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Why Invest in UK Buy to Let Property?


Do you want to invest in UK buy to let property? UK property investment continues to be the strongest and most reliable investment market, providing investors with consistently high returns. Put simply, people always need somewhere to live. The UK property sector therefore continues to flourish and perform well compared with other investment sectors.

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Two Different Returns on Property Investments

Property is one of the only asset classes to offer two different returns on investment – enhancing its stability and reliability. Investors receive consistent rental returns provided every month during the time a tenant is residing in the property. In the long term, investors additionally receive capital appreciation.


Due to steadily increasing house prices in the UK as well as a vast number of multi million pound regeneration projects currently underway, investors can expect reasonable capital appreciation on top of their rental income when the time comes to sell their UK property.

Investment Opportunities UK
UK Property Investment For Sale
Investment Opportunities UK
UK Property Investment For Sale

Supply and Demand in the UK Property Market

The UK property market has recorded year on year growth in terms of house prices, fuelled by an undersupply of available homes. With a lack of affordable housing stock and an increasing number of people looking to rent as a long term alternative to buying, the Private Rented Sector (PRS) is growing at an unprecedented rate.


Industry experts anticipate that the proportion of households in the PRS in the UK will grow to 24% by 2021, equating to one in four people renting in the sector.

Top Student Destination

Research by Knight Frank has revealed that £3.1 billion was invested in the UK Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) market in 2016, more than double the levels seen in 2013 and 2014.


Additionally, in their recent UK student accommodation report, Cushman & Wakefield suggest an average headline rental growth of 2.9% between 2016/17 and 2017/18.


In all markets, however, PBSA remains undersupplied, so there are now huge opportunities across the UK for investors.


So Where is the Best Place to Invest In UK Property?

According to a recent report by Knight Frank, the UK residential market is localised and there is stronger growth in the Midlands, East of England and the North West, a continuation of the trend that has emerged this year. So, where are the best UK property investments in 2018?

The Northern Powerhouse

The prospect of investing in the North of England is now stronger than ever in light of the announcement of the Northern Powerhouse initiative along with HS2, a new high speed train line connecting London and the north, which is set to significantly reduce journey times.


The properties in our portfolio offer rental returns often between 7-8%. Capital appreciation can elevate these rental returns over time, which is a likely scenario with the phenomenal growth currently taking hold in the northern cities.

UK Property Investment For Sale

The UK’s buy to let hotspots offer significantly higher yields, so it’s important to know where these are. Research has shown time and time again that northern cities now offer the best rental yields in the UK. Yields can often reach as high as 8% in these areas, which is greater than that found in parts of London.


With house prices down south reaching record levels, young professionals are moving to northern cities which offer vibrant cultures, fantastic employment opportunities and a more economical cost of living. Many of these young professionals are renting long term whilst saving for a deposit.

UK Property for Sale

Our properties are situated in amazing locations, particularly in the North where investors are already seeing the benefits of the multi-million pound regeneration taking pace. Each one of our developments is surrounded by regeneration and investment, making them highly desirable to tenants and investors alike – meaning demand will remain high and rental income steady.


We are the top property investment company in the UK; our property consultants have a wealth of knowledge about current and future regeneration projects. They are always happy to discuss how to invest in UK property and to illuminate the best UK investments 2018.


Take a look at our property portfolio and get in touch to discuss your next buy to let investment. We have a range of Liverpool buy to let investment opportunities available. Moreover, we’re excited to present to you our latest Manchester buy to let investment properties. Additionally, you can browse our student buy to let properties. Alternatively, feel free to contact RW Invest directly.

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