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New Research Reveals Liverpool has the ‘Busiest Estate Agents’ in the UK Currently

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    Which UK Cities Have the Hottest Real Estate Markets in 2024?

    Last year was characterised as a subdued market for those in the property industry.

    But with positive signs for the first few weeks of 2024, it’s interesting to see which UK cities are heating up in the real estate sector.

    This is the idea behind a new study from self-employed agency brand eXp UK, which consists of research into which of the UK’s major cities currently have the ‘busiest estate agents’.

    The research looks at 25 of the UK’s major cities and compares the number of listings relative to the number of estate agent branches in each. The data should be of interest to property investors on the lookout for buy-to-let properties in UK cities.

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      Unveiling the UK's Top (and Least) Bustling Property Markets in 2024

      Looking at 25 of the major UK cities, it’s clear that the current market is affecting different areas in various ways.

      The average number of real estate agents in the cities is 343 branches, and the estimated number of listings is 3710. The average number of current listings per branch ranges from 5.5 to 18.9, and the overall average came out as 10.8.

      Liverpool came out on top with 18.9 current listings per branch, while Newcastle was left at the bottom of the table with an average of 5.5.

      Portsmouth followed Liverpool with 18.1 listings on average, and then Leeds with 15.6.

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      Liverpool skyview

      Liverpool Estate Agents ‘Busiest’ of 25 Major Cities

      Liverpool’s average of 18.9 is way ahead of the overall average of 10.8 and substantially higher than the lowest average in the table of 5.5.

      This data suggests a positive start to 2024 for Liverpool’s property market, with 8003 listings for the city’s 423 estate agent branches.

      Adam Day, head of eXp UK, says this constitutes a ‘surprisingly busy start to 2024 for many estate agents’. He states that ‘growing stability’ has drawn back buyers and sellers into the market, and agents are now finding it easier to build their property portfolios compared to the last few months.

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      How Does Liverpool’s Market Look for the Rest of 2024?

      The North West has been identified as a promising area for buy-to-let investment, looking at the current market.

      The North has weathered the sluggish market better than the South of England, mostly avoiding the modest dips in house prices and registering moderate increases in many areas. This difference is predicted to continue, with the Savills Residential Forecast suggesting 20.2% capital growth for the North West in mainstream leading up to 2028, while London is believed only to achieve 13.9% growth in the same period.

      Another reason the city is likely to be a popular choice moving forward is the lower prices in Liverpool compared to other areas. In particular, property for sale in Liverpool City Centre can be relatively affordable despite the prime location.

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