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Should You Choose Off-Plan or Completed Property Investment in 2024?

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    Off-Plan vs Completed Properties: Which Is Right for You?

    If you are considering stepping into the world of UK property investment, there are many avenues you can explore. One such method is off-plan property investment – which involves buying property straight from the developer before it is completed.

    But how does this compare to purchasing complete properties as part of your property investment strategy?

    Today, we’ll be looking at the benefits attributed to both investment options and any potential challenges that may arise. In addition, according to the latest forecasts, we’ll look at some areas where property investment could be a lucrative opportunity.

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      Off-Plan Property

      What Are Off-Plan & Completed Property Investments?

      Off-plan property investment involves purchasing a property before it’s built based on architectural plans or a CGI model. Investors often benefit from lower initial prices, potential capital appreciation, and the ability to customise features.

      A completed property is one that has been entirely constructed and is prepared for habitation or rental. This stage allows potential buyers to physically examine and assess the property before committing to a purchase. This tangible inspection process will enable individuals to make informed decisions based on first-hand observations, ensuring transparency during the transaction.

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      What Are the Benefits of Off-Plan Property Investment?

      Off-plan property investment offers various advantages for savvy investors:

      • Lower Price & Capital Growth Potential: Firstly, it often provides an opportunity to secure properties at lower prices than their market value upon completion. This initial affordability allows for potential capital gains, as the property value may rise during construction.
      • Customisation Options: Additionally, investors may be able to customise certain aspects of the property, tailoring it to their preferences.
      • Staged Payments: Off-plan purchases also come with staged payments, easing the financial burden and allowing investors to spread the cost of the investment.
      • Advantageous Location for Yields: Developers conduct thorough research to ensure they build properties that attract investors and tenants. For this reason, many off-plan investment opportunities are in buy-to-let hotspots that will appeal to a specific demographic willing to pay more for the convenience of the location. This strategic thinking could result in higher yields for investors, allowing for a significant return on their investment. Why not learn more about safe investments with high returns in property investment with our free guide.

      Despite associated risks such as construction delays, the potential for long-term appreciation and the ability to capitalise on early market entry make off-plan property investment an attractive option for those seeking strategic and potentially lucrative real estate ventures.

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        What Are the Benefits of Investing in Completed Properties?

        There are several benefits to investing in completed, ready-to-go properties.

        These include:

        • Immediate Possession: After closing the deal, you can move in or rent out the property immediately, providing a quick return on investment.
        • Transparency During Inspection: Unlike off-plan properties, you can inspect the actual property instead of relying on plans or CGI impressions, ensuring clarity in your investment.
        • Established Neighbourhood Advantage: Completed properties are usually located in established communities, offering existing amenities, transport links, and schools, enhancing the property’s attractiveness.

        However, investors must also be aware of some drawbacks of investing in completed properties and apartments for sale in Liverpool.

        For instance, there is a higher initial cost that you ought to think about. Completed properties often have a higher price tag due to immediate availability and tangible value. Buyers can physically inspect the property without construction risks, and the properties are often in established neighbourhoods, contributing to premium pricing.

        Investors also have limited customisation options – the ability to customise a finished property is usually restricted and may come with additional costs. It will also be a much bigger job to renovate a room compared to changing the schematics before the property is built in the first place. Older completed properties might require immediate repairs or maintenance, increasing the overall investment cost.

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        Where Are the Best Areas to Invest in Property in 2024?

        As you can see, there are many benefits to investing in off-plan property and completed properties. However, investors may also want to heed expert forecasts to ensure they buy properties in areas that will allow for a greater return on a UK buy-to-let property investment.

        For instance, the North West is expected to see 9.2% returns in the buy-to-let market over the next 12 months. These figures come from the Savills annual cross-sector forecast and point to that specific region as one of the most promising buy-to-let markets in the UK.

        In addition, Shawbrook Bank recently conducted a study that showed how landlords view city centre apartments as a lucrative property investment due to the number of people returning to office-based work following an extended period of hybrid and remote work. For that reason, investors may want to look at cities like Liverpool and Manchester for these types of properties, notably Liverpool, where the average property price is £177,521 according to HM Land Registry. In comparison, the national average is £284,950.

        Take a look at some of our recent buy-to-let area guides for more on the UK off-plan/new-build property market:

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