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Which Buy-to-Let Hotspots Are the Most Popular on Social Media?

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    Digital mortgage provider Molo recently published research highlighting the most popular cities for buy-to-let based on social media buzz.

    The idea behind the research is that social media is an increasingly important tool in the property market, allowing you to attract prospective tenants by highlighting the property’s best features online or showcasing the surrounding neighbourhood.

    For those wondering how to start a property business, location is one of the most important considerations, and social media buzz is a novel metric to take notice of for potential investment hotspots.

    The study looked at hashtags relating to property in select cities across England and Wales to highlight social media buzz surrounding the property industry in that area. Molo looked at Instagram and TikTok, two of the most popular social media platforms in the UK, known for their capability to showcase visuals and drive current trends to gather data for analysis.

    It also recorded hashtags focused on food spots in the cities, showing the area’s attractiveness in terms of lifestyle and its appeal as somewhere to reside – one of the most important factors to think about when buying a buy-to-let property.

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      Liverpool Beatles Statue

      Liverpool Found to be Most Talked About City After London

      The study found, unsurprisingly, that London is the most talked about destination on social media out of the most populated cities in the UK.

      The capital city racked up a huge amount of hashtags, amounting to 273.8 million across TikTok and Instagram, relating to property, restaurants, and cafes. #LondonProperty has 70.4 million posts on TikTok, including house tours, rental property advertisements, and videos featuring London’s most attractive streets.

      However, the study conducted by Molo suggests that a large part of London’s online popularity will be due to its status as a tourism hotspot rather than the popularity of property investment in London.

      London also has infamously low rental yields, like those typical of City of Westminster property investment, for example, or buy-to-let property in Bexley.

      Liverpool was listed as the second most popular destination on social media, with 20.9 million hashtags. Liverpool restaurants, in particular, seem to attract a lot of buzz, with 18 million hashtag views on TikTok. This adds further to Liverpool’s image as an exciting city when it comes to lifestyle.

      In terms of property hashtag data, Liverpool also proved very popular, ranking third after Birmingham and London.

      This suggests that the growing interest in Liverpool as a property destination is reflected online and could suggest that successful Liverpool landlords are those more social-media saving, using the platform frequently to help advertise their properties.

      When it came to the city-specific property hashtag, Manchester came out on top on Instagram, with 24,172 posts for #ManchesterProperty. Instagram seems to be one of the favourite social media choices for advertising buy-to-let properties in Manchester.

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        What Makes Liverpool a Top Buy-to-Let Destination?

        The report also suggests that Liverpool’s popularity on social media speaks to its increasing attractiveness as a place of residence for potential tenants.

        But social media buzz on its own can’t tell the whole story about a location when it comes to buy-to-let property investment.

        So, does the data back up the city’s perceived popularity?

        One of the biggest appeals that Liverpool has for property investors is affordable property prices.

        The UK House Price Index states that the average Liverpool property price is £173,230 – over £100,000 cheaper than the UK average of £287,782.

        According to Zoopla, Liverpool ranks seventh in the UK when it comes to rental yields, coming in at 7.43% according to their calculation. It’s also one of the only major cities in the top 10.

        As a general rule of thumb, the best buy-to-lets will usually have strong potential to grow in value as time goes on.

        When it comes to capital value appreciation, the future outlook also seems optimistic for Liverpool. Property experts Savills forecast that the North West region’s mainstream capital value is set to grow by 20.2% over 5 years to 2028.

        Looking at these figures, along with the city’s online popularity, it’s clear that Liverpool is a city on the rise when it comes to the property industry and one of the top destinations for buy-to-let in the UK.

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