City Council is aiming to reduce CO2 emissions across the city. As the transport network becomes more reliable and efficient, they hope people will make more use of public transport and other more environmentally friendly options like walking and cycling.

      Liverpool has also recently won a European climate grant, recognising the local authority’s commitment to greener transport. It is one of just five cities, and the only city in the UK, to be supported by the Sustainable Cities Mobility Challenge.

      Andy Mollon, Director of Transportation and Highways at Liverpool City Council, said: ”Liverpool prides itself on innovation, and we’re also looking at new ways to deliver greener methods in highways construction, so sustainability and how we encourage biodiversity is rooted in everything we do from the materials in our roads to how people travel on them.”

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        What Does the Future Hold?

        Apart from ongoing schemes and those in the pipeline, new plans are being put forward all the time to improve Liverpool’s public transport network and propel the city to further growth.

        Liverpool City Region Combined Authority are working on finding partners for a £1 million contract to redevelop Liverpool Central station, one of the busiest rail hubs in the country, and the surrounding area. They are describing this as a ‘once-in-a-generation opportunity’ to transform one of Liverpool’s most important central areas. As part of the plans, they also aim to better connect the core of Liverpool with the up-and-coming regeneration districts, including the Knowledge Quarter, Baltic Triangle, and Fabric District.

        There are even talks of ambitious plans such as linking Liverpool Lime Street and Liverpool Central to create a transformational city centre rail hub, a ‘trackless tram’ or ‘glider’ form of public transport that could take passengers to Liverpool Airport, Anfield, and other important Liverpool areas that are currently less well-served by transport links. The contract is expected to be awarded in May, and from then on, we should learn more about the nature of this exciting scheme in 2024.

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