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Pembroke Studios Liverpool Living Area

Pembroke Studios Construction Updates

Pembroke Studios Construction Update – February 2017

Pembroke Studios Construction Update – June 2017

Pembroke Studios Construction Update – July 2017

Pembroke Studios Construction Update – September 2017

Pembroke Studios Construction Update – November 2017

Pembroke Studios Development Progress

Pembroke Studios is a leading student accommodation building in the heart of Liverpool city centre. Situated in the prized Pembroke Place location, tenants can enjoy luxury surroundings in a vibrant quarter of the city just a short walk from three major universities. Each apartment incorporates the highest-spec amenities to provide students with a practical and comfortable living experience. Living quarters include a super-quick broadband connection and study areas whike the entire development benefits from onsite security. These properties are now complete, but you can view the Pembroke Studios Construction Update reports below.

Liverpool: A Student Property Hotspot

Liverpool is a market leader in the student buy to let property market. Purpose-built student accommodation has become a cornerstone of the city’s economic boom, making it one of the most attractive and viable cities for investors both at home and abroad. Liverpool is home to over 70,00 students spread across its four major higher education institutes. Demand for student accommodation is at an all-time high and is outstripping supply by some margin. This means there is no better time for investors to put their money into Liverpool student property. Not only this but graduates are also a pivotal market to target in Liverpool. With one of the highest graduate retention rates in the UK; Liverpool is an ideal place to offer graduate accommodation as so many students want to carry on living in Liverpool after their studies. This city is an attractive option for students who see it as not just a place to acquire a degree, but as a city to live and work in after that.

City centre properties are particularly sought after since students like a short commute to university. Especially for their early 9am lectures or late-night finishes. As more luxury flats and apartments are constructed for students, they become more in demand. Those that offer the very best quality and comfort to students such as, Pembroke Studios make an already attractive proposition such as Liverpool seem even better. Popular student areas in Liverpool include; the city centre, Wavertree, Edge Hill and Baltic Triangle. The demand is higher than most for these areas since students like the community feeling that living there creates.

Despite the numerous student accommodation options and the community that Liverpool offers, there are many other reasons why someone would want to come to Liverpool to study and live. The cost of living is significantly lower than other student cities such as London, Birmingham and Bristol. This includes the cost of public transport, utilities, rent and restaurants. There is also a plethora of student nights out available across the city in bars and clubs. Plus, Liverpool offers a variety of history and culture across museums and galleries. These reasons have placed Liverpool above other cities in the UK.

Investors looking for a place they can receive high rental yields and demand may want to consider Liverpool for their next investment. It’s predicted that property prices and rental payments will rise in coming years as more regeneration is completed throughout the city. It’s an exciting time to get involved with the property market in Liverpool.

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