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04 Sep

How to Create a Property Business Plan for your Investment

Looking to create a property business plan for your property investment? Here are some helpful tips on three steps you should take. Click now to read more.

28 Aug
8 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Rental Property

8 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Rental Property

Interested in buying rental property? Before owning a rental property of your own, here are 8 things you should know before purchasing property to rent out.

21 Aug
A guide to buying a second property to rent out

A Guide to Buying a Second Property to Rent Out

Interested in buying a second property to rent out as a buy to let investor or on a short term basis? Take a look at our helpful guide. Click to read more.

12 Aug
How Much Money do you Need to Invest in Property in the UK-01

How Much Money do you Need to Invest in Property in the UK?

How much money do you need to invest in property in the UK? If you're looking to invest in UK property, read our detailed guide to the costs involved.

09 Jul
Stamp Duty Holiday Guide - RWinvest

Stamp Duty Holiday – What Does it Mean for Buy to Let Investors?

Are you wondering what the new stamp duty holiday will mean for buy to let? We answer some commonly asked questions about the new stamp duty cuts.

14 May
RWinvest Is Now a Good Time to Invest in UK Property

Is Now a Good Time to Invest in the UK Property Market?

Is now a good time to invest in UK property? In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we explore reasons why now is the best time to buy property. Click to read.

31 Mar
How to Find a Good Property Development

How to Identify a Good Property Development Company

Can you recognise a good UK property development company? Here are some steps to take when researching development companies. Click to read more.

26 Mar
Weak GBP to USD

Weak UK Pound Provides a Great Opportunity For Overseas Investors

UK pound latest news reveals a significant drop in the GBP against the US dollar. We discuss what this means for overseas investors. Click to read our guide.

18 Mar
Property Market Covid-19

What does COVID-19 mean for the UK property market?

Worried about coronavirus and the property market? Read our guide to what's happened so far, and whether or not your investments are likely to be affected.

06 Mar

Budget 2020: How Will the Next UK Budget Affect the Property Market?

As we approach the 2020 UK budget, we look at the ways that the property market may change in line with the new budget. Click to find out more.

06 Mar
RWinvest Property Business of the Year

RWinvest Wins North West Property Business of the Year

We’re proud to say that after a long night full of entertainment, networking and celebration, RWinvest won the award for property business of the year!

04 Mar
Pension Vs Property

Property vs Pension: Can I Transfer My Pension Into Property?

Are you saving for retirement and can't work out which is better - property or pension? In this guide, we look at the pros and cons of buying property with a pension, and explore the best strategies for saving an attractive retirement fund.

02 Mar
Best Ways to Invest 100K In Property

The Best Way to Invest 100k For Maximum Returns

If you have a £100,000 budget available for your investment, you may be wondering where to start. Read these tips on how and where to invest 100k for the best returns.

04 Feb
Liverpool Manchester Regeneration

North West Regeneration Plans in Store for 2020

There's a lot of exciting things in store for the North West region's top cities, Liverpool and Manchester. Find out about some of the biggest regeneration plans expected to complete throughout 2020.

15 Jan
Parliament Square Liverpool

Mayor of Liverpool Celebrates Next Phase of Development for Parliament Square

Joe Anderson, the Mayor of Liverpool, has visited the site of Parliament Square – one of Liverpool's most exciting new developments. Find out about this development and how you can make an investment.

20 Dec
uk property market

The UK Property Market 2019 Roundup – with Predictions for 2020

From property price growth to Brexit negotiations, it's been an eventful year for the UK economy and property market. Read about the top UK property market news of 2019, with property market predictions for 2020.

13 Dec
Manchester Student Property

Manchester Student vs Residential Buy to Let: Which is the Best Investment?

Both Manchester residential and Manchester student property investment offer some great opportunities. This guide helps you decide which Manchester property type to choose.

13 Dec
Student Property in London

The Pros and Cons of Student Property Investment in London

London property investment comes with many pros and cons, and this includes student property investments in the capital. If you're considering investing in student property in London, here are some things to think about.

05 Sep
Invest 75k

What’s the Best Way to Invest 50k in Property?

Setting a budget when investing in property is highly important, and despite what people often think, there are plenty of opportunities available for 50k and under.

05 Sep
How to make money from property

How to Make Money from Property with Buy to Let Investment

The property market is highly profitable. Making money from property can be achieved through guaranteed returns and capital growth and also taking advantage of the UK rental market.

05 Sep
How to get into property

How to Get Into Property Investment – 4 Tips for Buy to Let Beginners

Any investor wanting to get into property must know the basics of the UK property market including doing your research and choosing the best property investment company available.

05 Sep
Property Investment Strategy

Reasons your Property Investment Strategy isn’t working

If you find your property strategy isn’t going to plan, there may be multiple reasons why these efforts aren’t going how you expected. It’s important to address this in order to succeed.

03 Sep
build a property portfolio

How to Build a Property Portfolio

Building a property portfolio can take years, but the rewards offer significant returns. If you have good knowledge of the property market it is worth creating a solid strategy to help you.

03 Sep
Buying Property Through a Company

Buying Property through a Company

Choose the best deals, get guided through the process and be offered discounted rates when buying a property through a company; the benefits are endless.

03 Sep
Foreign Investment in UK Property

Foreign Investment in the UK

Overseas investment is currently at an all-time record high, with more investors interested in residential investment property than ever before.

03 Sep
enterprise and innovation in the baltic triangle

Enterprise and Innovation in the Baltic Triangle

With a long history of renaissance and being a melting pot for innovation, the Baltic Triangle has accelerated growth recently. The historic gem in Liverpool is an ideal place to live and work.

16 Aug
Student Accommodation Investment

The best Areas in the UK to buy Student Accommodation

Student accommodation can be a lucrative asset if the correct research is done prior to investment. Finding out the best areas in the UK is essential in order to achieve success.

16 Aug
Best Places To Invest In Student Property

The Best Places to Invest in Student Accommodation for 2020

Student accommodation is a good investment as the UK property market continues to thrive. Not only is it a cheaper option for investors but it offers high returns and increasing tenant demand.

05 Jul
Best Places to Invest in UK Property

Best Place to Invest in Property UK

The property market is ever-changing and throughout the UK there are certain hotspots which prove to be more lucrative than others. The best buy to let areas include Liverpool and Manchester.

02 Jul

A Guide on how to Invest in the UK Property Market

Savvy investors know how to find investment property in the UK. The benefits of investing can be rewarding which is why the UK property market is such a lucrative business to be involved in.

07 Jun
questions to ask before buying off plan

Questions to Ask Before Buying Off Plan

Investors wanting to purchase off-plan property may have questions surrounding income, discounted rates and capital appreciation. Getting answers is essential when you’re wanting to invest.

17 Apr
better affordability

A Guide to Off Plan Properties

Off-plan properties are profitable investments especially for first-time investors. They work differently to traditional properties, but the returns and capital can be significantly higher.

15 Feb
Women in Property

More Women Than Ever Are Investing In Property

While the property market has typically been male dominated, recent research by RWinvest has found that more women are displaying an interest in buy to let investment.

20 Dec
Property Market after Brexit

Brexit and the UK Property Market: The Facts

The implications of Brexit on the property market are frequently asked by investors and homeowners alike. While there hasn’t been much of a change since the referendum, the facts should be clear.

28 Oct
Why Manchester Is One Of The YOungest Cities in The UK

Why Manchester Is One of the Youngest Cities in the UK

Manchester is one of the UK’s youngest places to live with an average age of around 33 years old. Rising student numbers and local employment opportunities are just a few reasons for this figure.

19 Oct
Why should you invest in Northern Powerhouse Property

Why Should You Invest In Northern Powerhouse Property?

The Northern Powerhouse is an initiative that combines funds for cities on the rise like Manchester. These cities are enjoying notable and prosperous boosts in their economy thanks to this.

18 Oct
Reliance House Studios

Why Invest in a Studio Apartment

A studio apartment is a stylish and innovative addition to any property portfolio, they appeal to a growing number of investors due to renter demand rising in locations with good returns.

12 Oct
Record Breaking Rise in UK Renters

The Record Breaking Rise In UK Renters

The rise in UK renters is good news for investors with buy to let properties. As more people decide to rent, the number of aspiring homeowners continues to decrease.

21 Sep
uk house prices

UK House Prices

Throughout the last ten years, property prices in the North West have steadily increased, despite other cities in the country declining. The UK property market has an exciting future ahead.

20 Sep
brexit won't affect the property marker as badly as you've been told

Brexit won’t affect the Property Market as badly as you’ve been told

Unchartered waters around Brexit has created an air of uncertainty in the property market, but fortunately, the British economy hasn’t seen the decline that was initially expected.

03 Sep
baltic triangle world class destination

Baltic Triangle World Class Destination

The Baltic Triangle has been regularly named on one the coolest and most attractive destinations in Liverpool. It is home to many quirky theatres, and award-winning restaurants too.

23 Aug
investment in the northern powerhouse the key driving forces

Investment In The Northern Powerhouse: The Key Driving Forces

Billions of pounds are being invested into Northern Powerhouse projects. This means the core cities are on the rise in terms of economy and regeneration, projecting an exciting future ahead.

27 Jul
city terraces sells out as collaboration with nexus proves big hit

City Terraces Sells Out As Collaboration With Nexus Proves Big Hit

City Terraces, a luxury Liverpool development, has sold out in record time. The collaboration with Nexus has proven to be a hit with investors due to high-quality interior and exterior design

18 Jul
Student Market Report

Student Market Report

As student numbers are predicted to continue to soar in coming years, there has never been a better time to invest in student accommodation and property.

06 Jul
liverpool vs london best buy to let areas

Liverpool Vs London Best Buy to Let Areas

Liverpool holds the top spot for the best buy to let areas, but where are the best areas to invest? Comparing the rental yields to that of London, there are certainly some impressive figures.

20 Jun
chinese investment in UK to increase after Regulations Relax

Chinese Investment in UK to Increase after Regulations Relax

As Chinese investment is on the rise in the UK, there has been relaxation of regulations in Beijing in order to allow more people to take advantage of the UK property market.

01 Jun
wirral waters

Wirral Waters

Wirral Waters is a regeneration project which will help to elevate the area and benefit the community. The plans to add new commercial and residential buildings is shaping the future for Wirral.

04 May
the best investments in the uk

The Best Investments in the UK

The North of the UK is dominated by strong buy to let cities such as Liverpool and Manchester yet, which of these locations has the most opportunity for a willing investor?

13 Apr
investment opportunities

Investment Opportunities

The UK property market has an abundance of investment opportunities for anyone, whether it’s your first property or your fifth. Having an investment strategy means there is potential to succeed.

12 Feb
Liverpool manchester neighbourhoods among the coolest in the uk

Liverpool Manchester Neighbourhoods among the Coolest in the UK

Both Liverpool and Manchester are known for their trendy neighbourhoods so it's no surprise that in their trendy guide, Travel Supermarket, named five spots in the neighbouring cities.

07 Feb
Buy To Let Guide

Buy to Let Guide

Buy to let property is a popular choice for investors in the UK property market. There are many factors to consider before assessing your options and deciding which property is right for you.

10 Aug
New Build Property Investment

New Builds Property Investments

New builds are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. This is because there is potential for growth and returns which are high proving as an exciting prospect for investors.

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